Trust all is going well with you all. I guess Mat is traveling this weekend. Pray for Heather – she is the one who will get the kids.

Sorry guys. I sent a picture of Christina and Jessica instead of the Oliveiras (Bettie's sister married a Brazilian). So I'll try again.

We arrived here at 2:30 PM, but we lost three hours by time change, so we arrived here at 5:30, making the trip 24 hours long.

Here are some pictures of Oliveira's house. The one looks toward town. It appears they are a few miles out of town, but there is a nice tourist hotel just down the road from them. They are about a mile off a major highway.

Web service here charges by the min according to what time of day, with about 4 levels of charges. 12-6 AM only charges for one min no matter how long you are connected. So I guess my web time will have to be during that time.

We spent the day at Becky's, doing nothing. I did tell them I was down here to get sick on mangos, so I have been figuring out how to peel and cut them properly to get the most out of them. They kind of make fun of me for eating them with a knife rather than as they do. Peel them with your teeth, and suck the juice from the fibers. I like the fibers also. Becky's yard has 9 different kinds of mango trees, and the mango season is now. Boy, are they good.

Attached are some pictures of Becky's house. It was owned by a landscape man for the state. It has real tile floors throughout, with drains in almost every room so you can hose it down if you want.

The man loved plants and fruit trees. So the yard is full of them. I will get some pictures of the trees.

Christina looked forward to being in a different country with a different language. She said she sort of feels at home here though she understands little of the language. She will pick it up easy. I, on the other hand, am still working on the word for "thank you." It is kind of difficult to be around folks who have so much to say, Fay's family, and not know what they are saying to me.

Friday I guess we are going to Fay's grandparent's farm. We should be able to get some good pictures of Fay's family then. We are kind of pawns for the time being while we are here – doing whatever is planed for us. I asked about driving and was told to drive: "Just tell them you are American." We'll see.

Travel schedule? It looks like at this point we will have to return on our ticked Jan 3. All the flights are booked solid until Jan 13, so we could only rebook after that date. That means being away from the church for 5 Sundays. That may be a little much, if not for the people, but for Bettie and me.

I imagine things will pick up quite a bit today, Friday. However, Becky has to work tomorrow, and until Dec. 20. Then she is "on call" for student aid the rest of the time we are here.

Wouldn't you know it – yesterday was one of the hottest days they have had. It was nice today, and tonight is not bad at all. There is no AC down here.

Pray that the Lord will work out our schedule so we can stay to see Richard. The hope might be to catch a conciliation for the 9th or 11th.

Thanks for your prayers.