January 4, 2002

Another day closer to leaving. 9 more days.

We had to get Christina checked at the breathing doctor. We knew we would need to do this before we left her here. The doctor is an uncle of Fay's, and he told us more than the State side doctors do. He warned us that she should not take the breathing medication any more than necessary, while the doctor in the States insisted she use the medication twice a day, whether she needed it or not.

He also introduced us to a different medication that is a powder that combined the two sprays she had been prescribed in the States. He also encouraged her to swim as much as possible to strengthen her lungs. The swimming lessons are inexpensive here compared to the States.

Everything is far less than in the States, except gas. The difference is the wages, which are normally extremely low if any at all here.

The sunsets seem to be clearer or more majestic here than in the States. Maybe because there is not near the pollution here, or because of the elevation. I think we are about 1,000 ft above sea level here.

Attached are some pictures of the city and of the sunset - looking West- West; looking East - East.


Also attached is a picture of Becky's family, from left, Christina (Need), Jessica, Ricardy, Becky, Christopher, Jonathan, Michael.

Here is the Roman church that is in the highest point in Anapolis, surrounded by poverty stricken homes.

One of the most impressive things about the buildings here is that all floors are real tile. Bathrooms and kitchens are tiled all the way to the ceiling. They clean them with water and a squeegee, and it works.

Fay has been studying hard for an English test. She starts training classes Monday, training to be an English teacher in the state capital, Goiania. She has an aunt who lives there, so she is staying there through the week.

Richard and Darlene are on their way down by bus. They won't get here until sometime Sunday afternoon, 40 hours. Becky's husband, Ricardy, ask how long Richard had been here - he has been in Brazil for probably 35 years. He then ask how many times I have seen him during those years. I did not realize it, but I probably have not seen him over 10 times since he has been in Brazil. If we are able to spend the 5 days together, that will be the longest we have been together since he went in the Marines in about 1960.

Remember us in prayer. Remember me especially Sunday night.

Bro Need, Bettie and Christina