January 3, 2002

We went to Goiania today, which is the capitol of the state of Goias. It is maybe 30-40 min from here. We left town at quitting time, rush hour. Every thing closes at 6 PM. You could feel the difference in the temperature between Anapolis and Goiania – hotter there.

The city was about like any large city: cars, trucks and people everywhere. Diesels are in everything larger than a passenger car. I guess Brazil is just now allowing diesels in cars. Diesel fuel is less than half of the cost of gas. I am surprised – every thing else is cheaper here than in the states, but the fuel is quite a bit higher.

The problem I have is the circles in the streets. Rather than cross roads, they have circles, which seem to me very confusing. I am sure our cities seem even more confusing to them. Admittedly, there was not near the traffic as would be in any large city, but motor cycles and bicycles are everywhere.

One of the things that catches my attention is the road side fruit stands. They have other foods, such as eggs and live chickens, but primarily it is fresh fruit. A fresh pineapple cost less than 50 cents, and worth every penny. Very large mangos that you would pay $1 or more each for in the states you can get along the road for 10 cents each. I could get spoiled on the fresh fruit here.

Note that they sell bananas by the stalk rather than by the pound.

The weather was perfect today here in Anapolis, so I am sure the Lord has pay back time for us when we get back to the states.

We will see you all in a few days.

Bro Need, Bettie and Christina.

PS. Christina is disappointed that she has received no letters from anyone.