Garissa Student Leader Urges Prayer for Survivors of Al-Shabab Attack
Fredrick Nzwili | Apl 16, 2015
The chairman of Garissa University College's Christian Union, who survived the April 2 Al Shabab attack in which 148 students were killed, has pleaded for prayer for the physical and psychological healing of survivors.


Kenya Attack Survivors Say Campus Bloodbath Was Planned, Targeted Christians
GARISSA, Kenya (AP) -- The Islamic extremists who slaughtered 147 people at a college in Kenya as they shouted "God is great" appeared to have planned extensively, even targeting a site where Christians had gone to pray, survivors said Friday.


KENYA: "Are you a Christian -- You're dead." Muslim terrorists attack Garissa University, slaughtering Christians, letting Muslim students go

UK Daily Mail (h/t Maria J)  Kenya is only about 20% Muslim. The group raided the Garissa University campus shortly after 5am local time, overwhelming guards and killing anyone the suspected of being a Christian.  Kenyan Interior Minister Joseph Nkaissery said that only 280 of the 815 students in the college have so far been accounted for.


Glossing over evil: Just who killed who in Kenya?
By Rich Lowry
April 6, 2015 | 7:46pm
We live in the era of the anti-Christian pogrom. The slaughter at Garissa University College in Kenya that killed nearly 150 people last week was the latest example of the bloodlust.
Usually, such mass-casualty attacks are indiscriminate, but the killers of the Somali-based al-Shabab terror group sought to be exacting during their all-day assault on the largely Christian university.
A student told The Associated Press, "If you were a Christian, you were shot on the spot."


'I need God to help me forget'
Published: April 13, 2015 by By Fredrick Nzwili
Garissa student leader says survivors of attack need healing of body and mind



Kenya shopping mall attack: Nairobi hostages were tortured before they were killed, says police doctor

A police doctor scouring Nairobi?s Westgate mall for bodies after a four-day siege by Islamist gunmen that claimed dozens of lives has said victims were tortured before they died, according to a Kenyan newspaper.

?Those are not allegations. Those are f****** truths,? the doctor, a forensics expert, told The Star newspaper. ?They removed balls, eyes, ears, nose. They get your hand and sharpen it like a pencil then they tell you to write your name with the blood. They drive knives inside a child?s body. Actually, if you look at all the bodies, unless those ones that were escaping, fingers are cut by pliers, the noses are ripped by pliers.?


Kenya marks anniversary of deadly Westgate mall attack
21 September 2014
Kenya is marking a year since the attack on a Nairobi shopping centre, in which at least 67 people were killed.
A memorial plaque with names of the victims was unveiled ahead of a candle-lit vigil being held later on Sunday.
The siege at Westgate lasted four days, with CCTV footage showing terrified shoppers fleeing the gunmen and cowering behind counters.


Muslim terrorists kill dozens of Kenyans who fail Islam Quiz
By Associated Press, June 16, 2014 | 12:59am
NAIROBI, Kenya ? The (MUSLIM) gunmen went door to door in the Kenyan costal town, demanding to know if the men inside were Muslim and if they spoke Somali. If the extremists did not like the answers, they opened fire, witnesses said on Monday.


Kenya bus attack: Al-Shabaab gunmen behead and shoot 36 non-Muslim labourers at Mandera quarry
The move came after an audacious attack by al-Shabaab gunmen, who stole into a tented labourers? camp 10 miles from Mandera, a town on the Somali border, in the early hours of this morning, singling out non-Muslims and shooting them at pointblank range. Witnesses said that at least two of the workers were beheaded.
The incident came just 10 days after a similar attack in the same area, where non-Muslim passengers were dragged off a bus by gunmen, and executed. Most of the 28 dead were teachers returning to Nairobi for the Christmas holidays
(Christians were singled out in both cases)


Islamic militants murder 36 Kenyan quarry workers: Non-Muslims shot and decapitated and lined up in gruesome picture by al-Shabaab
Al-Shabaab suspected of carrying out today's latest massacre in Kenya
Terrorists shot dead 32 men before decapitating the final four victims 


Kenya massacre points up country's weakness against Somali militants

One leading Shabab expert, Stig Jarle Hansen, said that Kenyan police were so corrupt that it was easy for detained Shabab members to bribe officers to let them go, and that the border was so porous and poorly protected that Shabab could easily strike in Kenya.


Kenya bus attack: Al-Shabaab militants slaughter 28 non-Muslims who failed to recite Koran