8 February, 1999 (See his 1 Feb letter aslo.)

Rev. Gerald Payne

Greater Ministries International

715 East Bird Street, Suite 402

Tampa, Florida 33604

RE: William C. Smith

Gifting # 80841503 JK


Dear Gerald:

With the information I have in my files it looks like I've GOTTCHA!

Oh, I know that the wheels of justice turn ever so slowly, but they do, in fact, turn.

You might be interested in my first step. Take a look at this Sunday's Tampa tribune and Mr. Michael Fechter's article.

Mr. Payne, in my opinion, either you are so arrogant and egotistical to believe that you are impervious to the US Judicial System or you are terminally stupid and ignorant to be taking the position that you are taking with Roy Cotton and me.

All you have to do to make my claim against you and GMI disappear or become nonexistent is to return my out of pocket gifts in the amount of $79,585, and Mr. Roy Cotton's gift of $90,000. I told you, Mr. Payne, I coming after the Lord's money. I take my stewardship responsibility most seriously.

Then the newspaper article is of no consequence, and neither Roy nor I have any monetary claim against you and GMI.

To maintain your position, well, then that news article is going to have a deleterious effect upon you before a jury, and in your own words ¾ under The Vision, "And we haven't seen anything yet!"

Perhaps, when you wrote that you did not know that you were actually prophesying your own demise with regards to Greater Ministries International, Sovereign Ministries, and Mission House.

Mr. Payne, you haven't seen anything yet!. That news article is nothing but a Sunday School picnic in the park compared to the real nitty-gritty facts and information which I possess, and the details which, prayerfully, Mr. Larry Barnett and his wife Dianne are going to provide.


William C. Smith