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Book, Death of the Church Victorious.

Ovid Need's study of Death of the Church Victorious, Tracing the Roots and Implications of Otherworldliness is a work of major importance. A false spirituality and an otherworldliness of anti-Biblical characters have long plagued the Christian Church and hobbled its progress. ...

Pastor Need analyzes those views in evangelical circles which are working against the future of the faith. His study is a summons to a Biblical faith and power. It is written with grace and insight. Its timelessness cannot be overstated. It is a joy to read, and a work that the Christian community should be grateful for.
Rousas John Rushdoony
October 1, 1996

Tracing the roots and implications of modern otherworldliness (dispensationalism), with foreword by R.J. Rushdoony & Dave MacPherson. Indexed, 506 pgsuding index, paperback, $25. $22 post paid from Ovid Need. 2141 N River Rd, Baker WV. 26801. 1.304.591.6607

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Online Bible, Millennium Edition, ver. 4.00, 2010 Unicode Editon. Requires XP or highter. An unbelievable amount of material on one CD, INCLUDING THE GENEVA TEXT WITH CORRECTED SPELLING, $40 post paid, US. Guaranteed the best Computer Bible program regardless of cost, or your money back. SOFTWARE TO LOAD BASIC PROGRAM ON POCKET PC.

I still have pe-XP ver 3.00 available.

Audio addition, Alexander Scourby reading the displayed verses or passages, $60 post paid. (Audio is separate from OLB, and requires OLB to work. For both programs, $100 post paid.) Audio will also pronounce the Hebrew or Greek words.

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1599 Geneva Bible, 2006 reprint with spelling corrected by Tolle Lege Press.

$79 retail. (With Cross on cover.) Our price, $69 ea, post paid. PayPal (see below), check or Postal MO. (Cash accepted if you trust the PO. We have never lost any cash through the mail, which is not saying it will not happen.)

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* Word-for-word accuracy of the 1599 Geneva Translation
*Modern spelling
*Easy-to-read print
*Middle English Glossary
*Original cross references
*Thousands of original study notes by the Reformers
*Includes articles by Gary DeMar and Dr. Marshall Foster on the history of the 1599 Geneva Bible.

Example--compare with KJV.

Psalms 50:16 but unto the wicked said God, What hast thou to do to declare mine ordinances, that thou shouldest take my covenant in thy mouth, 17 Seeing thou hatest to be reformed, and hast cast my words behind thee? 18 For when thou seest a thief, thou runnest wit him, and thou art partaker with the adulterers. 19 Thou givest thy mouth to evil, and with they tongue thou forgest deceit. Thou sittest, and speakest against thy brother, and slanderest thy mother's sons. 21. These things hast thou done, and I held my tongue; therefore thou thoughtest that I was like thee: but I will reprove thee, and set them in order before thee. 22 O consider this ye that forget God, lest I tear you in pieces, and there be none that can deliver you. He that offereth praise, shall glorify me: and to him that disposeth his way aright, will I show the salvation of God.

The Subversive English Bible

The transmission of novel ideas is difficult when the channels for propagation are controlled by those whose power will be jeopardized if people are exposed to opposing views that could affect religious and political shifts in opinion. For example, there was a time when church and political authorities controlled the translation and publication of the Bible. The printing press made it possible to disseminate new ideas to the masses at low cost. Of course, there was a high price to pay for those who used the new medium since publishing a Bible in the language of the people was considered to be subversive.

William Tyndale's English translation was banned by the authorities because it was viewed as a threat to the religious and political status quo. For his efforts, Tyndale was burned at the stake in 1536 at the instigation of agents of Henry VIII and the newly formed English Church. Even so, Tyndale and those who followed him persevered and changed their world and ours:

It is surprising that the name of William Tyndale is not more familiar, for there is no man who did more to enrich the English language. Tyndale is the man who taught England how to read and showed Shakespeare how to write. No English writer—not even Shakespeare—has reached so many. According to a recent exhibit co-sponsored by the British Library and the Library of Congress: "Contrary to what history teaches about Chaucer being the father of the English Language, this mantle belongs to William Tyndale, whose work was read by ten thousand times as many people as Chaucer."

Tyndale's contributions, enshrined in his and subsequent English Bibles, molded the speech of even those who condemned him. The British Library described Tyndale's New Testament as "the most important printed book in the English language" and paid more than one million pounds for it. Only two complete copies are known to have survived: most were burned or literally read to pieces.

The text of the English Bible wasn't the only threat. King James had a strong distaste for the Geneva Bible because some of its notes called into question the guarded principle of the "divine right" of kings. For example, the note on Exodus 1:19 reads: "Their disobedience in this was lawful, but their deception is evil:" This was enough to condemn the translation. Unlike the King James Version, the translation project of the Geneva Bible was funded by English exiles living in Geneva, Switzerland, not by a church or civil government. Gutenberg's printing press made the dissemination of the Bible possible to a great number at a lower cost. Christians embraced the new technology and changed the world.

Gary DeMar, Biblical Worldview Magazine, a Monthly Publication of American Vision. Sept 2006.


Romans 13, Where is the Line Drawn. (Laser printout at this time. F$12.00, post paid, US.) - It contains 80 - 8 ½ x 11 spiral bound pages, fully indexed. It deals with vv. 1-7, including paying "tribute."

Israel's Identity/Israel's Conversion, (SD, F$13.00 post paid, US) a view of Ez 39:22-29, Zech 12:9-14 & Rom 11:11-31 that is consistent with the fact that the New Testament Church is Israel. 94 spiral bound 8 ½ x 11 pages, 6 pages of index.] Most of this book is posted. However, the index is not. DOWNLOADABLE BOOKS

Paedobaptism and the Word of God. (SD F$10.00, post paid, US) 70 page‚ laser copy‚ indexed & documented‚ Scripturally showing that Old Testament circumcision and New Testament baptism are not one and the same; contains a short chapter on origin of Paedobaptism. DOWNLOADABLE BOOKS

Identifying Identity. (SD F$12.00, post paid, US) Applies the Word of God to the modern "Christian Identity" movement.

In this book‚ an Identity doctrinal statement is reproduced and examined in the light of God's Word. It contains 94‚ 8½X11 spiral bound pages‚ and is throughly documented and footnoted. It is not for the "faint hearted." The on-line version includes all chapters, but lacks the extensive index. Chapter Four, entitled, "The Seedline Doctrine", is available on-line separately. This book contains, among many other things, King Agrippa's speech to the Nationalists who were preparing to revolt against Rome. It also deals thoroughly with Nord Davis' 14 part lesson series, "Star Wars."

Pastor Ovid Need, Jr., has a discerning and systematic mind, and this appears clearly in his study, Identifying Identity: A Biblical Examination of Assumptions Found in British-lsraelism, Anglo-Saxonism, Christian Identity (spiralbound, 72 pp., King and Kingdom Publishers, P.O. Box 6, Linden, Indiana 47955; telephone 317-339-4609; $14 postpaid). This is a detailed exegetical analysis, made without rancor or unkindliness, of some of the basic assumptions of champions of that faith. In specific, the premises of one man are analyzed, but these are points common to most in the Identity Movement.
Ministers should keep a copy of this work on hand to answer questioners, or to loan to troubled persons. The fact that derelict ideas are sometimes held by likeable people does not lessen their danger. Pastor Need's analysis represents much painstaking study, and we are all the better for having his manual. It is detailed, specific, and Biblical. He explains and corrects rather than condemning and is always gracious. (R.J. Rushdoony, Chalcedon Report, June, 1996.)

A Response to Media Bypass' "Overview of Christian Identity" - July, 1996 (Available upon request)

MARRIAGE: License-Contract-Coverture‚ Which? ($5.00, post paid, US) presents the Biblical Teaching and ‘forms' for "Christian Coverture Marriage."

The Book of Deuteronomy (Free, if you will use the study. P&H, F$5.00)

A 75 lesson‚ 300 page‚ series which we put together for the adult Sunday School class. It emphasis the law of God as given to Moses and applied in this book‚ and cover just about every area of law you can think of. It consists of take-home lessons to be brought back and discussed in class. They require some thinking and study. Answers are included at end on separate sheets of paper. It is drilled for 3 ring binders.

The Book of John (Free, if you will use the study. P&H, $3.00, US)

A series we put together for our folks for home-Bible studies. They are primarily to go into the home of an unsaved person interested in the Lord enough to study His word‚ but if a church has been influenced by a false gospel‚ we strongly recommend using these for maybe Sunday School class or something similar. These are designed to force people to face to truth of the Word of God in the area of Christ's atoning work. They are really quite simple: one lesson per chapter of John. We have seen several converted as they have gone through these‚ which was their purpose. These lessons emphasize salvation to give the Holy Spirit a chance to deal with those who are unsaved but interested. The question is: If a person does not have enough interest in the Lord to study something like this‚ do they have enough interest to be saved by praying a prayer? I think not! They are meant to counter the ‘pray this prayer' type of salvation with which we are overrun today.

The Triumph of Titus (Matthew 24 in its context.) DOWNLOADABLE BOOKS

Because Mat 24 is the end of a message that started in Mat 21, the study primarily deals with the context of Mat 24, i.e., Matt 21 through 24, with index. The entire text is posted. The hard copy has TOC and index. (149 8 1/2 x 11 spiral bound pages, laser printout at this time. SD, $15.00, post paid, US) Now includes "The Destruction of Jerusalem" by George Peter Holford, 1805. DOWNLOADABLE BOOKS

BOTH DEUTERONOMY AND JOHN ARE AVAILABLE AS BIBLE STUDIES BY E MAIL. The lessons will be examined by this pastor. Contact me if you are interested, and I will send a couple sample letters by e mail. They cannot sent through Juno.

[All of the following is thoroughly researched and documented, but has not been thoroughly proofed. It is available in comp file printout.]

A study paper on the Second Advent, or The Time, Date and Purpose of the Revelation, 13 pp. ($4.00, post paid, US) The time, date and purpose of the book of Revelation, 11 pp, taken from a study in Isaiah 13. Posted here in PDF.

Bible (New Testament) on Cassette. Free. You pay postage, $7.50 US. Zondervan's fully dramatized and orchestrated Bible on Cassette. NT, KJV. Still in shrink wrap. You pay my postage.

Booklets. Suggested Donation, $5.25 ea, post paid.

Biblical Instructions to WOMEN & YOUNG LADIES.

Containing: 1) Instructions for a Godly Young Lady 2) Teaching Daughters to Blaspheme God 3) Marriage & Deceit 4) Sex Education 5) Women's Empowerment Movements 6) Feminization of America 7) The Value of a Woman


Containing: 1) Character Counts Examined (As used in the public schools to develop "character without God.") 2) Character First defended by Gothard 3) Character First, a workers view 4) Gothard's Homeschool Program as seen by a pastor-parent 5) Law Resource F (Booklet 54, Gothard's Theology of Civil Government Examined.)

HOME SCHOOLING — Articles by Dr Paul Cates, as appeared in The Biblical Examiner

1) Welcome to Homeschooling 2) Principles and Practices of Teaching Reading 3) What Can Children Learn & When 4) 12 Teaching Guidelines for Basic Psycholinguistic Skills 5) Developing the Total Child 6) What Every Home Schooling Parent Needs to Know about ADD 7) Dyslexia 8) Psychology: Psychiatry & Special, Education to the rescue?, Psychology Redefines Religion, Is Psychology a Science? 9) What's Wrong with Outcome-Based Education? 10) The Education Bloc, or Who Controls Government Education? 11) Why Home-Schooling is Important for America (by Samuel L. Blumenfeld)


Containing: 1) Instructions for a godly young man (importance of seeking marriage early in life) 2) Men & Responsibility 3) The Effeminate Male 4) Clement of Alexandria, 193 AD 5) The Virtuous Man, Job 29-31 6) Defend the faith, A call for young men to join the battle for God's Kingdom on earth


Containing: 1) War Against the Family (The strengthened state, Lev. 18) 2) Teaching Daughters to Blaspheme (Titus 2:3) 3) Family Law (Behind closed doors)


Containing: 1) Sex Education 2) Marriage & Deceit 3) License? Contract? Coverture? 4) My Marriage 5) Divorce 6) Homosexuality

CHURCH INC. deals with the Biblical principle of Churches being incorporated. DOWNLOADABLE BOOK WITH FORMS

The Fourth Commandment, Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy... 30 pages. $5.00 DOWNLOADABLE BOOKS

Those who teach the Ten Commandments are not for us today simply do not understand what is involved in those Ten Words from God, for they were given for our good. Deuteronomy 10:12.The antinomian teachers have cut their followers off from the many blessings covered in this and the rest of the Commandments.
We must obey God, and train the upcoming generations in the Commandments of our God if there will be any hope of having a generation that fears God. I John 2:3, 3:22.

THE LONDON BAPTIST CONFESSION OF FAITH of 1689 is available at no charge from Chapel Library. [A good study guide: A modern Exposition of the 1689 Baptist Concession of Faith, by Samuel Waldron, ©1989, Evangelical Press.]

TONGUES – A BIBLICAL VIEW is just what it says. (28 pgs, SD $5.00) DOWNLOADABLE BOOKS

Arminianism vs Calvinism. A look at the history behind the controversy, as well as a side by side chart for comparison. ($5.00) DOWNLOADABLE BOOKS

Warriors of Honor, The Faith and Legacies of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. (Liberty Videos) $21, post paid.

"This documentary places the war in its historical and cultural context. It guides the viewer through the causes and the major battles of the Civil war while providing insight into the lives of two stalwart men who fought for the South. Both were masterful generals, brilliant strategists and, above all, faithful Christians. The faith of these "Warriors of Honor" governed their lives on and off the battlefield, and their legacies continue even today."

Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth, 2 Timothy 2:15.

The "cut and paste" method of proving a strange doctrine can be traced to J.N. Darby. C.I. Scofield took Darby's very confused and confusing thoughts and puts then in his "Bible notes". Typical of CIS, he does not identify his source, though he explains Darby's "cut and past" method and the reason for it in this little booklet, first published in 1896. The "cut and paste" method allows one to ignore the context of a passage, dividing it into several parts according to what he is trying to prove.
Those who claim the special gift of "Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth" take their many "jig saw" pieces, put them in their "proper place in the puzzle", as only they can do, build their unique doctrines, and sell many books to the simple.
This is an important read for those trying to understand dispensationalism's theories, which are grounded in the "cut and paste" method of study.


The Rapture Plot, Dave MacPherson. 300 pg. $20 post paid, US.

The Incredible Schofield and his Book. Joseph M. Canfield. (F$25, post paid, US. Ross House Books.)

"Almost everyone knows about the Scofield Reference Bible. But no on before this has worked out a detailed account of the life of Cyrus I. Scofield. And yet there is such and amazing amount of material that should be known about this man that everyone who is at all interested in the dispensational system should read this book.

This is a powerful book. The material is well documented. Anyone who gets this book and reads it will find here some amazing things about a man whose book is well known, but whose life we believer concerning of its most features has been purposely concealed lest it be found to contradict his teachings.

This is one of the most powerful books that has ever been written against the dispensational system. It is powerful because it shows how the book that has had the most to do with promotion of that system, The Scofield Reference Bible, originated.

Here is a book that dispensationalists as well as others will do well to read. It is powerful, so powerful we dare say, that if dispensationalists would read it carefully, perhaps half of them would turn from that system."

The World and Times of Jessie James, by Pastor John Weaver. 3 CDs, F$17, post paid, US.

Was Jesse James a Christian? If not, we understand his life, if he was, how do we explain his life? Scriptures plainly teach, Thou shalt not steal and Thou shalt not kill. Is it possible that many of the “infamous outlaws” were made outlaws by the very government that was designed to render justice? What is the legal definition of outlaw? What is a vigilante? The border war in Missouri was one of the greatest scenes of terror, slaughter, and injustice in American history. This series will challenge your thinking and demonstrate the importance of justice.

The Christian and Civil Government -- Romans 13, by Pastor John Weaver. F$16, post paid, US.

"The thirteenth chapter of Romans -- at least the first few words of verse one that say, "Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers" – is a favorite section of Scripture appealed to by those who allege that Christians are obligated by God to render unquestioned obedience and submission to every law, ordinance, rule, regulation, edict, and degree promulgated by civil government.
But is this really what is being set forth in this chapter? ..."

Pastor John Weaver examines the truth of the passage in this 200 page trade paperback. It is a worthy read for those wanting to know the truth of Romans 13.

The Biblical Examiner, sent upon request. Also, we have back issues available. [Contact us by e-mail or letter. Please include offering to help cover expenses.]

The OTHER Jesus - THE GOSPEL PERVERTED . They are provided as the Lord provides for us. They cost us about 10¢ each for the paper, plus, of course, postage. Order as many as you can use.

Bible on Cassette.*** Free – Zondervan's fully dramatized and orchestrated Bible on Cassette. NT, KJV. Still in shrink wrap. You pay my postage of F$7.50. (I paid the postage to have them shipped to me, plus postage to you.)

SECOND MARRIAGE -You as a Christian or do you know a Christian in their second marriage? Please check this page.


Artículos en Español, by Thomas Williamson, a regular contributor to The Biblical Examiner. If you have Spanish friends, please recomend them to this site.

Complete list of books from Sprinkle Publications (2004)

Here is a chance to add to your library at a very good price. For those of you who are not familiar with Sprinkle, his reprints book that are well over 100 years old, primarily Southern, or Confederate history books, as well as very sound theology books. His books are sewn, hard back, cloth books that should last for many years. (Being a lover of old books, he desires that his reprints last for generations, and binds them accordingly. You will not find a better bound book.) If you are interested, send me an e mail.

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