"A Pox upon AT&T".

We seem to be on the outer limits of AT&T cell phone service, so if you call, let it ring. If no answer, leave a message, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. However, AT&T many times holds the "voice mail" (I hate that fancy term for an answering machine) one might leave for a few days before it sends it on to us.

We need the cell phone, so we chose to spend our money on a cell phone rather than landline. AT&T has DSL in front of our house, and the houses on down the road have DSL, but AT&T refuses to provide it to us. The 540 is a Verginia number, which we kept though we are now in Ohio

We have no broadband except Hughes net satellite service, which is greatly overpriced, and very restrictive in the amount of GB use.