Arminianism vs. Calvinism

Here is an e mail I received:

Dear Sirs,

From reading your web site it appears you need help in understanding The Bible! Who taught Calvinism before Calvin? NO ONE! If I am wrong send me the proof. Polycarp and the early church did not. You are following a man who had a fellow Christian burned at the stake, this is a historical fact. I know you think you are right and you may even be saved. But if you trust anything other than the Blood Of Christ to get you to heaven you will not make it. No offence intended only trying to help.

Folks say "Show Me." Let us see if they really want to know the truth behind the matter. Here is a booklet I just completed. See the PDF book here. It is in PDF in order to preserve the charts I included in the booklet, so give it time to download.

I certainly pity anyone who is trusting in a particular system to save them. My stand concerning salvation is quite well-known, drawing the ire of many who reject the message of faith alone in Christ alone.

The booklet is available in hard copy.


Bro Need