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You will not be able to say that you were not warned of the dasterous risk.

LONG list of Doctors who explain clearly why Covid vacccines aren't safe nor effective.

OLD TESTAMENT Israel was totally destroyed in the Great Tribulation of 70 A.D. QUESTIONS:

Historic truth about modern Israel and Judaism.

Documented history tracing the Jews and their religion from the time of the Babylonian Captivity to the present--more than you may care to read.

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We are less than 2 hours from the Creation Museum and from the Ark Encounter. (They are not located together.) Come stay with us. Give us notice, and we can probably get some free passes for the Museum and 1/2 price discount for the Ark Encounter. (It is worth the trip.)

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We freely provide a serious theological paper dealing with current events from a Biblical perspective. We publish as we have time and money. Send us an e mail to be added to the e mail list; however, we do send out hard copies upon specific request.

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Update, 08/3/21

The Con Job for a Con-Con did not work, so now we have a corrupt election which did work,

Drugs and mass shootings, e.g., prozac.


Reminder that the wicked over the ages have created social and international chaos in order to obtain more control over the sheep.

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