January 6, 2002

We went to Goiania again yesterday evening to a "street fair." Actually, it was a large "flea market," but the prices were nothing like in the US (nor are the wages), nor was the selection. (These "street fairs" are more like a parade of the skin.) It was basically "reveal the flesh" women's clothing, sandals, and jewelry, with some venders making the jewelry as you waited, if you wanted. By jewelry, I mean earrings &c., made from fine wire and semi precious stones.

Evidently, the Bible used down here says nothing about women wearing modest apparel, for the vast majority of them show as much flesh as possible in public. They keep a trim figure, and ware clothing to show as much of it as possible. I remember a women several years ago at the State Fair in Indianapolis saying, "If you've got it, flaunt it," and they do here; that seems to be the national motto here, for they stay on strict diets so they can "flaunt it." I am sure it is the Roman influence, for Rome permits the most vile practices as long as you "honor" mother Rome with your attendance and money.

Pagan Rome is so prevalent here that I don't think any non-Roman denomination has escaped the influence. I have been surprised at the women who stand in front of the non-Roman congregations — they look the same as the "flaunting" women on the street. But I have only been to three different church services: one Presbyterian and two Baptist, and I have seen no difference in the dress of the women in the churches from those without.

I find it strange how men are able to stay fully clothed in hot weather, yet women must ware shorts (or spandex pants) and bare bellies, and even take it all off except their colored underwater if there is water around (swimming pools). (Biblical Holiness is separation from the world!)

Nor does their Bible say anything about women being keepers at home. I believe that verse is also missing in many US Bibles.

The lights at the fair were quite nice. The main street was lit with a canopy of lights, and the trees were outlined with lights. I have attached a couple of pictures.

Dick and Darlene just got here after a safe, long trip of 38 hours. I sure never dreamed I would see them again under these circumstances, both of us in Brazil. However, I had told Christina that we would try to go see them where they live, Porto Velho.

We will be leaving a week from today, which I am sure will go very quickly.

Continue to remember us. We miss you all.