Hello again:

We went for dinner (lunch) to Fay's granddads's house in Anapolis. The farm house is for a "get away." Her granddad was mayor of Anapolis in ‘54, appointed by the governor of the this state. I did not realize her family was so well known. His house in the city is NICE, to say the least.

Attached is a picture of Fay and her granddad, along with some of the house.

We then went to the place where Fay's mother works. They custom make fertilizer for the farmers. The farmers test the soil, and then design the fertilizer for the soil. Attached is a picture of Fay and her mother.

We have been here a week, and it feels like I have not been to bed since we got here. These people stay up late and eat late. It is about to do me in. I am going to have to start saying "no." (Birthday parties don't start until 10 PM. Fay's mother took us to a restaurant last night, late. It did not fill up until after 10, way past my bed time.

Christina, Jessica (Becky's 16 year old daughter) and Fay are in town shopping.

As you know, Bettie has a knee problem, but she has been able to do the walking we need to do.

Becky's brother in law is coming here for Christmas, so we will stay at Fay's house Christmas eve. I am sure they will stay up all night, but us old people sure will not.

Tomorrow we are going to a fancy tourist resort with hot springs. We won't be back till Saturday. I will e mail Saturday night.

Fay's uncle, father's brother, is a self employed stock broker. A family member owns a house at the resort, but does not use it during the holidays, so he rents it out. That is the only way, they said, that they could afford to go there.

Anapolis is on a high plateau, which keeps the temp down as well as the humidity. I guess where we are going is a couple hours from here, and down, so it will be hot.

Wouldn't you know it: the value of the dollar drops when we get here. It was up to 2.70 when Fay was with us.

I am taking pictures of everything with the digital camera, and downloading them to the hard drive. I will have hundreds of pictures, and won't know which ones to print out.

(Bettie speaking) Dear ones, I think of you daily and wish we could talk by phone with each of you. You are always in our prayers! Yesterday we had some dollars changed to Reais (Brazilian money) at the rate of $1 for R2.40– more than doubling our money! Well, today, Fay's Dad told us the rest of the money we gave him to exchange today for our weekend trip only gave us R2.20 to the dollar. Thus goes the ups and downs of our finances! No one really lets us spend much for anything, so we hope to treat them occasionally this week, even if we have to pull rank and age! We love you and covet your prayers for our health.

Keep praying for us.

Bro Need and Bettie