December 30, 2001

I assume you all had good church services this morning. How did Steve do at Linden?

We went to Pirenopolis this morning. It is one of the older towns in this state (Fay's Grandfather was born there). A large portion of it was built with slave labor, particularly the cobblestone streets. Fay's dad took is all to "breakfast" at the "End of the World Café". And it was at the end of the world. I have attached a picture of what the road looked like that led to and through the preserve. (It was raining, so I had to take the pictures through the car window.)

They served breakfast "family style," and served only what was obtained from the preserve. They filled the tables and keep them full. I have a picture attached of the café and the food. It was good.

I cannot believe how that public road was. It was not much more than a mud path where we even had to wait for the cows to get out of the way.

The Café was on a nature preserve, and Fay's dad (Weber, pronounced Veber) had planed to take us on a hike into the preserve. But it rained most of the day, and is raining now. (10:22 PM) If it had been clear, he had planed to take us up a high mountain top where we would have been able to see the entire city and area. But the clouds were low, and it was quite wet. (There are cell phone towers up there; the cell phone service seems better here than in the States, but for many, cell phones are the only phone service available.)

We came back into the town, and walked around a little in the rain, but it quit long enough to get some pictures. The church we are in front of is a Catholic Church, which was built in 1732, about the same time as the streets were laid.

Those of you who have been in Roman churches know what kind of idols were there. It is sad how the church keeps the people in poverty while enriching itself.

Then on the way back, we stopped at a nice waterfall. The rain has made the falls full and muddy.

Then we went to the Presbyterian Church where we went a couple weeks ago. That is the one where Jesus was on a skate board last Sunday night, but we were not there. The pastor asked me from the pulpit to speak next Sunday. We will see. It looks like they have at least 250 regularly.

I don't like the night services. They don't start till late, and let out later yet.

Love you all,

Bro Need, Bettie and Christina