August 4, 1998

Dear Friends in Christ,

Greetings from India. I am a pastor of a Fundamental Baptist Church here in India. Perhaps you might have known well that there are only a few Fundamental Baptists here in India. I was Headmaster of a Government School previouly (sic), but since the Lord called me for His service, I quit it and doing full time Lord's work in this big country. I also go to several places to preach the Word of God. We defend the Old King James Version. We are old fashioned Bible believing Christians.

Recently I was supplied by some one The Biblical Examiner. It is up to our Doctrinal faith and I do agree with all your articles. Especially your purpose of examining current situations in the light of God's Word and do battle viz, contend for the faith, You are at war, The Word of God is your only weapon (battle axe) impressed me very much. Since we both are having the seame (sic) purposes in our ministry, I request you to kindly put my name and address on your mailing list and supply me THE BIBLICAL EXAMINER regularly for which I shall be thankful for your gift subscription. I do plan to pray for your ministry. May God bless you all, all the time.

Yours in His service,