It is raining here now, but the temperature is about 75, with the sun shining, and big clear blue patches between the clouds. Typical semi-tropical weather, seeing as how this is the rainy season here. The weather and the landscape remind me of Puerto Rico, where I spent a year in the service.

Fay's parents are taking us all to a hot springs resort Thurs, Fri and Sat. I will have to take my computer with me to download the camera, but I am sure there will not be any web connection, so you won't hear from us during those days. They also invited Christina to a very fancy wedding. They are taking her to get her hair and nails done, and to get a fancy dress. They go overboard on weddings here. The wedding is for one of Fay's cousins.

Bettie and Christina had a mild case of food poisoning. We think it was from a chicken pie that had not been kept refrigerated. They seem to be over it now.

I type these letters during the day to mail after midnight when the web rates are lowest. They are quite high during the day, charging by the minuet.

We have not heard on the tickets yet. Fay's dad is working on them for us. As it stands, we will fly out Jan 2. If I have time, I will probably spend a day with Bettie's son, David. Him and two other men have a new company launching the first of the year. They need someone to do the technical writing for them. If so, I need to spend a day working with him and the new program they have developed, so I can write the instruction manual for the program. (That is, if I can. I may see that it is too complicated for me, and not even try the task.)

The mangos are good, and they sell pineapple along side the road. See the picture.

Fay's mom is taking us "shopping" in downtown Anapolis tonight. Being Christmas season, they have the stores open till 10, normally closing at 6.

The folks here are night people, and neither Bettie nor I are. Moreover, Beckie's house is surrounded with mango trees, probably 12-15 in the yard, plus various other trees. I think the birds gather each morning in the tree outside our window to get their instructions for the day. There is a terrible racket from the birds for about 10 minutes. Then they all fly off, and it is generally quiet for the rest of the day, as each bird goes about its duties.

I am quite surprised at how slim everyone is here, and they eat big meals. I suppose it is because of the abundance of fruit that they eat with their meals, as well as rice and a Brazilian bean they have with every meal. (The girls dress to show off their slim figure.)

Also, as you can tell by the photo, all of the stores here open front. There are no screens, and there an amazing few number of flies, even in the houses and restaurants.

Let us hear from some of you.

Love you all.

Bro Need