Book 14


October '90

The roots of panic.

(Isaiah 8:11-16)

Here in Isaiah we find king Ahaz using fear (intentionally or unintentionally) to move the people to his way of thinking, away from God. It probably went something like this: "Look at how strong that conspiracy is against us. Our only hope is to join with Assyria for our protection. Sure, Assyria may be our enemy in the future as they have been in the past, but right now we are on the verge of being destroyed. We do not have time to wait and we are not capable of handling this ourselves." And the people were persuaded.

No doubt fear is being used the same way today; fear over world-wide pollution, destruction of the environment, overpopulation, Third-world 'lose cannons' such as Saddam Hussein, nuclear war, energy shortage and a great many other things that we hear so much about. This fear is being used by the antichrist crowd (Bush and Gorb.) to influence the general population to agree that the only hope is to make deals with their enemies. The idea would be to make the fearful situations greater than the enemy, then paint up the enemy as the only hope to solve the situation. If the fear is great enough, it will override any reservations.

The USSR is still sworn to destroy the world as they force world-wide communism upon it. But they are not alone in their desire for world-wide socialism. They are joined by Bush and every other world-leader.

What can they do to bring about their desired one-world social order without a violent overthrow of existing governments as was the Bolshevik or French revolution?

FEAR. Create fear in the people over any and every thing, then say that the only hope in these world-wide fearful situations is to join together with the enemies who have sworn to destroy the nation.

Ahaz used fear to get the people of his nation to unite together behind his deal with Assyria, over the objections of the prophet Isaiah.

This is precisely what we are seeing take place before our very eyes. Fear is effectively being used by our national leaders to create a spirit of compromise and surrender to the enemy.

There is an interesting article in U.S. News, 10/1/90, The roots of panic.

People describe it as the worst experience of their lives. One moment they are crossing the street or shopping, and the next they are engulfed in a wave of absolute terror. Out of the blue, the heart starts racing, the ground tilts and a tingling suffuses the hands and forearms as sufferers are gripped by the conviction that they are going mad or even dying.

They go on to say that new research indicated that panic is one manifestation of a group of serious anxiety disorders that affect 1 in 7 people at some point during their lifetime. They are studying how ingrained patterns of thinking play a role in determining the course of panic disorder. Then they offer the hope of "therapy and drugs," as they blame the problem on "faulty chemistry." (See our paper, A NEW DISEASE FOR A NEW DECADE.)

As a note here, we keep hearing that 6 out of 10 people in the U.S profess to be Christians. This would make a goodly number of the 1 out of 7 professed Christians. The tactics of creating fear are having their effect as a once fearless nation is turned into a nation of panic-stricken people, FOR A PURPOSE.

The question we want to address is, Why are their tactics of creating fear having such a huge success, when there is such a large percentage of professed Christians.

Leviticus 26 gives us the answer. Here we see the choice between life and peace (v.3), and fear and death (v. 14) offered. The Apostle Paul brought the principles contained in this chapter forward to the NT times as he quoted v. 12 in 2 Corinthians 6:16 and Ephesians 2:21.

Joshua 23 gives more insight into this. In v. 7 we see that the people of God are not to even mention the names of the false gods of the heathens. To do so will create fear in the people of God, Deuteronomy 20:1-4.

When a nation (including the church, 1 Peter 2:9) refuses to do all these commandments there is a terrible list of fearful results. As we follow through the list of results in Leviticus 26, we come to v. 36. Here is the promise of uncontrolled fear, uncaused panic if you please. The faintness of heart describes perfectly what we read under The roots of panic.

Fear, panic that drives the people of a nation to accept a world-wide social order that is designed for their demise! How can the social planners gain such easy access to this kind of panic? The word of God is clear: a lack of faithful observance of the command-word of God. A vibrant, active faith will stop fear and panic in its tracks.

There are actually two things working together to produce conditions for this panic to prosper. These two things appear to be as opposed to one another as light and dark, and they are, even though both produce the same results, fear. The one is quite intentional as it works to excite panic in the populace. The other is not trying to create this panic, and may even be standing against the 'party of the first part.'

The first group we have already mentioned. They continually present fearful situations; "We have found another hole in the Ozone layer." Let the Lord speak to these fools, Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? Job 38:4. In other words, the Lord may have created it as full of holes as He did Swiss cheese. No one knows because we just now have the 'technology' to check it out.

The one-world planners present these terribly fearful problems (which they 'found') to create panic. Then they offer their plan of salvation in that area. Soon, if all goes according to plan, the people themselves of all the industrialized nations will be crying out for their brand of deliverance from the fearful problems. Thus, total world-wide salvation, Paradise restored, as the whole world submits to the plans of the planners.

To the Christian, these tactics should be quite obvious which the enemy is using to create fear so the people will accept a far worse situation.

Now the other side. Leviticus 26:17 tells us that as His people turn from hearing and doing all these commandments, they shall flee when none pursueth.

When the people of God are not taught the victory of God through the applied law of God which will overthrow the power of the enemies of God, fear will replace the required confidence in the Spirit of God.

Some may say, "Even though I don't believe the Spirit of God can use His applied law to overthrow the enemies of God, I am sure not advocating the uniting of a one-world social order. In fact, I am standing against all efforts in that area."

Let's look at some problems with this.

A. Conspiracies are as common as sin and are at work at all times against the godly. They are designed to replace faith in the power of God with the fear of man and what man can do. These conspiracies can only gain strength as sound Biblical faith loses strength. Isaiah 8:12 condemns those who fear the conspiracies and conspirators. The hope must be in the victory of the Spirit of God.

B. Hengstenberg gives this summation for Isaiah 8:11-16. "He who is to partake of the deliverance which the Lord has destined for His people, must in firm faith expect it from Him, and thereby inwardly separate himself from the unbelieving mass, who, at every appearance of danger, tremble and give up all for lost." Christology, pg. 435

Thus, to stand against the ungodly without the firm conviction that God will honor that stand with victory over the forces of evil, is to stand in unbelief and creates fear. While standing in confidence, we must inwardly separate from those who have no such faith.

C. Even though the people might still serve the Lord and maybe even stand against the deals between Ahaz and the enemy, they are fearing other gods when they doubt the power of God to overthrow those gods, Isaiah 17:10. For their rock is not as our Rock, Deuteronomy 32:31.

D. When the people of God fear the enemies of God and lose their confidence in the power of God, they rejoice in the power of the enemy, Isaiah 8:6.

By rejoice we mean considering the power of the enemy stronger than the power of the Spirit of God. The implications here are astounding. To think that the powers of this world and the devil, can stand against the power of the Spirit of God, and prevail, is to rejoice in the power of the world.

E. The enemy of the covenant-people is not the conspirator, nor any physical enemy which is moving against them. And I myself will fight against you, Jeremiah 21:5 (16:10-13). The enemy is the Lord as He moves against His people for their unbelief.

This gives a two-pronged unbelief:

1) Failure to believe that the Spirit of God will overthrow the enemy.

2) Failure to place the law of God into action. Maybe they don't see it as for our day, or maybe they don't see it as the means of God's Spirit working to subdue the wicked. Either way, God is the enemy, not the world. Nebuchadrezzar the king of Babylon moved against the people of God, as the servant of God, Jeremiah 25:9.

Isaiah spoke, telling the people not to fear the confederacy that was gathered against them. Rather, they were to fear the Lord and do as He said. He had promised to send the Deliverer, Immanuel, God with us, who would fulfill the many glorious promises, but the people would not heed his call. Their reasoning may have been sound to the unbelieving, "We just do not see how in the world the Lord can work this out." So they continued to be led by the fear that was created, and Ahaz proceeded in his uniting with the ungodly.

To fear the confederacy over the promises of the covenant-law of God, was to fear the other gods, no matter how loudly the people of God proclaimed otherwise, Jeremiah 22:13.

Now some extremely difficult conclusions.

The thought that the application of the law of God will not overcome all of the forces of evil, abandons all hope that the Spirit of God can prevail over the spirit of man. This says that no matter how hard one tries to apply the word of God, it is hopeless. The antichrist crowd will win, no matter what we do.

Such thinking completely denies the principles laid down in the Book of Daniel, especially 4:3, 17, 25, 32-37. (Nebuchadnezzar had to go through quite a bit before he would admit this fact. What will the church of our day have to go through before they will admit what this heathen king was forced to admit?)

Follow through the implications. If this view is held to consistently, taught to the people in all of its implications, it teaches the people to fear what man can do because God is powerless to do anything. This is to fear other gods; this is to rejoice in the gods of the pagans.

This works hand-in-hand with the other crowd who is also creating a fear among the population to get them to agree to ungodly alliances.

The conclusion? God is not the author of fear, in any way, shape or from, other than fear of Himself, 2 Timothy 1:7. Therefore, any teaching which produces fear (other than fear of God which leads to faithful obedience to the law of God, Proverbs 16:6), is not Bible instruction.

The roots of panic. When the world presents fearful conditions, then the church does the same thing, what can we expect from the general population except panic? The salt has lost its preserving effect against fear and panic.

The only thing that will stand against fear and panic is a strong faith in the power and victory of God over all of the fearful forces of evil. Anything less is identified as unbelief, fear of and rejoicing in other gods.

Is it any wonder that the one-world socialist crowd is finding such a ready populace as they unite all the nations under the one-world banner?


In 12/90 MO


The passage in Deuteronomy 20:1-4 is well worth our time to examine. Before anyone says that this is not for us today, observe John 5:46, 47. The Lord tells these wicked men who were looking for an excuse not to accept His sayings, that if they do not accept the Word of God (these sayings of mine, the words of Christ), they do not accept the words of Moses. Thus, the Lord ties the two together. We cannot have one without the other. Therefore the one who says that the Pentateuch is not for God's people today, also says that the Word of God, Christ, is not for them today.

We can hear the cry now, "But that was directed to OT Israel, not to the church." What will we do with v. 36-45? It is the law of Moses that presents Christ. The natural man desires a Christ with no law conneceted with Him, but this is an imposibility.

Deuteronomy 20:1-4 gives one of the main duties of the man of God, the priest in this case. Observe:

First, the equipment of the enemy. They had horses and chariots which were were forbidden to God's people. These were symbols of worldly might and power, contrasted with trusting in the Lord God, Psalms 20:7. When the people of God were weak in the faith, these struck terror in their hearts.

(The man of God was not to stand up and tell the people of God about all these horses and chariots. This would cause fear and trembling in their heart.)

Second, the number of the enemy. They outnumbered the people of God, many to one. As we follow Israel through, we see a consistent trait of their enemies outnumbering them, Judges 7:7. The number of the enemy never figure into the picture in the conflict between the enemies of God and the covenant-people, Leviticus 26.

(The man of God was not to stand up and number the enemy. Again, this would cause fear in the heart.)

Third, the reminder of Egypt. They were greatly outnumbered by the Egyptians, who also had a great many horses and chariots, yet God provided the victory.

Fourth, the responsibility of the priest, the man of God. The principle here is that he was to speak encouraging words to the people of God. They were faced with an extremely powerful enemy, well equipped with all the worlds weapons of warfare, dedicated for one purpose only; the eradication of God's covenant people.

We find a fifth point if we continue in the text, vs. 5-9. If a person did not want to fight, they were dismissed from the battle, yet there would be victory if the priest did vs. 3 & 4. The victory was in the Lord.

V. 8 is interesting. It follows vs. 3 & 4 where the priests were to build confidence in the Lord their God with the promises of God, v. 4. Then those who did not respond to this building of confidence and were still fearful, were excused from the warfare. So, if the man of God did not do his job properly in vs. 3 & 4, there would be no army after v. 8.

(The sixth point was an offer of peace to the enemy. The seventh point, how to treat the captives after the Lord gave the victory. The eighth point, how to treat the land after the victory. The Lord did not overlook one area.)

Thus, the job of the man of God was to teach the word of God in such a way as to build confidence in the hearts of God's people. Notice though, this WAS NOT TO BUILD SELF-CONFIDENCE, CONFIDENCE IN WHAT THEY COULD DO. It was to be confidence in what the Lord God could do if they followed His word. The message was to strengthen the believer in the power of the Lord to work through His obedient people.

Thus, the hearer was to go from this meeting with the confidence that no matter how bad the situation appeared, God could and would give the victory if they would only apply the word of God as instructed to do.

The preaching of this message of victory was as much a part of the requirement on the man of God in the law of God as was the Ten Commandments. Why do we not hear this requirement preached?

(We have many fearful among God's people because the man of God is not instructing them in the victory of God, as his people move in faith. Is this why Christianity is so powerless in the face of overwhelming odds?)

We see this principle acted out in Deuteronomy 1:19-37 where the twelve spies went into the land of the enemy. They saw the walled cities, the vast multitude of mighty men and the physical impossibility of overcoming them. They came back, and ten told all about the strength of the enemy. The result was that the people commanded to go by faith in what the Lord could do, refused.

God had promised victory over the power of the enemy. These ten, as they emphasized the power of the enemy, caused the people to murmur and rebel against God. He identified the murmurers as an evil generation and the result was death. The only two who survived were the ones who came back with encouragement that the Lord would give the victory in spite of the strength of the enemy. They did not deny the might of the enemy, rather they emphasized the victory through obedience to the commands of the Lord.

"But," some would say, "that was OT Israel. That is not for us today." The Author of the Book of Hebrews is clear, the principle established in Deuteronomy One is for the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, 3:12.

Joshua's last words also emphasize this point. Chapter 23:5-13 is inseparably built on chapter 1. The victory against the overwhelming odds was established in 1:6-9. As they obeyed the law of the Lord, the Lord was to (and did) give them the victory over the enemy.

Joshua's closing words tells them to walk in the way of the Lord and the Lord would continue to give them the victory.

Notice a statement hidden in 23:7. They were not to even make mention of the name of their gods... These pagans regarded these gods as their source of strength, and the people of God were to regard the application of the law of God as their source of strength, v.6.

We have a record of what happened when the covenant people started studying what the pagans regarded as their source of strength, 2 Kings 16:10-18; 2 Chronicles 28:22-25. Ahaz went to the seat of paganism, Damascus, and spied it out. He saw the worship of the false gods which appeared to be giving the pagans their power over him, then he went home and applied that worship to the service of the Lord God.

Joshua said that even the names of the gods which the pagans saw as their strength were not to be mentioned by the people of God. Ahaz not only mentioned them, he went and searched them out. He then copied the heathen method to serve the Lord God. Isaiah (ch. 7) told him not to even mess with the heathens, but he did it anyway.

The pagan's power over the people of God was not because they had more strength, it was because the Lord delivered His people into their hands for their violation of the principles outlined in Deuteronomy 1:28-30; 20:1-4; Joshua 1:6-9 and 23:6, 7.

Paul, though not a priest, spoke as a Prophet as he told us not to grow weary in well doing, for in due season we shall reap if we faint not. He also said, I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. He clearly taught and encouraged God's people on to the victory, in and through the Lord Jesus Christ according to Deuteronomy 20:1-4.

It is a shame that so many of God's people sit around and study the false gods of the heathens (where they look to for their strength and salvation), instead of spending that time studying the law of God and its application. This alone is our source of victory, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

There are scores of ministries built on studying about and revealing the dark secrets and strengths of the workers of iniquity. This is totally contrary to the principle of Deuteronomy 20:1-4 (and Ephesians 5:11, 12) because it leads to fear. The impression one gets from this is that victory comes from mentioning their names and studying their methods and then, as Ahaz tried to do, applying their methods to the work of God.

This is done instead of studying the source of strength for God's people, the applied law of God.

The call to the man of God, as he teaches the word of God, is to emphasize the victory which is through obedience to the law of God. Anything less is identified as rebellion and unbelief. It will lead to fear of man and what man can do. It will lead to the death of the individual and everything that he is involved in, the church, family and society itself.

What do we hear, Luke 8:18? Where is our emphasis?

November '90


The great evangelist, D.L. Moody viewed as his qualification for evangelism, his ability to attract people to himself. (The Life of D.L. Moody, by his son. Sword of the Lord Publishers, Murfreesboro, TN Pg.47, 55.) Thus, his qualification was not his ability with the word of God, because he had none.

This theory was not original with Moody, nor did it die with him, rather it has become the major qualification for a 'preacher of the word of God.' It now overshadows, many times even replacing, the qualifications which God has established. How many churches make this the major qualification in a pastor?

This replacement of Moody's idea for God's, has led to some extremely sad situations in the pulpits of 'Bible Believing Churches.' These situations permitted in the pulpit include whoremongers, heretics, sodomites, liars, thieves, men who cannot connect the issues at hand with Scriptural principles, as well as any other evil of which we can think.

When the call to preach is equated with an ability to attract people, this says that the preacher can be involved in anything as long as the crowds come to hear him preach. This would go into every area of Christian endeavor, areas such as music (Gospel Music groups) and education. We have heard of probably the best known 'Christian educator's' involvement in immorality, yet he still has this 'position' of Christianity honoring him. How can this be? Obviously, because his ability to motivate and sway people is viewed as the call of God.

We read in Ephesians 4:11, 12 of the gifts of God which are given to His church for the perfecting of the saints, to equip the saints for the work of the ministry and for the building up of the body of Christ. These gifts are given strictly by His Spirit of Grace to whomsoever He will, 1 Corinthians 12:11. No person can advise the Lord as to how these gifts are to be distributed, Isaiah 40:13; Romans 11:35.

Now, staying with the context of Ephesians 4:11, we have four gifts given to the body of Christ. The one we are considering is the pastor-teacher. (This is a two part qualification, but we will restrict our look to the teacher aspect of this.) (Teachers, used of those who in the religious assemblies of Christians undertook the work of teaching, with the special assistance of the Holy Spirit; 1 Cor. xii. 28 sq.; Eph. iv.11; Acts xiii. 1, cf. Jas. iii. 1.) Note that Thayer says here, with special assistance of the Holy Spirit.

Paul, in 1 Timothy 3:2, is much stronger as he leaves no doubt concerning this requirement. He says that if a man desires to be a pastor, these qualities must be present. One which he mentions is apt to teach. This is so important that he mentions it again in 2 Timothy 2:24 and refers to this grace of God again in Titus 1:9. These two references in Paul's two letters to Timothy are the only places this word apt to teach is used (adj. skilled in teaching).

The last of the epithets in the verse, having the teaching gift, apt or skilled in teaching, is remarkable as the only one, either here or in the corresponding passage in Titus, which directly bears on the discharge of ministerial functions. In Titus it is more fully expressed: "that he may be able by sound doctrine both to exhort and to convince the gainsayers." The place given to the qualification in both passages is a clear proof of the importance attached by the apostle to the teaching gift in relation to the pastoral office... (Pastoral Epistles, by Fairbairn. Klock and Klock, pg. 137.)

The context of the above passages clearly tells us that this supernatural ability will be evident, although not to the same degree in all, Romans 12:3 (let's be thankful for the measure of the Spirit that we do have, not complain that we do not have more. More will be added as we use what we have been given). Christ is the only man to have every grace of the Spirit without measure, and even He had to mature, John 3:34; Luke 2:51, 52.

In addition, the context of 2 Timothy 2:25 requires more added graces of the Spirit (gentle, meekness, etc.) in order for God to use the supernatural grace of teaching to bring about repentance. Is it not strange that we desire to see vs. 25 and 26 accomplished, even though we ignore the must in v. 24?

This brings up a very interesting, as well as alarming, situation.

MOTIVATORS-not Teachers

The church today is looking for motivators as pastors to come in and 'love' (a humanist definition of love, emotion or something similar) the people, motivate, visit the lost, visit the sick, fellowship and work with the youth. They desire someone who will give them a message to make them feel better about themselves, 2 Timothy 4:3. They desire someone with letters after his name so they may brag to the community. The qualification of Ephesians 4:11, a teacher of the word of God, is completely overlooked. But then again, these people may feel that the letters after his name qualifies a man for the office.

Regardless, the primary qualification is overlooked, that of being a pastor-teacher. The ability to teach, which comes only from God, has been almost totally replaced by the ability to motivate and speak publicly. Now, if the ability to teach comes in the same man, great! but if not, unhappily the ability to motivate and speak is chosen first by the people. The results are obvious as we look around, big churches with no foundation, captive to the feigned words of false teachers, 2 Peter 2:3.

There is no doubt that a terrible judgment is in store for Christianity, unless we return to Biblical qualifications for our leadership as outlined in the OT, Deuteronomy 1:13-15 (Exodus 18). These OT men had to possess an understanding of the law of God and the ability to develop its implications for all society. Their ability in the law of God had to be obvious for all to see, v. 13, and they had to fear only God, v. 17. See Matthew 7:24-29.

This is a supernatural qualification, given by the Sovereign God to whom He will, according to His good pleasure and in spite of what man thinks or plans. Thus, no man can choose this office or ability, and the call of God will have with it this obvious supernatural ability in the law-word of God. The logical implications is there can be no training to equip in this area, because, as Thayer points out, this ability is with special assistance of the Holy Spirit.

A pastor can desire to study and develop the Scriptures, but if he does not have this supernatural gift of grace, does he fit this qualification, pastor-teacher? If this grace is not evident in that pastor's life, is he qualified to pastor? Can this grace (pastor-teacher) be developed by study, or learning (education) if it has not been given by God? (The instructions given in Paul's second letter to Timothy must be understood in this light, 2:2. ..faithful men would be men who also faithfully exhibited the God-required and given graces to fulfill this office, as did Timothy.)

To follow the implications through, it appears that a purpose of the Christian College which trains for the ministry, is to sort out those with this grace of God from those who lack it. Those with the ability to develop the law of God into society will be obvious, then the college trains the ones who exhibit this grace for the ministry. They should be honest with those who lack this grace and tell them to seek an honest profession. To try to be a pastor without this grace of God, is to pass themselves off as something which they are not. It is fraud (thou shalt not steal).

It is not without significance that one of the main thrusts of the "Christian Colleges" is teaching the students how to motivate themselves and/or others. "If you can motivate others, you are qualified to preach the word of God." Moody lives!

How many men have responded to an emotional 'call' who have not this grace? then went to college to be convinced that they were now qualified to pastor. When we identify the call to the ministry exclusively with an emotional experience, we open up the door to some extremely dangerous situations, for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Undoubtedly, there may be an emotional experience involved in the call, but that must work with the total of Scripture, Philippians 2:13. The obvious conclusion here is that the pastor-teacher must be a theologian. It is half of his calling, with the first half (pastor) including the godly ability to work with people.

When a man has a personality which attracts people to himself, but no ability in the law-word of God, the result is a big church with no power to influence society. They learn to use well the world's methods of motivation, attract the multitudes to themselves and view the resulting growth as godliness, 1 Timothy 6:5. This permits all kinds of wickedness.

Everyone who is a pastor can see what has happened in this area. Our mail is full of offers of sermon outlines. Evidently, there is a large market for prepared sermons or there would not be so many offered, showing us there is a vast number in the ministry with no desire or ability to develop the word of God for their people.

(Let me not be misunderstood here. Any man of God worth his salt, will study other men of God and glean from them their insight into the word of God. No man has it all, each only a measure, and no measure equal. We are referring to the ones who DEPEND on others to do their developing of the word of God for them.)


1. When the pastor's primary qualification is seen as the ability to motivate and draw people, this permits anything to take place as long as he can motivate others and/or draw a crowd. This permits him to make unscriptural decisions, as well as allow immorality and wickedness in his life and in the church. In fact, there is no limit to what evil can be permitted to take place, because his qualification is the ability to motivate, not his morality or ability to develop the word of God.

This leads to the same situation that we find Hezekiah in. He was assured of 15 more years of life, then turned this assurence into ungodliness.

2. A willingness to be a pastor is not the only qualification. I may be willing to be a brain surgeon and have a tremendous emotional experience as I yeald to that desire, but that willingness does not qualify me. If I do not have the God-given skill (1 Corinthians 4:7), I am not qualified no matter how much I desire this 'calling.' A pastor without the God-given skill of teaching will do far more damage than will a surgeon without God-given skill.

Medical school should divide out ones who only have a desire. Christian colleges should do the same.

3. Is this why the preaching of the whole counsel of God is so powerless to free men from sin, leaving them captive to the devil, 2 Timothy 2:25, 25?

4. The pastor has been given the authority over the local church. If he does not possess the supernatural ability to develop the implications of the word of God, is it any wonder that a great many cannot understand the principle of submitting the church to the state?

5. Can the church stand against women preachers unless they also stand against men in the office of pastor who are not supernaturally equipped as a teacher of God's word for that office?

Is it any wonder that women preachers are now being so widely accepted? The principle is the same. A pastor who has only charisma, organizational and/or motivational ability, etc. and no supernatural ability to equip him to develop the implications of the word of God into society, is as unqualified as is a woman preacher. Both the woman and the man are violating the qualifications for the pastor-teacher.

We must admit that the churches and denominations which are permitting woman preachers are logical to their position, though unscriptural. They see the office of pastor as no more than a chosen field of vocation. Therefore, there is no Divine call or grace needed. (There used to be a local Methodist 'Pastor' in our community who found the job of being a pastor better than selling vacuum sweepers.) These groups are logical in their ordination of women. (I personally fail to see how a woman preacher [or deacon] can be the husband of one wife, Titus 1:6. [Well, some women are now making this claim, the same as some men are claiming to the wife of one husband!])

On the other hand, the 'Bible Believing Churches' are Pharisaical Hypocrites when they stand against women preachers, while they ignore the teacher qualification. (Nor can we overlook or downplay the pastor portion [and other portions] of this qualification.)

6. How can we complain about leaders in society (from the office of President on down to the local trustee and school board) who are unqualified in every sense of Biblical qualifications, if we refuse to demand that the leaders among God's people meet the Scriptural qualifications for their office?

It is indeed sad how our sinful nature demands freedom from the bands and cords of God's word in one area, while demanding submission in other areas. Of all places that the principles of the total inspired word of God must be applied, the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ is the most important.



December '90

I realize that lengthy 'articles' such as this are difficult to read. We are overwhelmed with instant everything, and many times if we (myself included) cannot quickly find what we are looking for, we give up. I sometimes read derogatory remarks about one of my favorite authors of the last century, and the remarks are not against his theology, because he is too thorough to criticize. The remarks are against the lengths of his studies which must be 'waded through' to find what is needed.

How much helpful material do we miss because we do not take the time to read? Is it any wonder our people are being destroyed by the lion? He walks right over us and has free access to those under us.




And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free, John 8:32.

Let's establish a foundational principle to build on. What we need to see here at the onset is that the Lord Jesus Christ is identified as: The TRUTH of God, John 8:32; The WAY of God, 14:6; The LAW of God, Psalms 119:142; The COMMANDMENTS of God, Psalms 119:151; The COVENANT of God, Isaiah 42:6, 49:8; The WORD of God, John 1:14. Therefore, we can use any of these terms interchangeably.

It goes further than this. We cannot separate any of these identifications of the Son of God without destroying the unity of God's word.

Thus, when He said, And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free, He was saying that as we know and apply the law of God we gain freedom. (We have developed this basic thought as found in Hosea 4:6 previously.)

The Lord said that there is only one path to freedom, and that is through Him and the law of God. The word law in Psalms 119:142 means The Deuteronomic code of the covenant. Thus, the law as given to Moses in Deuteronomy is the same Truth of God as is Christ. (See June M-O, CHRIST, THE LAW OF GOD.)

The word of God tells us that freedom comes from the applied truth of God. It comes as His law is applied to each area of life and thought. Therefore, any area that is left outside of the law of God is left in bondage, whether the thought life, personal life, family life, social life, life calling of the individual, or the civil government.

Examples: As we obey the command of God's word to meditate in His law day and night, we exercise this freedom in our mind. When we do not obey this, our mind is in bondage.

Let's get a little more practical. Let's say that a person has abilities in the area of Art. When they use that ability to reflect the Creator by applying the law of God in that area, they are in freedom. Mapplethrope was in bondage, and his 'art' proved it. He was in bondage to his uncontrolled passions. To the ungodly, artistic freedom is the freedom to violate every God-established standard of art, as well as anything which reflects a holy Creator.

To God, sexual freedom is within the godly marriage.

This is applied to every area of life; medicine, music, the sciences. When these areas are developed in terms of a holy God, we are operating in freedom. Freedom comes from applying the law of God to whatever area we are connected with, even Salvation. There the law of God requires a sinless substitute.

Our Lord tells us that freedom in a particular area can only be obtained as the truth of His law is developed and applied. When civil government does this, there is great freedom. This is why this nation was known as such a free nation. That freedom was a result of the applied law of God in the early days. As this law is removed, oppression and bondage follows.

It is our responsibility to develop the implications of God's word, and teach others to apply those implications or apply them ourselves.

The unsaved man in civil government is fully expected to abide by the law of God, as was the stranger in OT Israel.

This is the point that we need to make as we proceed on. The applied law of God brings freedom in that area. You shall know the truth of God's law in that area, and the application of that truth shall make you free.

With this, let's move on to the subject at hand.

FREEDOM - The Goal of the State

The goal of the state is freedom for mankind. This is why we hear so much about freedom today. When we hear the ungodly say this, we are tempted to say, "Great, I want freedom also. Go for it President Bush, I will help you institute freedom and I will send my children to help do that." This is where the problem comes in.

We hear them discussing freedom for everyone. We hear them tell of their love for freedom and their willingness to go to war to promote freedom. Yet at the same time we see Socialism growing by leaps and bounds, under the name of freedom for mankind. How can these things be? To the Christian mind, freedom and Socialism go together like light and darkness.

We must correct our thinking and see these things from a thoroughly Biblical perspective. To the Christian, God's law means freedom under God. His law covers every area of life, thought and action and brings freedom as it is applied.

We must look at this in the light of what God says about the antichrist crowd; those intent on overthrowing God. They have the overwhelming desire for freedom, but their definition of freedom is quite contrary to God's. To them the absence of godly law means freedom. Therefore, their laws MUST BE TOTALLY ANTI-GOD and ANTI-CHRIST if they expect to see their cause of freedom advanced.

The logical conclusion is, in order for them to obtain total freedom, there must be total anti-Christian law. What better method for total law than total, world-wide government; world-wide Socialism, Communism, Democratic Socialism. The terms are not important, it is still Socialism.

(The reason for the overwhelming move toward world-wide 'Democracy' is obvious. The media sees as its calling, forming public opinion. The elite control the media, therefore, public opinion. Through this method, they can cause the public to vote any way they desire. Obviously, it works as we see the public supports any move for freedom, even war.)


God gives us plenty of warning of what those who are against His law mean by these feigned words which are designed to sway public opinion.

Psalms chapter 2, gives us the definition of the freedom which the ungodly seek. We find their freedom in v.3. Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. (Read the rest of this short Psalm.)

To them, freedom is to be free from the cords and bands of God's law: free from the restrictions of the law-word of God. And we know a great many churchmen who have this same desire.

To the ungodly, God and His law represents slavery.

CONSIDER - The New World Order

1. When God is denied, then government must be god. Man has no choice but to see law as freedom. The ungodly will see the applied laws of men which must run counter to the laws of God, as the means of freedom. The word of God sees the applied law of God as freedom.

2. The next logical step is that just as God demands all things be brought into conformity to His law for there to be true freedom in any area, the ungodly demand that all things be freed from God's law. This freedom is brought about by their laws. To them, any realm left un-legislated is an area left in bondage. (Remember the Tanning-Bed scare a short time ago? They gleefully found an area unregulated that was about to destroy humanity.)

They see any area that is controlled by the law of God, rather than by their law, as an area still in bondage. That includes the family, the church and missionary societies. No area is sacred.

3. Next, total freedom can only be accomplished by total control. World-wide freedom can only be accomplished by world-wide control, and brought in by World-wide war if necessary.

(War is the major means of non-violent revolution. What do we mean? We mean that a nation going to war will cause the nationals to accept more controls and taxes than they would otherwise.)

Let us not think that the situation in the Middle East is not planned. The Lord has revealed to us that the plan is to further free mankind from the cords and bands of His law. It is to promote freedom from God and the restrictions He placed upon the 'world-community' in the Bible. (I know professed Christians who feel that it is great to use arms to enforce Bush's brand of freedom, world-wide.)

To verify this point: As I understand, the armed forces are not allowed to take the word of God with them into the Saudi Arabia. We had to submit to the Moslems and did. We are there "to guard the guardian of Islam's two holist place (U.S.News, 12/24/90, pg. 37) and the American Christian did not rise a voice in protest. This shows us and the ungodly, that the church has been completely emasculated. The average pastor is a dumb dog, that cannot bark because he is so dependent on the state. The bands and cords are being cast off of our nation and no one notices, or cares.

4. The next step. All of the plans by the godless state are thus directed. Everything that we see going on today has the goal of total world-wide control, total world-wide, anti-god law. The ungodly are convinced that this will result in total freedom for mankind, freedom from the bands and cords of God.

Thus, the 'freedom of religion' which we are hearing so much about is not as it appears. It is a little more than a show put on by the godless state to gain control, and support, of the gullible people of God. As we have seen here in these United States, the control over the church is brought in just a little at a time. This gets the churches use to having that authority over them. It gets them use to filling out forms and sets the precedent of another higher authority over the work of God; that is, the state.

That authority does not do much, if anything, to tip their hand with any kind of warning. Then that authority is exercised a little at a time. We must remember that the Lord told us that to the ungodly, total freedom is total freedom from God. For this freedom to be complete, it must control everything with anti-Christ laws, churches included. Yet, for the true child of God, total freedom means total control by God's word.

The Socialists are far more logical to their position than we are. They believe there is no God, therefore nothing to really fear if they allow Bibles in where they were at one time restricted. No God, no word from God. Therefore, no threat from God or the Bible. They fail to realize the liberating power of the TRUTH. The truth in the hands of the people, when acted on, will overthrow any oppressor. The truth liberates as a sword cuts, whether man thinks it will or not.

The plans of the wicked, as they counsel together against the Lord and His Christ, will be broken to pieces or God's word isn't true. Immanuel will prevail though the flood of evil rises to the neck, Isaiah 8:5-10.

5. Let us not be deceived into thinking that the dream for world-wide freedom has changed. It is impossible for this dream of a one-world social and law order to change without a change in the hearts of the people of God, 2 Chronicles 7:14. If the people of God reject the authority of God's law over them, then how can we expect the ungodly to act?

The dream of a one-world social order has not changed from the time of Nimrod, rather it has enlarged. The dream still says that freedom and paradise will be ushered in under a world-wide sociaty controled by a common law. When all power is finally centralized in the elite few men at the top, the dream of a man-made world of freedom will emerge. Paradise will be restored.

Bush's and Gorb's new world order is one without Christianity. Their goal is quite obvious, except to those who do not want to see it; destroy the last vestige of Christianity from America, or at least dilute it to total ineffectiveness. But according to God's word, this is not total freedom, it is total bondage and loss of freedom. Our definitions of freedom are different.

6. The ungodly are far more consistent to their faith than are Christians. The Christian will sacrifice very little, if anything, of their time, money or energy to apply the law of freedom to society. In fact the average child of God does not even know what the law of freedom is.

The ungodly will invest all of their time, money and energy in bringing all the world under control to their truth, their laws and decrees. They use all of the might and force of the world to bring this compliance about, Romans 13:1-5. They do all that is humanly possible to provide not only conditions for their truth to operate (freedom by breaking the bands and cords of God's law), but they use force to bring all into line with their truth - man made laws. Then they extract the money to do this at the point of a gun, as they force the victim to agree to volunteer his money.

You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. This truth is Christ, the law of God. Allegiance to the Lord and to God the Father through faithful application and obedience brings freedom. Civil government is to protect that freedom to develop the implications of and apply the law of God.

7. This gives us another point, treason and conspiracy. Sin has turned this upside down, to where man considers himself the truth. All truth is found in his knowledge, and civil government is the embodiment of that truth. Civil government is seen as god on earth, and any speaking or action against this god as it moves to break free of God's law, is regarded as treason.

Anyone who stands upon the authority of God's word against the ungodly state and their anti-christ activity, will be considered a conspirator, and treated as such.

There is no doubt that Isaiah was accused of conspiracy because he stood against the will of King Ahaz, 8:11-15. Amos was accused of conspiracy when he spoke the truth of God's word against the ungodly king and his departure from the law of God, 7:10.

It is clear, the law-order of God which we are commanded not only to follow, but to place into action, will overthrow the law-order of men. As we urge others to follow and apply the principles of the word of God in their area of society, we will decrease the power of the state. Therefore, we will be seen as conspirators because we will present allegiance to another law-system, Acts 17:7.

There will be laws passed by the ungodly against this activity by the people of God, because we will be seen as preaching allegiance to another King, one Jesus. Certainly we are preaching a higher allegiance to another law, the law of God. That law will overthrow the law of man, because the two cannot co-exist.

Actually, the anti-christ crowd is the conspirator. They have conspired together to overthrow God's law-order, Ps. 2.

8. Next, when the Divine predestinating providence of God through His law is denied, then government must provide predestination through their laws. Someone will work to control the future and the future will be controlled by law. Either God's law, or man's which seeks to break free of God's law.

The fight is for the children, Deuteronomy 12:18. Which law will they be trained to give allegiance to? Therefore, all state education is for one purpose, to educate allegiance to the state and its laws and overthrow all of God's standards. This makes the purpose of all education, education for freedom, but who defines freedom? To the ungodly, education which undermines the principles of God's word brings freedom.

All programs by a godless state are for one purpose, freedom, but their definition of freedom is backwards of God's. Their's is free from the laws of God, replaced with new faithfulness and allegiance to their laws which must be against God if there is to be any freedom.

Thus, when we hear them talk about freedom, they are not talking about freedom to serve God. This is only a false impression to draw the Christians into their plan, and to calm the waters.

Their definition of freedom is everyone abiding by their plan. Their definition of freedom is a law and regulation for everything and every one. Total law just as sure as the total law of God, only more so. God does not judge us here for our thoughts and motives. The state will with their new THOUGHT POLICE.

Freedom to them is control. To them the free church, school, ministry of any kind, is that ministry operating under their authority and in accord with their laws. Anything that does not conform to their plan is seen as a threat to freedom. Their goal is total removal of the bands and cords of God and they will use any means to obtain this.

On the other hand, freedom to us is recognizing no authority above God as revealed in His word, and living in accord with His word.

9. There is a war going on between two basic philosophies. This war is taking place in every area of life and society that we can think of. That war is based in whose definition of freedom will control society, freedom that comes from the applied truth of the word of God, OR freedom from the law of God.

10. Our last point is their standard of truth. The average Christian doesn't even see a war going on because we think in Biblical terms. Freedom to us means the freedom to do right. Truth to us means standards of right and wrong which are established by God. So when the anti-christ crowd uses these terms which speak of world-wide freedom and liberty, we take them in the Christian context of a God established standard of truth, right and wrong.

According to Psalms 2 that is not at all what they mean. To them world-wide freedom and liberty means a world-wide government, a world-wide central control by man, all designed to remove the bands and cords of the law of God from mankind. World-wide freedom to them is to be totally free from God.

To us world-wide freedom and liberty means a world-wide exaltation of, and control by The Truth, the law of God.


1. Educate our people in these areas or they will be found supporting the wicked in their desires and plans. They will be supportive of the anti-christ crowd who is now in power, as they use this term freedom to influence people to support their goals. Freedom can only be understood in Biblical terms, The Truth of the law of God, Jesus Christ, applied to every situation. Anything less will be oppression under the name of freedom.

2. Look ahead as Isaiah did. Immanuel, God with us, is the total destruction of all the power of the world.

3. If we don't reshape our thinking, only judgment lies ahead.

4. Education. All education is for freedom, freedom from God, or freedom under God. When we place our kids in the statist schools, we help them obtain freedom from God. The statist schools are true to their faith which says that the truth brings freedom. Note: true facts about drugs and sex are fully expected to bring about freedom in these areas. (The fact is that this knowledge does bring freedom, freedom from any godly restraints.) We say that the applied truth of the law of God in these areas will bring about freedom.

The promised freedom and protection of God for the next generation will come only as we educate our kids in terms of the applied truth of the law of God.

5. Pray for the breaking of the world's powers, Isaiah 8:9. The Stone of stumbling, the Rock of offence that has been cut out without hands, will grind the kingdoms of this world to powder.

6. Write letters to the editor.

7. Work to bring our churches or whatever realm in which we have any authority, into line with the The Truth of God. This brings freedom to that area. Until pastors are willing to bite the bullet and lead their people back under The Truth and authority of God and out from under the state's authority, we cannot expect God to give us leaders who are any different.

Truth is what is right according to the word of God. Therefore, Romans 13 requires conditions for God's truth to work. The two freedoms are in a mortal combat to the death. The Christian cannot be an innocent bystander, or he will be killed.

8. Without a renewal of society to the truth of God and basic desire to please Him (do His truth), the oppression will continue against Christ. Hence the call for evangelism. Win all we can to the Lord and teach them to observe the total of the commands of the Lord. Make disciples of the nations, Christianize the nations, Matthew 28:19, 20. This alone is where it must start.

The state sees anyone or anything outside of their control as an area that is still in bondage. Therefore, they must wage total war against all godliness.


In Dec 90 MO


(Curtesy of U.S. tax-payers)

Welfare rolls increase in 49 states.(Indianapolis Star, 11/30/90) Buried in the middle of this article, we find:

Although the regional recession was the prod that pushed people onto welfare in the Northeast, other reasons were more important in other states.

For instance, changes in immigration law allowed more non-citizens on to the welfare rolls, an especially important factor in California and the Southwest.

Here we see that the policy of these United States is to pay aliens to immigrate here. These immigrants would be foolish to remain in nations such as Mexico, when they can make far more here in these United States on the welfare roles than they could possibly make at home.

Remember the immigration bill promoted a short time ago? It was to grant legality to present illegal aliens, while stopping the flood into this nation of such aliens.

BUSH SIGNS BILL EXPANDING NUMBER OF IMMIGRANTS -- President Bush on Thursday signed a massive revamp of the nation's immigration law that increases the number of people allowed to immigrate and strikes down exclusion of entry on the basis of sexual orientation and political views.

The law changes the 1950s-era immigration ban against communists and homosexuals, but would still allow the secretary of state discretion to bar legal status to those considered to be terrorist or foreign policy threats..(Ibid, 11/30/90)

We now pay communist and sodomites to come to this country, while at the same time, government policy wars against the American family. It discourages them from having children and encourage them to kill thoes they do not want. (Bringing in vast numbers of people who have no loyalty to the nation that is conquered has always been a means of subduing the nation. Remember, Israel was controlled this way. More recently would be Russia and the Baltics. The Soviets used this to destroy the Baltics nationalism. These non-citizens have an allegiance to another nation.)

Why is this happening? The answer is obvious, except to those who do not want to see it. The federal policy is to dissolve any remaining 'Christian Culture' (or sound conservative influence) from the US which would pose any threat against Bush, Gorb and Company's new world order. If the Culture cannot be dissolved, at least dilute it enough that it cannot stand effectively against the new world order. This Company's (led by Bush in the West) new world order is one without Christianity. This is obvious when the armed forces in the Middle East are not allowed to receive Bibles through the mail and are subjected to Moslem law. Teachers who will not apply the word of God into the culture around them, are part of Bush's new Christless world order.

The answer? Mission activity among this vast number of immigrants. It worked in the past, but in the past, the immigrants had to work or starve. Now they do not. Just as important, make Christianity relevant to society, or there will be no Christian Culture.


In Dec 90 MO


(Proverbs 6:23)

The battle against Christianity is not only a frontal attack, but an attack in every area possible.

This war to destroy Christianity is being carried out very effectively in the judicial system. Civil law based in sound Biblical principles, which has stood for centuries, is now extinct. This law is not being changed by the representatives of the people as was necessary in the past, but by the courts.

State's high court taking a new tack. In this article, Indiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Randal Shepard tells of the new direction that this court is now taking. About midway through the article we see that:

Shepard also predicts the high court will issue a record number of opinions that will refine important questions of Hoosier civil law in the coming year.

During much of the court's history, Shepard said "the likelihood was that the court, in hearing a matter on the merits, would say of existing common law: 'That is current law. If you wish to change it, go to the legislature.'"

But during 1990, Shepard said, the Supreme Court demonstrated a tremendous willingness to re-examine questions of common law.

When asked to sum up how Hoosiers should view the Supreme Court of 1990, Shepard replied: "If all you're asking is that we re-examine an old interpretation of the law, you've come to the right place."(Ibid, 12/2/90)

He goes on to say that his court was one of the top five in the country in the early part of '90 to "focus on new areas of law," and their goal is for this court to continue to lead in this area. His goal is to be out in front in replacing common law with his court's law, and he is proud of the fact that other states are now referring to their decisions. In other words, he wants this court to be in the forefront in establishing law, contrary to common law, and to set the example for all the rest of the states.

Notice what is said. He no longer sees the purpose of the court as rendering judgment according to standard common law, but to make new law as they go along. He said that in the past, the legislature made the law, now he sees this as the duty of the court. (His pride shines through. This is a young man from the looks of his picture, probably around forty years of age. Thus, as Chief Justice, he is establishing legal precedent for the nation.)

According to the Washington Report,(9/89) the goal of our judicial system (the American Bar Association) is now to destroy Christianity.

What has allowed this to take place? When pastors refuse to teach the law of God, and the responsibility of all of mankind to this law, humanistic law will take over, just as sure as darkness takes over with the removal of light, Proverbs 6:23. Thus, the NEW DARK AGE - brought in by professed teachers of God's word who remove the light from society.

The current laws which are coming from both state and federal levels of the legislature are bad enough, but these 'law-makers' are at times influenced by the voters. When the law-making is placed in the hands of the courts, the influence of the voters is gone. They are the gods of the new DARK AGE. The law-giver of a society is its god.

The connection is all too obvious. When men refuse to be bound by the revealed law of God, they will be bound by man-made law. When God's people seek to be a law unto themselves, can we blame the courts for seeing themselves as a law unto themselves, only their new laws will control us?