January 10, 2002

It has rained now for two days, sometimes hard and sometimes a gentle drizzle, but enough to keep us indoors. We are trying to pick up the lose ends today, and some more tomorrow. We went to town shopping for souvenirs. We found some interesting things. Really, we are simply doing things with Dick and Darlene. Becky has been able to go with us for "family time." It has really been nice with them. They leave at 8 PM Friday evening.

We parked in front of the oldest Roman church in the city. It was unlocked and the door open, so we went in. There is no way around it: The Roman church stands for idolatry. When I went in, there was a woman holding the hand of a statue of "Mary," though no one knows what Mary looked like. Another woman was standing in front of the statue., and stood there for quite some time. Both had a very serious religious look on their faces. Evidently, they were in deep, sincere prayer to Mary to intercede with them with her son, Jesus.

From what I understand, they are taught that because of their sins, Jesus is so angry at them that he will not speak to them. So they pray to his mother to go to her son for them.

The Roman religion is wicked beyond description, and I see no way that a true follower of Rome can be saved. They are taught that Christ can't be approached except through Mary.

The Romans justify evil of all kinds, particularly during the time of "Carnaval," or "Mardi Gras". It is church sanctioned, unbridled evil and wickedness before Lent, the period when they give up something they like (maybe chocolate) for 40 days before Easter.

The Romans do not worship our God, the God of the Bible, for they seek to approach him through Mary, except where education is high and the people think for themselves, or the protestant influence is strong.

I believe we give too much slack to the Romanist, thinking they are something they are not. Get out of the US, and you will see the true face of Romanism – it is wicked, though probably not as evil as Islam.

Anyway, we are packing, and getting "psyched" up to get on the plane. Bettie and I are both looking forward to getting back, and getting about the tasks at hand.

Christina and Jessica from high point from Roman church.


Bro Need, Bettie and Christina