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Drugs and school shootings, e.g., prozac.

Our other web sites: Practically Pretty by Design (custom sewing of feminine clothing: Also Practicallypretty blog) ww2color.com (original WW II color images, 1939-1945, primarily aircraft. World's largest collection of original WW II color. Also History in Color blog.) Titus 2 Joy (Bettie's Titus 2 blog). http://biblicalexaminer.blogspot.com/(Bro Need's blog)

9/3/15--We have moved closer to grandchildren in South Western OH. We are available for preaching meetings.

Phone situation is not good at this time.

So e mail contact works best for now.


As soon as time permits, I will update this site.

Update, 12/10/14

Posting older Examiners, and messages

Our messages are now posted at sermonaudio.com

Search The Biblical Examiner web site below. Remember, some Bible "addresses" are abbreviated, and others are not. Also, Google may place adds with the search with which we cannot agree, but the search engine works well, and is free to us.


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