This pastor finds it astounding that others find the material useful in their service for the Lord, but here it is. Below are some letters we received, both by snail and e mail (where very few of us watch our English and grammar), concerning The Biblical Examiner. These are posted, as I have time, for your edification. Let me urge you to send us a note of encouragement.   We will not publish anything of a personal nature unless you tell us we can do so.

We would ask that you consider and pray about helping support this small ministry.

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August 4, 1998

The Chickens Come Home to Roost for Greater Ministries , E mail.

"Dear Friends in Christ,
Greetings from India..."

Salvation testimony from posted booklet, " The Other jesus. "

"I just read your booklet about another Jesus, I must say it was profound and I must reread it over and over to fully understand the broader concepts here..."

Answers to an e mail inquiry about Eschatology

Added, April 7, 2000

The following are a few letters we have received from overseas. I have reproduced these to show that The Biblical Examiner is worthy of your regular support. I removed the addresses on the letters for obvious reasons. English is now at least second language in most of the nations in the world, so the outreach of a good web site is beyond our wildest dreams. Some of the letters below have poor English where English may not be the primary language. (However, I do not check grammar and spelling as well on e mails as I do for the printed page.) We receive e mails from "inetcafes," which are appearing all over the world where the internet is not common in households.


1) From the UK, e mail.
2) From Venezuela, hard copy.
3) From India, hard copy.
4) From Chile, hard copy, from the Spanish.
5) From the Philippines, hard copy .
6) From Denmark, hard copy.
7) From Argentina, e mail.
8) From Canada, e mail.
9) From West Africa, hard copy.
10) From Hong Kong, e mail.
11) From Japan, e mail.
12) From Texas, hard copy
13) From the Ukraine, e mail.
14) From Brazil, e mail.
15) From Latvia, e mail.
16) From Sweden, e mail.
17) From Australia, e mail.
Finally, here is a paragraph from an article by Tom Mellon which appeared in The Northern Michigan Christian.

1) From the UK, e mail .

Subject: religion Date:Wed, 04 Feb 1998 16:24:35 +0000 From: Alex Sinclair ... To: tbe@tctc.com Dear Sir, I am writing about false prophets of the 20th. ce. I'm tring to find what Christians think of these false people and what we should do about them!! Sincirly, Alex Sinclair

Second Letter in answer to my first.

Dear Mr. Need,
Thank you very much for your information and help, but I have already have see your web sit on False prophets. I thought that you might have so aditional knolage. I am doing my GCSE's in Newport, Shropshire, England.My Topic that my written work (500+ words) is on the Christion persectuse on False prophets of the 20th. CE. Mainly this means that I have to find about all the false prophets there are and what veiws Christions have on them. Thank you for the help I hope to hear from you again.
Yours faithfully, Alex
P.s Sorry for having such a rushed letter befor. have a pic.!! (He sent an electronic picture, ed.)
[I wrote him back and told him that according to Paul, 1 Cor. 1:17ff., any message that does not emphasize man's basic sinful nature and Christ's payment for that sin, i.e., the cross of Christ, as man's only hope is a false message, and the messengers are false prophets. To identify every one is impossible.]

2) From Venezuela, hard copy . He is an American BIMI missionary in Venezuela. Translated from the Spanish.
I was reading your booklet "The Gospel Perverted - The Other Jesus." It impressed me a lot concerning how Satan is drawing the people away and we must maintain the correct manner of how to be saved. I shared it with various pastors and leaders, and various others were very interested, but I need more copies, because I am lending to various persons the only booklet that I have.
Can you send me 100 of these booklets (in Spanish) to be used for the glory of God.
My address: Carlos Arce, Pastor, ... Venezuela.

3) From India, hard copy.

Dearly Beloved of God:
Warm Greetings From India. My name is Philip. I just received a copy of "Tongues, A Biblical View" from Brother Thomas Williamson of Central Christian Book Store Illinois. (Chicago, ed.)
The book was very helpful in handling the Pentecostal false teachers. I thank you for publishing this book. May the heavenly father help you to write more such books so that the pure and true teaching can be spread. Let us earnestly pray for such charismatic people, they are leading the innocent people to such false doctrines. Dear Brother, if copies are available, will you please send your other publications to my address.
I am a Christian free lance writer mainly write in the Malayalam language, and a co-editor of a small Malayalam publication, published from Qujarat State (1500 copies). Will you please include my name in your publication mailing list.
Dear Brother, at this stage I am unable to pay any charge for the publication. If not possible, kindly send some used (seconds) Christian literature for my spiritual growth.
With Prayer and love, Philip Verghese "Ariel" ... Secunderabad, A.P. South India. (We have about 50 addresses who would like us to send to them if we had the funds. It would take about 100 a month to mail to all in India alone who have requested to be on our mailing list. Ed.)

4) From Chile, hard copy, translated from the Spanish.

"I salute you in the peace of Christ Jesus our savior. This is to solicit a donation of literature from your church. I do not have means to by doctrinal books. I go to the front of the people and I do not know how to guide or teach them from the Word of God, because I do not have much Biblical doctrine, so for this reason I dare to write you so that from your country I can get an address of where I can be invited to write to ask for free literature. I hope for your quick reply to my petition for free literature. Without anything more to say I salute you being your servant in the Lord." From Erwin Patricio Gonzalez Carrera, Apostolic Community - Primitave Pentecostal, Poblacion Briceno, ... Concepcion province, Chile.

5) From the Philippines, hard copy . English is the second language there.

Pastor Ovid Need Jr.,Editor, The Biblical Examiner

Dear Brother Need,
Greetings in Christ name our Lord and Savior whom we serve. I came to know you through reading the perverted jesus booklet and Examiner old issues given by my friend in U.S. (Bro. Tom Williamson).It is a good newsletter and I was blest.
Can you include me as one of the regular recipient of The Biblical Examiner. Okey.
My postal address is: Pastor Willie T.Puerin, Landmark Miss. Baptist Ch., ... Valencia City, 8709 Bukidnon, PHILIPPINES
Do you some more tracts & other literatures for my missionary endeavor here in Bukidnon province Mindanao Area.We are a small church with an open heart for missions. I served as a missionary pastor of this church after her organization in September 13,1998 by the authority of Mission Home BC in U.S.. So far, We engaged in doing missions and sponsored Bro. Sofronio Tirado Jr. in Tongantongan of which I opened this a year ago, 4 were baptized and hope to baptize soon. Please pray for our ministry here. Allow me to be your prayer warrior for Philippine Missions.God bless and more power.
Yours in the Lord's Vineyard, Missionary Willie T.Puerin (We have many from the Philippines who have asked to be on our mailing list.)
6) From Denmark, hard copy.
Dear Biblical Examiner
5 months ago i have completed a collection of poetry describing my return to the Lord. Some of the verses may seem very vindictive and powerful whereas some of the verses may seem lighter in nature. However i was happy to find you on the net and i send you 'in the gardens of God in a hope that you may consider it for publication...
Yours Sincerely, Stephan Attia, ... Døjringe, ..., DK-DENMARK.

7) From Argentina, e mail.

Subject: Adding request Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 12:23:09 -0300  From:  "Claudio Fernandez "... To: [tbe@tctc.com]
Please add me to the mailing list Claudio Gabriel Fernandez, Buenos Aires, Argentina, mailto: ...

8) From Canada, e mail.

I am a Christian that struggled for a few weeks with the doctrine of Identity in its milder form. I knew that something was wrong, but never having encountered such "Christians", I was at a loss to explain why they would believe such things. I was in contact with some of them and heard what they had to say. I came to your site, after doing a search at Excite search index, and read the article posted there on Identity. It was
refreshing to hear some sound Biblical exposition, on a subject so difficult. Thank you for this article by Ovid Need, it really put things in perceptive. I will include a link to your site, and this article on my site (URL below in signature). God bless you. BTW, Im a friend of Todd Dennis of the Doctrinal Depot.
Regards, Richard Gaudreau, (Hull QC, Canada.) ...

9) From West Africa, hard copy.

Greetings in our dear Lords name. I have just read through one of your little books. "The other Jesus-The Gospel Perverted." I cant express how I have been blessed by it. I salute you for the good job done. God bless you.
Yes, it is our responsibility to emphasize the ATONING WORK of Christ and the sinners need to repent and trust in that for his/her sin payment. Im with you Brother in that sound view. I would love to know more about Linden Baptist Church Ministries. I would appreciate the monthly MAIL-OUTS.
Thank you and God Bless you. Rev. Fred Ghanson, Bible Baptist Church, Ghana, W/A

10) From Hong Kong, e mail request for hard copies.

Subject: Please send me The Biblical Examiner, preferably hard copies, Thanks Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997 05:56:48 +0800 From: Tse Ming Wai ... To: be@tctc.com
Name: Tse Ming Wai ... Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong E-mail: ... (He asked for hard copies of past issues.)

11) From Japan, e mail.

Subject: your web site Date: Fri, 24 Jul 1998 19:56:11 +0900 From: James Best ... To: tbe@tctc.com
Folks; thanks for your site it is really wonderful. I am working in Japan and need to read some good Christian material. It is safe here but extremely Godless. Keep up the good work. My wife and I teach a Bible study in a small Baptist church and I teach English. We could always use some preaching tapes if your church or another can send us some out occasionally we would be very happy. God bless your love and efforts in the Lord. Heb. 6:10
Thanks James and Nora Benedict in Japan

12) From Texas, hard copy.

(Please excuse the man's broken English, but you get the idea.)
First of all-May the Lord Bless you and your church mightily. I must inform you that your Booklet, "The Gospel Perverted" has been very well received here in El Paso. For that reason, send 50 more please. Later I will send love offering to offset cost of a large shipment we can use. I wrote the brother (Spanish) in Chicago, letter came back, "Unknown." (The man who translated it passed away a few years ago, ed.) Would you, please, inform proper parties for 100 Spanish, "The Gospel Perverted?" To give you an idea, pastor of our evangelical work here. I am 62, retired, small pension, and I go to local park where 20-30 different buses come and go all day about every other day-work most all day. 12 to 15,000 Hispanic people go through this park every day, 95% Catholic! We preach on podium, pass out many tracts of salvation and minister to one and all. Very, very fruitful for the Lord, but the devil and his minions give us trouble at times. Very few people can work for Lord here in this park. I have been doing it for 2 years now. Praise God for the privilege!! El Paso and Juarez combined population 2 ½ million... I provide the brothers and sisters, who need them, with free gospel tracts, thereby multiplying my efforts. I send many to Mexico (prisons too)... (all on a small pension) the Lord provides! please (tell the Brothers & Sisters there we appreciate your help, here.)
May the Lord Richly Bless you. Reverend Ernest Vasquez, El Paso, TX. (This is the second time we have heard from him. Bro Vasquez sent some color pictures of his work.)

13) From the Ukraine, e mail.

From: "inetcafe" ... To: [tbe@tctc.com]
Dear brethren
When I read you site I was very glad for you that you are good workers on God’s fields
I know that God is blessing you in your work and many blessings will come in your life and in lives all who are with you. We’ll be pray for you and for your brothers and sisters. I know that God is saving many people who will read your site and who will have fellowship with you.
May God richly bless you.
My name is Sergey. I hope to be pastor in future. And now I’m leader home group. This work I to do with my wife. Her name is Olesya. Also we have two children: Alex and Nastya. We live in Ukraine, Zaporozhye region. Town called Berdyansk. In it live about 140 000 inhabitants. I know from Bible that God want save everyone, but this is possible if we shall give Him ourselves. And in our town many churches agree about joint action in the name of Jesus in our town. We hope that God will be to do many miracles for people in Berdyansk.
May I ask you pray for our town, for pastors, for all Christians and for their families?
And if you want you can pray for all people in the town.
And if you have are any quests that you can tell me about and we pray for you!
If you know organisations, which send humanitarian aid or medical aid or christian materials, tell me, please. And also if do you know organisations, that have office or which want have office in Ukraine, tell me about, please.
May God bless you and your family especially!
Sergey Novikov ... Zaporozhye region, 71112, Ukraine

14) From Brazil, e mail.

From: "Mário Arruda" ... To: [tbe@tctc.com]
My name is Mario Arruda. I am from Brazil. I am a christian, and I like The Biblical Examiner. It's very well. If you have any material for me, please send me by e-mail.
Thank you.
Fraternalmente em Cristo
Mario Arruda

15) From Latvia, e mail.

Dear Friends,
I have enjoyed browsing your web, and have downloaded a few articles.I wonder if you would be so kind as to add me to your mailing list beginning with the current issue.Look forward to profiting from your magazine and to frequently returning to your web page.
Yours in Christ, Malcolm Firth, ...
Riga, LV-1011, Latvia

Re: Subscritpion Request From: Malcolm Firth ... To: tbe@tctc.com

Dear Brother Need,

Many thanks for your response to my note. To answer your questions, I found your web page through a link on the Blessed Hope Ministries page (http://members.aol.com/blesshope/index.html), which in turn I found by doing a search for "Sovereign Grace"
Latvia, is one of the Baltic States, which was part of the Soviet Union until it declared its independence in 1991. My wife and I are working with Grace Baptist Mission (from UK), amongst a Russian speaking Baptist church.
We have been in Latvia since last september, and are busily seeking to study and learn the Russian language, whilst also doing a little teaching through translation. After our initial two years of language study, we hope to be more able to assist the church here - in helping in children's work, and for me - in teaching and preaching God's word, and in the training of lay-pastors. There are tremendous opportunities here at present for the gospel - but the country is changing rapidly. There is despair and hopelessness for many older people who find that the increase in prices means that they have very little to live on - and the availability of western goods only seems to make their situation worse. They look back to former times with favour. Whereas amongst the younger generation - life has never been better. The availability of western clothes and music attracts them - but along with these things, there is a ready supply of drugs, alcohol and pornographic material. We ask you to remember this country and its needs before Our Lord in prayer. Pray for the church here, that she may be given much wisdom in seeking the lost. And pray that our God may give to His Son, this country of Latvia for His inheritance.
We appreciate your ministry, and it is always an encouragement to be able to read good Biblical material, that feeds our souls and equips us to serve the Lord. May God continue to guide and bless you in your endeavours for Him.
With much love in the Lord, Malcolm Firth

> Dear Pastor Need,
> Many thanks for your willingness to help and teach us God's Word. I appreciate any literature that can help us to understand God's Word better, and encourages us to walk according to his ways. If you are able to send any copies of past mailings that would be useful. I would also appreciate the following literature that you mentioned on your web site:
> -The Other Jesus -Book of Deuteronomy (Bible studies) -Book of John (Bible studies) -Paedobaptism

I have the latest mailings and THE OTHER JESUS in the mail to you. Sent yesterday. I will send the rest of your requested material, probably this next week. Look over THE OTHER JESUS and see if it should be revised a little for the situation over there and maybe translated into Russian. I am sure I can print it here, unless you have printing
available there. I can probably get it bound also, but, as you know, shipping eats us alive. What little I sent yesterday was $3, but praise the Lord, we had it to send. I have found over the years that the Lord will supply the means to do what He wants done. I will probably send surface mail, for it is less than 1/2 of air. I realize it also takes about a month longer to get there, unless you would like it otherwise. Any material you would like to translate, you are welcome to do so. I believe you will especially find the two Bible Studies useful in training others. They are in English, obviously, but, again, they are yours to use as the Lord leads. The lessons in John lay the basic foundation of the Christian faith, and the Deut lessons apply the Law of God to society. Padobaptism tries to deal with the issue apart from emotion and according to the Word of God. Everything reflects THE LONDON BAPTIST CONFESSION OF FAITH of 1689.

> As regards donations, please can you let me know if you are set up to receive credit cards. These are the best way that I have found to transfer funds in different currencies, as we do not have US funds. Alternatively, I could send dollar notes through the post. What's best for you? Looking forward to hearing from you,

We are not set up to receive credit cards, though I might look into it. Several send dollar notes through the mail to us, and we have not had any difficulty with it. Don't worry about the funds; as long as the Lord provides for us, we will proved what we can for you. Since everything is done "in house," about all we have in it is paper and time. The basis of our ministry is Matthew 10:8, Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: FREELY YE HAVE RECEIVED, FREELY GIVE. Everything we have has been freely given to us by the sovereign grace of our Lord; therefore, our policy has been to make it available as freely as He gave it to us. The funds are nice and keep things going, but funds are not the issue; the material is.

16) From Sweden, e mail.

Subject: mailinglist From: Morgan Sund ... To: tbe@tctc.com
It would be nice if you add me to your mailinglist.
Morgan Sund.

My response: BTW, I forgot to ask, How did you hear about us?

>> When I was surfing the Internet. I`m a reformed christian and have a ministry called Sola Scriptura here in Sweden. We are not many reformed in Sweden, but we trust the Lord that he through his word and his Spirit will bring more people in to life. I did not think there were many here until the internet made contact easy. I am the only "Reformed" Baptist that I know of for several hundred miles around. However, there are several other "Reformed" Christians and ministries, but I do not know that they are doing much.
The following is a little story about me and our ministry.
The gracious Lord called me in to His kingdom in 1970.You should know that I did not know anything about Christian doctrine in that time. I thought that all teaching was one and the same no matter who and what was taught as long as it was in a Christian environment. But I soon discovered there were something wrong, and this awareness grove stronger and stronger. The teaching among the churches did not seem to bring people closer to the Lord and it did not create true hunger after Him who alone is worthy of all our pursuit in life. Everybody seemed to go their own way in their Christianity. The situation confused me for many years -19 years. I did not know anything at all about Reformed faith and Arminianism during all these years although I searched desperately. What really kept my faith going was The Word in Philiphians1:6. ²being confident of this very thing, that he who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.²To keep a long story short, the years between 1970 until 1989 was likened to Israel´s wandering in the wilderness. But, in the autumn of 1989 something happened. The Holy Spirit illuminated my mind with the Truth of Union with Christ, and He did it through Rom. 6. He opened my eyes to the death and resurrection of our Lord and my heart was strangely warmed. It became so clear. If I saw things like tree walking before, now my eyes was wide open. I began a research to find out what it all meant. It was not until I run into Martyn Lloyd-Jones preachings on Romans and Ephesians that I realised the Truth behind the matter. Slowly the Word of Truth became brighter and brighter. The Doctrines of Grace appeared one by one, starting with The Sovereignty of God. Praise be to Him that is worthy of all the glory. Now seven years later of intense studies in the Word of God with such teachers as Calvin, Luther, Owen and others of the Puritans, to Jonathan Edwards, A.W. Pink, J.I. Packer, Llooyd-Jones and many others, The Spirit of God have led me into a little printing ministry here in Sweden. The work name of it is Sola Scriptura.
We translates, prints and distributes literature in good reformation tradition as the Spirit of the Lord leds us in a nonprofit way. Our first printing was a simplified version of A.W. Pink´s ² The Sovereignty of God². We have mailed 1500 of these to bishops, pastors, youth workers and other leaders in the different denominations including the Swedish State Church. The next booklet was J.I. Packers " Knowing God² also in a simplified version. We have mailed 600 of these to Pentecostal pastors all over the country.
We have also translated Peter Jeffery´s book ²Great God of wonders². It´s about the attributes of God. People don´t know who God is, do they. They have their own picture of God as normative. Surely that´s not The Sovereign Triune God of the Bible. We also have other translations going on like ² Biblical Christianity² by J. Calvin, ² Not Guilty² by J. Buchanan, ² The Roots of True Faith², W. Guthrie all of these are simplified versions from Grace Publications in England. We have also copied and distributed Alan Morrison`s video ²A different gospel² which have had a big impact all over Scandinavia. Morrison is a Reformed Bapt. In the video he refutes the ²Torontoblessing.²
Now you should know that we are not in any sense a big enterprise. When we began four years ago it was out of a need for reformation teaching in the Swedish language. And there was none. All the so called ² Christian² books in Sweden are different shades of arminianism. We are 3 persons involved. It´s my self, my wife and a Christian brother Anders Engström. We have built a little cottage in our backyard and bought the necessary equipment for simplified printing. We are right in the beginning in the work for the Glory of God here in Sweden but we are confident that He that have started the work will also continue it.
Soli Deo Gloria, Your`s in Christ, Morgan Sund/Sola Scriptura ... Mönsterås, SWEDEN]

17) From Australia, e mail.

Subject: The Other Jesus From: "John Nawell" ... To: [tbe@tctc.com]

Dear Pastor Ovid,
Your little article on "the Other Jesus" is the nothing short of inspiring! If you can spare a few moments I would like to tell you a story.
Doubt in my own salvation and the teachings of local churches had driven me to abandon all formal fellowship. For eight years I attended a Pentecostal church where the fundamental teachings were: (a) speaking in tongues is proof of receiving the Holy Spirit, (b) we would be caught up to meet the Lord in the air at the end of the Great Tribulation, (c) the ten lost tribes of Israel would prove to be the Anglo-Saxon peoples (British/Israel).
For the first six years I swallowed everything I heard, and was a fierce defender of these beliefs. By this time I was a "house-leader" in the church. In an effort to fulfil this role more effectively I began to "personally" study the Scriptures in detail. It wasn't long before I ran into serious trouble, as I couldn't reconcile what I had come to believe with what I was now reading. My Pastor told me pray about it, which I did...but still I couldn't understand how our doctrines could be supported by Scripture. I began annoying the Pastor with questions, many of which were either brushed aside as irrelevant, or not answered at all. After almost two years of this I was told I was becoming a dangerous and disruptive influence to the faith of others in the assembly, and unless I repented I could no longer fellowship there. The result was I left the church, and I was informed I was no longer saved and would go to Hell.
After many months of depression and confusion I decided to try some of the other Pentecostal churches around town. I soon found they were all teaching "The Other Jesus" in one form or another. I was beginning to think there was something seriously wrong with my understanding of Scripture. In an effort to correct this I became a translation "junkie". I purchased the NIV, The Good News, The NKJV, The Amplified Version, The RSV; the result was even deeper doubt! At this point I teetered on the brink of giving up completely, but the scripture "earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints." kept coming to mind, and I was drawn into more reading and searching.
Early August last year I upgraded my computer system to a Pentium and got myself an Internet account. Within a few weeks I began to find a great deal of information about Scripture and various doctrines. It wasn't long before I found myself engrossed in the pre-trib rapture doctrine. I literally spent hours downloading articles, essays, online books, and what ever else I could find on the subject. By this time I also had the latest version of the "Online Bible" (KJV), and began to compare what I was reading with Scripture. It wasn't long before I began to see massive holes in the pre-trib rapture doctrine, in fact it was no better than the post-trib catching-up I had learned at the beginning. My desire for the "faith which was once delivered to the saints." was beginning to wane; the task appeared hopeless.
Then, two days ago I was browsing "the net" and literally blundered into "The Philip Mauro Archive" and saw an online book titled "The Hope of Israel, What Is It?", written in 1922. Although I had never heard of Philip Mauro, I began to casually read this book, and soon was engrossed. Within minutes I was checking his Bible references and was shocked to find what he was saying held together.
Since that encounter two days ago I have read many articles on the Preterist view and have been moved to tears by the shear simplicity of it all. Although in such a short period my understanding can be nothing but extremely shallow, I feel like I have finally found that for which I have been long seeking. Tonight I went in search of more information and found myself at "The Biblical Examiner" site. The first thing I read was "The Other Jesus" article, and was overcome by its truth and simplicity. As soon as I read it I knew with all my being this is real teaching, not the sloppy, near enough is good enough, stuff that Christianity peddles today.
I hope my story has not been too tedious to read, but I just felt I had to let you know how happy your article and beliefs have made me feel. My hopes are rising regarding my own salvation, my faith in God bringing us to the Truth if we persist has been justified, and my belief in simplicity and accuracy of the Scriptures has been restored.
May God bless you, and your church.


[Here are some excerpts from his answer to my answer to the enclosed letter:]

I have just read the "Identity", "A Lawless Religion", and "Tongues" articles with great interest. With regard to the "Identity" article, it was the constant reference to "history" rather than Scripture that first raised my suspicions about the British/Israel teaching I was given. Also, you mention the Pyramid. I spent many hours reading books and articles about the Great Pyramid, that according to my assembly was God's testimony in stone...
There is no need to send me hard copies at this stage, thank you. I have put your site in my "Favourites" file and will visit quite often. Yes, the attached file you sent arrived ok. [We e mail the entire mailing of the Examiner to about 50 folks now. I sent him the file, ed.]
I would like to print and pass on a couple of your articles, particularly the one on "Tongues", if you have no objection. I will acknowledge source of course.

[Of course, I told him to go for it.]

There are many more notes from overseas, as well as many times more from the "States."

Finally, here is a paragraph from an article by Tom Mellon which appeared in The Northern Michigan Christian. This is from Mr. Mellon's article:

God & Money
"The most well known concerned Christians blowing a trumpet of warning that I have heard from are Gary North and David Wilderson. Also a very fine, biblical sound paper named "Babylon Destroyed" was published 11/97 by the "Biblical Examiner" -- a publication of the Linden Baptist Church, 30 Plum St., Linden, IN 47955 - Pastor Need--765-339-4609. This paper contains Gary North's warnings plus websites to check out. Pastor Need has been most helpful to me with e-mail correspondence. My e-mail is tomm@iserve.net. Pastor Need's is [tbe@tctc.com] www [ http://www.tctc.com/~tbe]"

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