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Subject: Greater - Liberia Date: Sat, 7 Nov 1998 10:01:22 +0200 From: "Niko Shefer" "<promot@global.co.za> To: <tbe@tctc.com>
Dear Pastor Need,

It is most peculiar to note that an institution which should maintain the highest standards of ethics, should publish information which may well be totally inaccurate, and certainly untested.

I have diffculty in understanding, more so as I am Jewish and not Christian, how a Christian publication such as yours would lend itself to disseminating information which is, in its entirety, misdirected.

Greater Ministries is the only Christian organization that is actively assisting in Liberia with humanitarian assistance. GM is building clinics in rural areas targeted at alleviating the problems of primary health care; they disribute container loads of medicine, food, clothing, tools, and other such goods for free to people who have just emerged from 8 years of civil strife (I have not yet seen anyone else doing so - nor you for that matter).

GM has had the courage to develop mining, agricultural, and commercial joint ventures in a country that, to the detriment of its people, is seen as a banana republic - at best. GM and its South African partners, The Tandan Group, are the ONLY investors in Liberia, and were they to withdraw, that country would undoubtedly be plunged into another civil war.

GM, their partners, and Shefer, have continuously advocated and still are trying to convince the Presidency to dismiss persons like Dunbar, Shaw, Allen and others from Government offices.

Contrary to the article you publish, Shefer was accused of having CAUSED the deregistration of Amalia for discovering and disclosing their dishonest intentions.

Contrary to the article you publish, Shefer is mooted to have been a driving force in the dismissal of this character Shaw from office in South Africa.

Contrary to the article you publish, Shefer is well respected in Government and business circles in their country, and is often called upon to advise at the highest levels. He is a very discreet and low profile individual, however, and NEVER is involved in business with Governments.

It would serve you well, Pastor, to search for truth rather than sensationalism. It would serve the public well, and your readership, if you would, at least, attempt to accurately inform your readership of the facts.

If you are interested in accurate details as to GM's involvement in West Africa and Southern Africa, where millions of people have come to rely on their assistance, feel free to contact me at your convenience.

However, I do wish to note, that if you choose to inaccurately portray GM's involvement in Africa, we will mount a campaign to discredit and disprove your misrepresentations publicly. We do not know, nor do we wish to involve ourselves with your debates as to GM's activities in the U.S.

That is not our concern, nor does it fall within the purview of our knowledge. Africa, however, is our concern, and until such time as we see people like you doing something for our people on this continent, other than talk and disseminate non sense, we shall defend those who help and attack the demagogues like you.



Editor's answer to Mr. Shefer:

I must say that you certainly think highly of Mr. Shefer. It appears that the Liberian government is unable to function without him and GMI. Moreover, it is certainly convenient to "distance" yourself from GMI's US activities. From what I have seen and heard, GMI appears to be robing from the helpless in order to "do good" there. Of course, as one of the SA Businessmen working with GMI, you, Mr. Shefer, must support GM's activities, for it is your livelihood, and probably a very good one.

Reports are surfacing of GM's failure to fulfill their promises here in the US. Furthermore, show me one place in Scripture (in its context) that supports GMI's "gifting" program. I believe you will find that Paul rebuked the unclean spirit though the spirit might have been doing some good. It was certainly bringing a good living to its "masters." Acts 16:16-24. Biblical Christianity does not support questionable, if not evil, actions (in the US) that good may come of them (in Africa). (Rom. 3:8.) But of course, being a "Jew," you do not believe the New Testament Scriptures.

It is no wonder that you desire to remain removed from GM's activities in the US. However, it should concern you if GMI's financing comes from thefts from the helpless, or in my opinion, maybe even worse things.

"A campaign to discredit and disprove..." It certainly would not be hard to "discredit" us among those who joyfully receive income from GMI. In fact, there have been some here in the US who have already done a good job of that when I questioned GMI's Biblical basis and its documentation for its claimed activities. I doubt very seriously if you can add anything to what has already been said and done here against us by some who claim to love the Lord, yet refuse to face the word of God over GMI's activities.

I assume you are on GMI's staff (or at the least in their pay), for from what I have heard, your threats above are typical of GMI's threat to all who oppose them.

One last point. I noticed you used terms like, "may well be totally inaccurate" and "misdirected information." Why did you not say that the Liberia article was totally wrong?

It will be interesting to see how you, Mr. Shefer, and GMI will fare when the truth of the whole situation is known.

Pastor Ovid Need, TBE Editor.

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