December 27, 2001


Today was rain, rain, rain. However, it did stop later this afternoon.

We went to town and changed our tickets. There is no turning back now. The tickets are for Sunday morning, Jan 13. We should, therefore, be back in the States Jan 14.

We did hear a monkey in Becky's mango trees this morning, and if it had not been raining so hard, I would have tried to get a picture of him. But I wasn't going to try to fight the rain and mud.

We found a post office to mail a hand full of letters for Christina. Bettie suggested I take a picture of a sign on the wall of the post office, "Jesus Christ was born on Christmas day." The postal workers saw me taking pictures, so they all wanted to line up in the picture. Here it is.

Though this is a firm Romanist country (prostitution legal, which I have found to be true in all the Catholic countries which I visited in the service), there are scripture verses everywhere. Few stores do not have some scripture verses on the walls, both from the Old Testament and New. However, theft is so bad in this country that everything must be locked at all times, as well as prostitution being legal.

Tell all we said HI.