We went out to Fay's granddad's farm yesterday and spent the night. I guess that they only go out there on weekends, and live here in town. It was nice. Attached are a few pictures.

A small river runs in front of their house, down below a steep bank. A dam is going to be built about several miles downstream by a private company to sell water and electricity to Brazilia, and their house will be taken. However, they also own above the proposed lake, so they will end up with some prime lake front property. They will be within a couple hours of Brasilia, so they would like to use the money from the property that will be covered to build a nice hotel. Fay would like to go into tourism.

Travel plans: Fay's father said he knows a travel agent, and he believes he can get the tickets changed to the 9th or 11th. Otherwise, I don't think we will stay the extra Sunday. That is too long for us to be dependant on the folks down here. Though they are very nice, we do not want to take advantage of the situation.

My brother said they had the same problem: all the plane seats are booked solid. But they said they would take a bus down to see us, a 40 hour trip. They must come home for health reasons next year, so we will probably urge them just to come by and see us then. 40 hours is a long trip.

Then again, Fay's father might be able to arrange plane seats for them through the travel agent. If so, we will stick around if we can get our time changes.

Otherwise, I believe that if we cannot get our dates changed to 9 or 11 and if they cannot get seats, we will come back on the third.

Things certainly are different down here. The houses are not plumbed for hot water. The only hot water they have is "on demand" hot water, shower heads primarily.

Driving is every man for himself. There are not nearly as many cars here, and no one pays any mind to "stop" signs, if there are any stop signs. Normally, there are none.

Stores, including grocery stores, have no doors, and the doors on the houses stay open all the time. There are no screens, and flies are not near the problem here as there. Meat in stores is unwrapped, and just stacked in coolers. People sort through the cuts to get what they want.

Everyone who can afford it builds walls around their house. That is why Fay was so surprised that we did not have walls around our houses.

Pictures: The two standing at the mound of dirt, termite hill, are Fay's mother and dad. The house would be impossible to find if one did not know where it is. It is back a path several miles from the road, which itself is not good. I took one picture looking from the opposite side of the house toward the "road" in.

Anyway, we pray you all will have a good service today.