January 2, 2002

It quit raining for a while. The sky is beautiful. And the temp is just right. However, a good walk will work up a sweat.

We did not do much today other than run a few errands in town.

Darlene told me that they were leaving home Thursday evening, so they should be here Sunday morning. Dwane, their son who works for Microsoft in Redmond, WA, did a lot of work for them at the mission station, and he left a mess. That is, he installed 7 new operating systems, and left the other day. So Richard can't leave until all the operating systems are working properly. He hoped he could get done in time to leave Thursday.

I continue to be amazed at all of the small shops, as well as no doors nor screens on them. They do have iron gates they close them up with. I have attached a few pictures of the shops and one of the blue sky taken in front of Becky's house. This is a "mall." It is a big building with a bunch of small shops in it. I sure don't see how any of them sell enough to make any money. They only have about 8 different products, and a dozen shops selling each produce, e.g., shoes, clothes, watches, ear rings, cheap plastic toys, and a few other items.

I have one picture that I should have taken at a better resolution. I will be there again, and take a better picture. It shows the poverty as a man sorts through the trash for cardboard that he loads on a hand drawn cart, designed in a way that the man actually pushes it from the front.

I guess Fay starts classes next Monday to learn how to teach English.

Pray for us.

Bro Need, Bettie and Christina