1 February, 1999 (See his 8 Feb letter also.)

Rev. Gerald Payne

Greater Ministries International

715 East Bird Street, Suite 402

Tampa, Florida 33604

RE: William C. Smith

Gifting # 80841503 JK


Dear Gerald:

Today, as you can see, is the 1st of February. You have chosen to not only ignore all my correspondence to you, but also to not comply with my request that you and Greater Ministries International return to me immediately my gifting and re-gifting to GMI in the amount of $95,735.

My wife and I heavily support missionaries and several churches. That is the Lord's money. Our gifts to GMI's "Faith Promise" gifting program was all the Lord's money to be used for our missionary giving.

It now appears, by your and GMI's actions (or should I say inaction), over the past 5 months that, in deed, the GMI "Faith Promise" program is not a true faith promise program at all. It certainly does not appear to be based upon the faith and faithfulness of God to be faithful to His Word.

However, in all fairness to you and GMI we need to arrive at an understanding of what the words "Faith Promise" mean. Let's take the first word "Faith". Now there are all types of faith. There is true faith, false faith, faith in faith, misplaced faith, etc. The word "Promise" presupposes the existence of a promisor. The promisor is the one who issues or makes the promise. Therefore, the value or worth of the promise is absolutely and totally dependent upon the nature, character, integrity and ability of the promisor to stand behind the promise, and also his ability to do or perform that which is promised.

Now we need to take the words "Faith Promise" and see what those words mean in God's economy. In the biblical context of God's economy "Faith" means, well let's let God define the word "Faith" for us. In Hebrews 11:1 God defines true faith; to wit: "Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen". Then in the 11th Chapter of Hebrews God gives many examples of true faith in action. Well then, how would God's definition of faith be described in ordinary terms using the examples in God's Word. Faith cannot do anything. Faith has no power nor ability to make anything happen. Faith always must rely upon an object.

Therefore faith is merely an instrument or channel used by the object of that faith. Faith is not hoping God can; faith is expecting that God will. Faith walks on the promises of God. Faith looks to the Promisor; hope looks to that which is promised. That's sort of a very short explanation of the word "Faith" as used in God's economy.

So we now come to the word "Promise". In God's economy what does the word "Promise" involve? As I said, the word "Promise" presupposes the existence of a Promisor. Not only does God mention His promise or promises in His Word, but He also gives principles of promise which will either come before or directly after His stated conditions which He places upon or along with His promise. In God's economy His "Promise" or principles of "Promise" always derive their value from the character, nature, integrity and ability of God, Himself. God possesses the perfect character, nature and integrity to stand behind and be bound by His own promises and principles of promise. Also God possesses the power, and ability to perform that which He has promised. "Now to Him Who is able to do exceeding abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us," (Ephesians 3: 20 clearly confirms that God has the power and ability to do beyond what we ask of think)

Thus, in God's economy a "Faith Promise" giving/gifting program is based upon the character, nature, integrity and ability of God (The Promisor) to supply and provide the very thing which He has promised. It is by or through faith (who's faith) that we appropriate or receive that which God has promised. The Word of God clearly details in many places that it is God's own faith at work in us that prompts us to cling to His promise. It is never our faith. (Galatians 2:20)

Look at Malachi 3:10 "Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, so that there may be food in My house, and test (try) Me now in this, says the Lord of hosts, 'If I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour out for you a blessing until there is no more need". (italics mine) That is the exact same language that God uses in Genesis 7:11 concerning the flood which covered the entire earth. Many times I have tested God and He faithfully provided much more than a mere doubling.

As I have mentioned to you before, I have participated in (personally tested and tried God according to His Word) and watched "Faith Promise" programs for the past 33 years and I have never known God to be unfaithful to His Word or Promise behind a true "Faith Promise" program; never know anyone to lose money; never know anyone to be hurt financially by God in a true "Faith Promise" program; never known God not to do or perform exactly what He promises in His Word.

The GMI "Faith Promise" gifting program is the first program where I have seen the Word of God violated, and His promises rendered to be of no effect. What does that say about you and the GMI "Faith Promise" program? Well, that is what I am going to show in this letter.

You and GMI profess in your literature to be Christian in ministry and to stand on the eternal promises of God. You and GMI quote from the Bible, God's infallible Word. Thus, in order for me to prove and show what you and GMI actually are, I will also use the very scripture which you use and use other scripture to interpret your and GMI's actions.

To lay the foundation, however, I must use the 1st Law of The Four Formal Laws of Logic. The 1st Law is THE LAW OF NONCONTRADICTION which states that A can not at the same time be

nonA ¾ it can not be a wet/dry; bright/dark; hot/cold; windy/still, day outside at the same time. I am going to apply the LAW OF NONCONTRADICTION to you, to GMI and use God's Word in order to evaluate, discern, judge, understand and determine exactly what you and GMI are doing with your "Faith Promise" gifting program.

First I want us to look at the nature and character of God. For we must understand the nature and character of God (The Promisor) if we are to determine the value of His Word (His promises in Scripture). Then we need to take a close look at what Scripture reveals about you and GMI's "Faith Promise" gifting program.

Titus 1:1,2 "Paul, a bond servant of God, and an apostle of Jesus Christ, for the faith of those chosen of God and the knowledge of the truth which according to godliness, in the hope of eternal life, which God, who cannot lie, promised long ages ago," (italics mine)

Hebrews 6:18 "in order that by two unchangeable things, in which it is impossible for God to lie, we may have strong encouragement, we who have fled for refuge in laying hold of the hope set before us".

I John 2:21 "I have not written to you because you do not know the truth, but because you do know it, and because no lie is of the truth".

Part of the nature and character of God is that God can not lie. That which He promises in His Word, He must do or perform.

James 1:16,17 "Do not be deceived, my beloved brethren. Every good thing bestowed and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of Lights, with whom there is no variation, or shadow of turning".

Malachi 3:6 "For I, The Lord, do not change..."

Hebrews 13:8 "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today, yes and forever".

With God there is no varying, or turning away from His character and nature or His Word. God simply can not and does not change. God is constant in Who He is (I AM) and what He does. He does not stumble or falter.

Isaiah 49:7 ",... because of the Lord Who is faithful..."

II Thessalonians 3:3 "But the Lord is faithful..."

I Thessalonians 5:24 "Faithful is He Who calls you, and He will bring it to pass".

Hebrews 10:23 "Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He Who promised is faithful;"

Psalm 119:90 "Thy faithfulness continues throughout all generations".

God's character and nature is one of faithfulness to His Word, His people, His calling.

Ezekiel 12:28 "Therefore say to them, 'Thus says the Lord God, "None of My words will be delayed any longer.

Whatever word I speak will be performed".

I Kings 8:56 "Blessed be the Lord, Who has given rest to His people Israel, according to all that He promised; not one word has failed of all His good promise, which He promised through Moses His servant".

Hebrews 6:16 "In the same way God, desiring even more to show to the heirs of promise the unchangeableness of His purpose interposed with an oath,"

God gives to His people (heirs of promise) His own promises and swears an oath of promise that all that He promises to them will be performed.

Romans 13:7,8 "Render to all what is due them: tax to whom tax is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honor to whom honor. Owe no man anything except to love one another; for he who loves his neighbor has fulfilled the law".


Matthew 22:39,40 "And a second is like it, "You shall love your neighbor as yourself." "On these two commandments depend the whole Law and the ProI John 4:7,8,11 "Beloved, let us love one another, for love id from God; and every one who loves is born of God and knows God. The one who does not love does not know God, for God is love". "Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another".

I John 4:20,21 "If some one says, 'I love God', and hates his brother, he is a liar; for the one who does not love his brother whom he has seen, cannot love God whom he has not seen. And this commandment we have from Him, that the one who loves God should love his brother also".

Romans 12:9,10 "Let love be without hypocrisy. Abhor what is evil; cleave to what is good. Be devoted to one another in brotherly love; give preference to one another in honor".

Love is the fulfillment of the law. In love we are to prefer our brother over our own self. Love is an action verb, and by the actions of a person we know the spirit of truth and the spirit of error.

Mr. Payne, in the Greater Ministries International brochure you make the statement under The Vision; to wit: "The gifting program is for Christians who believe that the Word of God is literally true and who are willing to act upon the words that Jesus spoke in Luke 6:38;" also, "Greater Ministries blueprint," "Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom, For with the same measure that you mete withal it shall be measured to you again". Now that is one of the same verses which I have claimed over the last 33 years in my faith promise giving and have found God to be always faithful in answering. God has always faithfully provided by supplying that which He promised, and that for which I was hoping and looking. Why do you suppose God is not now being faithful to you and the GMI "Faith Promise" gifting program? Could it be that the GMI program is not of God at all, but of man, and it contains the spirit of error? Let's consider that alternative.

Look at The Document, the paper which we send in with our donation or gift. Pay particular attention to the second paragraph, which states; to wit: "As a person donating into the Ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ, I realize that there are no guarantees implied and the only promise involved is the promise that God gives us in His Word". Now I ask you is there any promise higher, more secure, more comforting, more reliable, more certain and sure than the promises of God as are contained in the word of God? Is there any person more faithful to God than the Lord Jesus Christ? No, is the answer to both questions. By the very nature and character of God, Himself, He is bound by His promise, and being bound by His promise He is bound to perform that which He promises. God's character and nature will not allow Him to do otherwise.

Mr. Payne, I'm not going to take off on an extended lesson in English grammar. However, I do want to point out some rather simple and most foundational principles. A paragraph is used to describe or expound on one main unified thought or idea. A sentence will have a subject, and a verb; He ran.

In The Document of GMI's brochure, you state; to wit: "As a person donating into the Ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ, I realize that there are no guarantees implied and the only promise involved is the promise that God Gives us in His Word". That is a paragraph. It contains one unified thought and statement. Also, most interestingly that paragraph contains only one sentence. Thereby according to the rules of basic English grammar it all speaks to and describes the same subject. It is forced to by the very grammatical rules themselves. Therefore, according to the rules of English grammar, your disclaimer, "that there are no guarantees implied", is forced to refer either the "the Ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ", or to, "the promise that God gives us in His Word". Or both! There is not a new or different subject or thought introduced into that one sentence. For you see Mr. Payne, "the Ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ" and "the promise that God gives us in His Word" are both included within, and help to comprise or make up God's economy.

In the "Ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ" are there guarantees implied? Yes, most certainly. Jesus Christ in His ministry not only implied guarantees, He specifically, and emphatically stated many guarantees. It is those very guarantees made by Jesus Christ that sets Christianity apart from all other religions in the world. In "the promise that God gives us in His Word" are there guarantees implied? Yes, most certainly. In God's Word He gives many promises which contain many implied and expressed guarantees. Many of the promises in God's Word give a very direct, specific and emphatic guarantee.

Now, I ask you another question, are there guarantees implied in "the promise that God gives us in His Word"? Certainly there are guarantees implied. What are those guarantees? The very nature character, integrity and ability of God being bound to perform that which He promises are the guarantees! But, wait a minute. I see that you have inserted a disclaimer into that sentence which states, "I realize that there are no guarantees implied..." In God's economy that just doesn't exist. In God's economy that makes no sense. It is out of place in God's economy. It does not belong in that sentence or paragraph. It possesses a thought and an implied action of an entirely different nature and substance from the character and nature of God. It also provides and presents an internal contradiction within the very sentence and paragraph itself. It disrupts a unified thought by injecting and introducing something foreign to the sentence and paragraph. I often wondered why in the world, in the GMI "Faith Promise" gifting program which is supposed to be founded and established on "the Ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ", and based upon the premise that "the Word of God is literally true," would a disclaimer stating "that there are no guarantees implied" appear?

If I remember correctly when Roy Cotton and I talked with you prior to entering the GMI "Faith Promise" program, Roy asked you if it were true that the program paid 10% compounded monthly. You answered his question by mentioning something to the effect that you could not speak to that but that the program had been doing that for the last 8 or 9 years. You further stated that the wording about no guarantee was only an attempt to ward off any action from the US Government concerning GMI offering any type security or investment. That sounded reasonable to me at the time. That was before I began to closely study the position where you placed the disclaimer of no guarantees in your literature. Now, however, the real answer or the true reason is quite clear. The GMI "Faith Promise" gifting program was never (or at least whenever that disclaimer was placed within The Document) in the spirit of truth being based upon God's Word and God's promises. Oh sure, everything was made to look and sound like it was. But time has proved it to be of the things of man, and of the spirit of error. Time will always do that. Reveal the true nature of something, whether it belongs to the spirit of truth or to the spirit of error. So will the light of God's Word do the same thing.

You further state; to wit: "Greater Ministries Gifting Program is not an investment program". Come now, Mr. Payne, who are you trying to kid. I've been a Christian, come April, for 34 years, and I have always heard from great and small Christian teachers alike, that we are to invest our time, our talents and our financial resources in the Kingdom of God. Billy Graham speaks of investing our lives, our talents and our financial resources for the furtherance of Christ's Kingdom. I'll tell you what. Every true "Faith Promise" gifting program conducted in the spirit of truth that I've been a part of has certainly been an investment program for the benefit of expanding Christ's kingdom on this earth. Christians do by faith invest their time, their talents and their financial resources in God's economy, and look to and for God to supply the bountiful provisions which He has promised.

Mr. Payne, again in one paragraph you begin with your sentence about the Greater Ministries Gifting Program. Then you insert the disclaimer stating; to wit; "It makes no guarantees of any kind, implied or expressed". And you follow with two sentences directing the reader to Luke 6:38 and Matthew 25:14-29. My dear Mr. Payne, bless your heart. I believe that you are utterly confused or perhaps in your attempt to make the Greater Ministries Gifting Program appear to be something other than it actually is you have tripped over your own words. Or perhaps, as I will submit later, you knew all along that the Greater Ministries Gifting Program was, in fact, of the spirit of error, and a "Faith Promise" program which one day would crash. In the same paragraph where you cite Matthew 25:14-29 you have inserted the disclaimer stating that "It" makes no guarantees of any kind, implied or expressed. I have to laugh. Mr. Payne. What do you think it means when those two servants "traded" with their talents. They worked an investment with their talents. They invested their talents. The slothful servant who had gone and hidden his talent Christ admonished and told him at least he should have put it in the bank so as to have earned interest. Mr. Payne when a person puts his money in the bank to earn interest or to earn a gain does he not invest it in some sort of instrument?

In the GMI brochure in A Word About The Past you state; to wit: "God's standard for faithful stewardship is the doubling of one's talents. (bold italics mine) To do less according to Matthew 25 is wickedness and slothfulness. Greater Ministries strives by scriptural mandate to double the gifts it receives from men. (bold italics mine) (Luke 6:38) Greater Ministries has, since 1988, faith-fully obeyed God's Word to double the gift/talents of those who gift to it". (bold italics mine) Then you go on to describe and explain somewhat how this doubling takes place.

Read your own words Mr. Payne. It certainly does not take a rocket scientist to grasp the truth that Greater Ministries has a "Faith Promise" Gifting Program which is an investment. Since 1988 the program has been able to double the gifts/talents. The Greater Ministries "Faith Promise" Gifting Program is an investment program which produces a "doubling of one's talents", and you as much prove and confirm that fact by citing Matthew 25:14-29.

Wait a minute. Then why did you insert the disclaimer making no guarantees of any kind? Because, now we get to the very internal thought process and intent of your mind and heart. By inserting that disclaimer clause you reveal what you knew to be within your mind and heart at the time. By design, knowing all along, that the GMI "Faith Promise" gifting program was not truly based upon, "the Ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ" nor "the promise that God gives us in His Word", and that one day the whole thing might possibly fly apart, you had to provide an escape clause for you and GMI to be able to fall back on. Mr. Payne, a true "Faith Promise" program in "the Ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ" and "the promise that God gives us in His Word" has no disclaimer of any sort. Why? It can't. It is an impossibility! For there is no where else to go! A true "Faith Promise" program has no back door. It has no escape route. When Jesus Christ asked His disciples, "You don't want to go away also, do you?" Peter answered Him, "Lord, to whom shall we go?" That's a biblical principle. There is no where else to go but to Jesus Christ and to God's promises that He gives us in His Word. Only a false "Faith Promise" program designed and executed in the spirit of error would even think of inserting such a disclaimer. Would provide a back door. Would contain an escape clause.

Under The Gifting Program you state; to wit: "We must all learn to operate by the unchanging divinely fixed principle of sowing and reaping." So very true, Mr. Payne. Let's look at some other verses, Matthew 13:24-30 on sowing and reaping and discover another "unchanging divinely fixed principle". The Lord teaches while some were sowing wheat some were also sowing tares. That tares grow up right along and among the wheat. While the tares and the wheat are growing together they both look identical. You can not tell the one from the other. But in time the wheat will bear grain while the tares will not. Then the tares are revealed, and it becomes evident that the spirit of error is present.

In my opinion, Mr. Payne, God has allowed time to reveal that you and the GMI "Faith Promise" gifting program is a tare. It is from the spirit of error. It is not of the spirit of truth. For God by His very nature and character is bound by the spirit of truth to produce wheat only. An enemy has sown the tares, and now time has revealed that great truth. That truth being that the GMI "Faith Promise" gifting program was never truly founded upon the Word of God, nor the promises of God. You knew all along that you were not looking to God as The Promisor; to God as the only source of provision and supply for His promise. No, and subconsciously knowing that you had not placed your own faith, or the provision for the GMI "Faith Promise" program in God's Word. So you were forced to place the disclaimer of no guarantees in the documents you distribute. You and GMI were not looking to God (The Promisor) for the supply at all. That is why you, GMI and Good Shepherd Ministries always tout and boast about all the diamond mines, gold mines, semi-precious stone mines, etc. that GMI owns. It is quite clear from the information (spoken and written) that you all put out that the GMI "Faith Promise" gifting program is looking to your own resources and supplies, and not looking to God (The Promisor) and His promises.

Another scripture which reveals you and the GMI program to be of the spirit of error is Matthew 7:24-27. You did not build the GMI "Faith Promise" gifting program upon the Rock, which is Christ, God's Word and God's promises. Oh it sure looked and sounded like it for a while, but in time the winds and storms of life blew against the GMI program and it fell. Why did it fall? It fell because it was built of the spirit of error (sand), and it did not have the character and nature of God as its solid foundation. Notice that the winds and storms of life also blew against the structure which was built upon the rock. It with stood the storms of life.

You see, Mr. Payne, all along you knew the truth. You knew that no matter how great and glorious the GMI program seemed to be, it was all a sham. It was in reality not of the spirit of truth, but of the spirit of error. A shell game. A shell game requiring that you keep all the shells in motion. It was built on the spirit of error. It was built on sand. One day you knew that it would have to fall. So, in order to cover your rear end when the fall came you put in a disclaimer "that there are no guarantees implied". You knew that sooner or later that day would arrive. It was just a matter of time. You would need a back door. You would need an escape clause.

In my letter to you dated, 22 January, 1999, taking you at your word when you told Roy Cotton and me that, once in the program, if I ever reached a point where I thought that the GMI "Faith Promise" gifting program was not for me just tell you and you would return my money, I told you such, and I have requested that you and GMI return my money.

In my letter to you dated, 25 January, 1999, taking you at your word when you told Roy Cotton and me that, once in the program, if I ever reached a point where I thought that the GMI "Faith Promise" gifting program was not for me just tell you and you would return my money, I told you such and alerted you to several mistakes I had made in my 22 January letter, and again requested that you return my money.

With this letter to you, taking you at your word when you told Roy Cotton and me that, once in the program, if I ever reached a point where I thought that the GMI "Faith Promise" gifting program was not for me just tell you and you would return my money, I am telling you such, and requested that you and GMI return my money.

Three times I have asked you to return my money. The first two letters you have completely ignored. You will do the same with this letter. Why? Well let me quote from your own GMI brochure to answer that question. The answer is found under Spiritual integrity wherein you write, "Those who give to get to keep while seeking to profit from others lack the fidelity that Greater Ministries expects from its gifters". Mr. Payne, it appears that you lack the very Spiritual integrity that you expect from others. You are "seeking to profit from others" and thereby "lack the fidelity that Greater Ministries expects from others". Pitiful, Mr. Payne. You do not even take heed to your own words.

The answer is also found under Financial integrity wherein you write, Mr. Payne, "Those who use the Gifting Program for their own selfish gain...They damage God's work by their selfish dishonest pursuits and lessen the benefit available to the Christian and his community". Truly, Mr. Payne, you have done exactly that with regard to Mr. Cotton and me.

My wife and I have sacrificed greatly to place the Lord's money into the GMI "Faith Promise" gifting program with the purpose of, after one year, taking a portion out every month to increase our own gifting to missionaries and churches which we support, and prayerfully taking on new missionaries. However, by ignoring my three requests you have shown that you, yourself "use the Gifting Program for their (your ¾ [my addition]) own selfish gain. By doing so Mr. Payne, you "damage God's work by their (your ¾ [my addition]) selfish dishonest pursuits and lessen the benefit available to the Christian and his community".

Mr. Payne, you stand condemned by your very own actions, and by your very own words!

Let's look at what you say in the GMI brochure about "What . . is the purpose of the Greater Ministries' Gifting Program"? You state, Mr. Payne, that "The purpose of the Greater Ministries" Gifting Program is to help Christians experience the peace and joy of financial freedom, and spreac (sic) the wealth for the benefit of Christianity". I truly think, Mr. Payne, that you will be hard pressed to adequately explain to me how by you and GMI keeping my $95,735 dollars, and by keeping Mr. Roy Cotton's $150,000 dollars you are going to help us, "experience the peace and joy of financial freedom."

Let's look at what you say in the GMI brochure about, "A Word about Integrity". What you say about financial integrity I would have to say that by your own actions you have seriously violated your own words. Mere words on a page of paper having no substance or actions to support such statements by either you or GMI.

Enough of all that. I have more to come.

We have looked at you and GMI from the light of God's Word and have found you both to be severely lacking in terms of a truly God -centered and God-directed "Faith Promise" gifting program.

Now it is time to apply THE LAW OF NONCONTRADICTION to you and the GMI "Faith Promise" gifting program. Remember: A cannot at the same time be nonA.


I think, Mr. Payne, that for starters I've probably written enough. In my opinion, I believe that I have presented a strong case from God's Word, and, by using THE LAW OF NONCONTRADICTION I have shown that you and GMI have, in my opinion, engaged in, and, in my opinion, are actively participating in, the alleged activity of fraud by deception. In my opinion, according to the spirit of truth, God's Word and the biblical principles contained therein, and THE LAW OF NONCONTRA-DICTION you and GMI are not operating a biblically founded, and biblically grounded "Faith Promise" gifting program.

It was certainly deception on your part when back in March of 1988, in a phone conversation that Roy Cotton and I had with you concerning the GMI "Faith Promise" gifting program, for you to tell us and assure us that if at any time, we were dissatisfied with the program all we had to do was to inform you of such, and you would gladly return our money to us. Or words to that effect.

In my opinion, at the outset, for you to make such a positive statement and commitment to us was, in fact, a very strong inducement and most positive enticement designed to get us to enter, and to keep us in the GMI "Faith Promise" gifting program. Without that powerful incentive I can assure you that I would never have entered and participated in the GMI "Faith Promise" Gifting Program. I can promise you that without your promise "to always be able to get your money back", Mr. Roy Cotton would never have taken a mortgage out on his home and placed $90,000 into the GMI "Faith Promise" Gifting Program. Now, in light of the fact that I have asked you three times for GMI to return my money, the real and absolute falseness and deception of your statement to us has been revealed. Yet, you knew all along that you and GMI had no intention of returning our money to us. I do believe, that in my opinion, that does constitute fraud by deceit.

I would suppose that since you and GMI have made that statement, and also reneged on it to Roy Cotton and me, then you have probably also done likewise to many others.

Mr. Payne, you most likely will take a different position concerning this letter than I have. More than likely you will say that what I have written is false and that there is no truth in it at all.

Then I challenge you to prove me wrong, Mr. Payne. Prove me wrong by returning to me my $95,735 and returning to Mr. Cotton his $156,000.

It is not feasible to make or construct an argument from silence. Therefore, I can not speak to your silence. However, I can make the statement and observation that in my giving you an opportunity to rebut my opinions, if you choose to do so I will gladly listen. However, if you choose to let them stand by not responding, then that is, in effect, your spoken position. Mr. Payne, I will then consider the contents of this letter to be accurate and true in your estimation, and that the entire contents of this letter qualifies and establishes a satisfactory and sufficient basis by which you acknowledge, declare and express to be your stated position. Thereby, I will determine, by your silence, that you have chosen to allow your silence, to be in reality your acquiescent and statement declaring that your position is one of agreement with, and confirmation of all that I have said herein, and all that I have written herein.

In the GMI brochure you write under A Word About Faith ; to with: "Faith is the standard understood only by men of God". I understand faith. I have a good grasp on faith. The faith of Christ has a good grasp on me. "Men of faith meet the challenge of their God to demonstrate their trust in Him by giving". I have done this in the past continually. I did this with the GMI "Faith Promise" gifting program. "They rest in their unchanging Saviour who replentishes (sic) what they give so they can give more". That was my heartfelt and earnest desire and expectation when I entered the GMI program. However, I discerned from applying the Word of God to the activities of the GMI "Faith Promise" program that it is no longer a program operating from the spirit of truth. I have not strayed from the faith nor have I experienced a lack of faith in God and His faithfulness to and His ability to fulfill His promises. In my opinion, it is you and GMI who have taken a detour from the spirit of truth, and are now following the spirit of error.

Mr. Payne, I don't believe that there is any more for me to say. I realize that this letter will have no positive effect upon you and for that I am sorry.

However, just in case you do contrary to what I expect and do read this letter, then please note that just a Roy Cotton told you that he would settle for his gifts to be repaid in gold coins I too will settle for my gifts of $95,735 to be paid in gold coins that upon the cost of their redemption will net to me the full $95,735. Please be sure to enclose an independent numismatist's appraisal or certification as to the value of the coins. Since the latest verbal and written communications stress a cash flow shortage, but an abundance of gold coins in the "storehouse" this should not be a problem for you and GMI.

Most sincerely,

William C. Smith