December 3, 1997

Subject: wondering Date: Wed, 03 Dec 1997 01:27:58 -0500 From: Beverly ... To:

I just read your booklet about another Jesus, I must say it was profound and I must reread it over and over to fully understand the broader concepts here.. I always wondered why people who were Saved" just never acted saved,always talking about the full assurance of being saved, but never really reaching sanctification, could it be that we are never really "just" trusting in the atonment. I am surely going to reread this many times over. I prayed that I would see the truth and not be deceived.. I thought the Lord had led me from all trappings of formulas and "methods" but this is one more step of depth that I needed to hear and see for myself again. I truly hope and pray that He will continue to lead me from all the false things that I have been led to believe in. You are so right that this is just another formula to replace the atoning power of my Jesus I am writing this through tears and I am completely indebted to your booklet which I pray that I will have Gods will to share with others. Oh to say thanks overwhelms me with the love that the real Jesus has for me . What a relief . I am indebted to Him... This is surely no small thing.. I continue to ask for wisdom.. Why do I continue to search? This is why it is such freedom and joy. This was just so simple , why do we not see the simpleness of the gospel.. Please send me this booklett to share with others.. I have thrown so many formulas out but this is the greatest priviledge.. I hope I make sense to you.. But I am eternally grateful... In such joy that the Lord led me to this time in my life... Beverly (She is 61 and her husband is 63.)

(I ask Beverly if I could publish the letter.)

Subject: Re: wondering Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 17:21:49 -0500 From: Beverly ... To: Ovid Need <>
OH yes , OF course you can I am still overjoyed at your booklet ANOTHER JESUS I WOULD HAVE TO TAKE A WEEK TO TELL YOU OF THE JUNK THAT GOD HAS DELIVERED ME FROM IN THE PAST 3 YEARS alone ... HE TAKES ME A LITTLE BIT AT A TIME. I was listening to everyones methods and formulas on HOW TO PRAY FOR THIS AND THAT. HOW TO DO WARFARE , HOW TO , HOW TO ,by all the big names. What a mess I was in.

WOW I thought I was delivered from the Catholic Church into Pentecost,when the Charismatics got me and then I left that and all I could think of was the words I am free at last ..Thank God I am free at last and a friend told me it was Martin Luthers quote, but that is how I felt!!!. As far as I am concerned It's my quote and I can not begin to tell you what a relief it was.They talked about bondage and they should know all about it ..if you know what I mean.Once you are out you can see ever so clearly, but you have to come out and that is a hard place to be in. I lost so many friends but I gained a much closer relationship with the Lord.Believe me it was worth it.OH.....I wish everyone could experience it!! I don"t intend to believe any one or their methods I pray, again.

It is a good thing to be continuing to search because God honors that.and ooooh the greatness of God .Your booklet , article on the web stirred something in me and I remain ever grateful that God led me to it .I pray more people will come to read this article.. It was another step in this wonderful journey and I am 'yet" stirred at the wonderous way God works.

I just recieved your packet today and I am giving it to another girl tonite pray for her and the others. I intend to share it many more times. To the glory of God they will receive it. Of course you may use it!!! To God be the glory.I am still walking around thanking Him for His wisdom.. Thank you so...... much you can use any and all . I will keep in touch. I came across your site off of Bible Discernment Ministries, they had a quote from you ministry and then I typed in your ministry and thats what I got. I only got on BDM through another link and only God knows how I got onto the first site. It was late and I was tired and guess what I cried myself to sleep after that I was so overjoyed.Every time I think of it I just get HAPPY.And needless to say o..h so grateful!
May the most High God, El Elyon, continue to have His Hand upon your ministry, as the time is at hand.