This is not on a "Christian" program, and I have no intention of preaching. All the evils coming out of the various militant movements are quite depressing. So I would like to present some good news.

Voice of the Martyrs has asked Christians to pray for Muslims during their observation of Ramadan, June 18 to July 17.

* unlike Western Christianity, conversion to Christ and baptism to a Muslim means a serious prospect of death

* satellite TV and the Internet has made it possible for Muslims to hear Arab Christians in their own language boldly talking about their faith and answering questions and debating.

David Garrison:

Reason for Muslim conversions.

1. Christian prayer for the Muslims during Ramadan. Many of the movements among Muslims correspond to that time period.

2. Scripture in the languages of the various Muslim nations. Audio and video within the last 20 years.

3. Hoping to strengthen Islam, King Faud of Saudi Arabia translated the Koran into all the various language of the Muslim world. As the people read the Koran, they found there was no hope in it, and multitudes left it behind.

4. Dreams and visions. Islam is founded on dreams and visions.

5. Comparing Muhammad with Jesus found that Muhammad was a hating and wicked man, and Jesus was dramatically different with love and forgiveness.

6. The violence and terrorism are turning many Muslims away from Islam.


Why Muslims Are Converting to Christ in the Face of ISIS Atrocities

December 04, 2014
Atrocities by the Islamic State (ISIS) are softening the hearts of Muslims to Christianity, and evangelistic techniques and technologies are proving effective, but locally-based missionaries say the main reason for the spike in conversions in the Middle East is simply that former Muslims are finding God is real. ...


The rising tide of Muslim converts to Christianity
By Warren Cole Smith Posted July 28, 2014, 11:08 a.m.

If you spend any time keeping up with the news, you know that radical Islam is a significant and destructive force in the world. David Garrison, [See Garrison's reasons above] does not disagree with that assessment, but he says it?s only part of the story. There is also a revival in the Muslim world, Garrison says. He believes between 2 and 7 million former Muslims have converted to Christianity in the past two decades, and he has impressive research to back up his claim. He documents his findings in his book A Wind in the House of Islam.

Very good article!


Obama blocks Iraqi nun from describing Christian persecution

Posted By Leo Hohmann On 05/01/2015
Sister Diana Momeka is a Dominican Catholic nun who fled her home in Iraq last August along with 50,000 other Christians and religious minorities escaping ISIS.
A leading conservative is asking why the Obama State Department is barring a persecuted Iraqi nun from entry into the United States to share her message about the brutal treatment of Christians in her country.
Nina Shea of the Hudson Institute?s Center for Religious Freedom, writes in a National Review op-ed that Sister Diana Momeka is "an internationally respected and leading representative of the Nineveh Christians who have been killed and deported by ISIS."
Yet this nun is being "barred from coming to Washington to testify about this catastrophe?"...


Why Revival is Exploding Among Muslims

Thousands of Muslims are converting to Christianity after reportedly encountering Jesus in dreams or visions. Charisma digs deeper into this global phenomenon.
It started with a dream. In A.D. 610, a man named Muhammad retreated alone to a cave in Saudi Arabia to meditate. There he believed he was visited by the angel Gabriel in a dream. It is said the disturbing experience thrust Muhammad into a depression until he received another angelic message: ?O Muhammad, verily thou art in truth the prophet of Allah.? This revelation was the beginning of many for him and birthed a religion?Islam?that would profoundly change the course of the world.
Today thousands of Muhammad's followers are having dreams and visions of their own---experiences that rock their world. While political revolution avalanches throughout the Middle East, tremors of spiritual change are also being felt on a widespread scale, especially within countries hostile to Christianity. Ironically, thousands of stories are emerging from around the world of Muslims being awakened to the gospel, literally from their dreams....


Five Questions With a Former Muslim Who Converted to Christianity

Nabeel Qureshi was raised in a Pakistani-American family and grew up a devout Muslim. While he was in medical school, he read the Bible for research in his debate against a Christian friend, and this began a journey that eventually led to his becoming a Christian. He shared his conversion story in his book Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, and he also works with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries telling his story and providing


Dreams and Visions: Revival Hits Muslim N. Africa
ALONG THE MEDITERRANEAN -- A Christian revival is touching the northernmost reaches of Africa. In a region once hostile to the Gospel, now tens of thousands of Muslims are following Jesus.
As the sun sets over the Mediterranean Sea, Muslims across Northern Africa are converting to faith in Jesus Christ in record numbers.
"What God is doing in North Africa, all the way from actually Mauritanian to Libya, is unprecedented in the history of missions," said Tino Qahoush, a graduate of Regent University and filmmaker. ...