December 26, 2001


We are back at Becky's house for a few days.

We went to Brasilia yesterday. It was a quick trip, but Christmas day was the best time to go. There was no traffic, which normally would have been bumper to bumper. I will attach several pictures of Brasilia and of the scenery along the way. Many of the buildings are made out of plane concrete, natural color. Dull, to say the least. It was supposed to be a futuristic city, but I found it a very depressing city. It was just being built when Bettie lived here.

The land looks like it was a flat plain, and then the flood washed out gigantic valleys. So you can see for many miles over the valleys. (I would not even hazard a guess about how many miles you can see; it is like looking across the mountains, but the mountains do not peak; rather, the tops are as flat as a table, and are cultivated.) The pictures were taken from the moving car, some pictures taking while doing about 65-70 miles per hour. (130 km per hour.)

It is quite impressive to see God's handiwork. Being able to see for many miles across the valleys, you can see the rain falling in one area, while the sun may be shining in another. The rain will be so heavy it looks like the cloud has touched the earth in that area where it is raining.

I guess Brasilia is totally a government city with no industry. But people move to the area anyway looking for work, where there is none. The poverty is bad, with people living under the highway overpasses. Brasilia was less than two hours away.

Brasilia >National Catheral Romanist Idolatry 1 2

Government Building

Overlooking the center of the city, a "Mall" probably patterned after Washington DC.

The roads are some good and some bad. They have been working on a four lane from Anapolis to Brasilia for years. Maybe ½ is done. From what I hear, the corruption is so bad that the politicians make off with the money for a section of the new road before it is built, so that section is still a very bad two lane road.

I guess we will, at this point, come back Jan 13, for we cannot get any ticket between the second and the thirteenth. (We leave here Sunday the 13 th, arriving in DC the 14 th. We will take care of the tickets Friday. We must have $300 for the plane ticked from here to where we pick up the international flight, and another $100 to change our Delta tickets to the 13 th.) Richard, my brother, wants to come down to see us. I understand that where he is is 3,000 miles, as far as LA to NY. They are willing to ride the bus 3 days to come see us. They say the bus ride is not that bad, but I cannot imagine otherwise. Of course, it will be a three day trip back home for them. So a total of 6 days on the road to come see us. They cannot leave there until after Jan 3, so they plan to be here about the 6 th. They said it would not be worth the trip for less than 5 days here, so that will take about all the time for us after the third.

We also need to check on a dentist for Christina's braces before we come back, and Bettie needs to finish making math and history tests for Christina's school year down here.

Friday we plan to go see where Bettie lived before she came to the States for college, and the mission school she attended. It is about 90 min away.

Sunday we plan to go to Pirenopolis, where Fay's grandfather was born. It is a very old town with cobblestone streets built by slaves. It is about 45 min away.

Church services here are at night. I guess that is because of the heat, but I have found the temperature about like an air-conditioned house, except for the humidity, which really is not as high as it is in Indiana. It rains some, or a lot, almost every day during the rainy season, which is now.

Attached is a picture of the outside of Fay's house. Though the houses of those who have the money are beautiful, there are high walls around them to keep the thieves out. So no one sees the house except guests. Having to wall everything keeps the yards very small.

We trust you all had a good Christmas.

Drop us a line.

Bro Need and Bettie