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Death of the Church Victorious

Formerly named, Death of Victory, but the publisher suggested changing the name because DOV did not describe the book.

This book started to be simply a series of notes I put together for my personal study into modern dispensationalism and "rapture" theories, sparked by a book by Dave MacPherson. I kept notes as I read the books Mr. MacPherson used for his documentation. An evangelist friend, Pastor John Weaver, read over my notes, and urged me to put it all together and publish it all as a book. Basically, there is about 15 years of research in this book.

I sent the first manuscript to two publishers, and the other publisher and Rev. Rushdoony called as soon as they read it, wanting to publish the book. I sent the electronic files to Ross House, and the lady doing the typesetting suggested some serious editing, which I did. Meanwhile, Rev. Rushdoony became ill, and Ross House decided to dedicate all resources to republishing his books, and publishing his unpublished manuscripts.

I contacted the second publisher, and he was in the process of putting it all together when I ended up in the hospital the second time with my heart problem. From the hospital, I sent out an e mail explaining my physical situation as well as the problem I was having getting the book published. I don't remember how he got on my e mail list, but Mr. Jay Green (Christian Literature World, which includes Sovereign Grace and Associated Publishers and Authors) read the e mail about the manuscript. He contacted me, and offered to publish the book. CLW's distribution network was much larger than the other publisher, and the other publisher said he would be unable to make the book available in hard back, so I went with CLW.

After CLW got the completed manuscript and sent it to the printer, it took what seemed like an eternity for Lightening press to print it. I understand that they are running 8 weeks behind schedule.

Anyway, I have never had so much trouble accomplishing something as I have had with this book.

I realize the timing is in the Lord's hands, and His timing is always right. So here it is. Below is the table of contents. I believe you will find some very interesting things contained herein. I know I was very surprised at some of the things I found in my research, and I can understand now why the church is in such a mode of defeat. The result of the church feeling defeated is a society totally out of control, going full tilt down the road to destruction.

But there is hope. READ ON!



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Death of the Church Victorious.

Death of the Church Victorious traces, with abundant documentation, the roots of modern growth of "Protestant Zionism" and dispensational theology, i.e., God working in different ways in different periods of time, from its roots in the late 1700s to the late 1900s. The new and unique ideas presented during that time were considered unorthodox, even heresy. But through dedication and hard work, men such as John Darby, George Muller, Hudson Taylor and Dwight Moody changed Christianity from victory to defeat, and exalted "Zionism" over the "Gospel Church." Now non-dispensational theology is considered unorthodox, Moody's's Northfield conferences, the Civil War and the publication of Scofield's popular Reference Bible allowed "Zionism" and dispensationalism to become legitimate Biblical doctrines in America.

Rev. Ovid E. Need Jr. grew up as an Independent Baptist. After his 1965 discharge from the US Navy Seabees, he became active in the Mega-Church movement. An associate pastor for 10 years, he became the pastor of the Linden Baptist Church (January, 1983-June, 2002). Leaving the strong Scofield influence when called into the pastorate and through serious study and research, along with Providentially provided resources, e.g., The London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689, he departed from his strict Scofieldism. Rev. Need has written several books, and has edited and published The Biblical Examiner (www.biblicalexaminer.org) since 1984, which now has worldwide circulation. His articles have appeared in several national and international publications, including the Chalcedon Report and the Journal of Christian Reconstruction. Death of the Church Victorious is the result of over ten years' research, and was submitted to Whitefield Theological Seminary (www.whitefield.edu) as partial fulfillment of the requirements for his Doctor of Theology degree.

Table of Contents:

[Blue links are posted files as fond in the book.]

Forewords i, iv (R.J. Rushdoony & Dave MacPherson)

Introduction 1

Part I, Overview, 5 -
Chapter 1, The Importance; 2, Morgan Edwards; 3, The Brethren; 4, The Mystics; 5, The French Revolution; 6, Who's Who

Part II, In the Beginning, 27 - Chapter 7, Death Introduced; 8, Edward Irving; 9, Death and Dates; 10, The Terrors of Satan

Part III, Ben-Ezra 41 - Chapter 11, Rome's Gain; 12, Rome and Ben-Ezra; 13, Lacunza and Ben-Ezra; 14, The Jesuits; 15, Irving and Ben-Ezra; 16, Irving and Ben-Ezra Unite; 17, A New View of Revelation; 18, New Doctrine Introduced; 19, Zionism; 20, National Israel Exalted; 21, Jewish Hope Christianized; 22, Defeated Church; 23, Everything Around National Israel; 24, The Advent of the Lord; 25, The Millennial Reign; 26, The Resurrection of the Dead; 27, A Motive for Holiness; 28, Death for Victory; 29, Prophecy; 30, Novelties; 31, Law; 32, Christ; 33, Satan; 34, Redemption

Part IV, Prophecy Conferences, 125 - Chapter 35, Christ and Prophecy; 36, Henry Drummond; 37, The Albury Park Conferences; 38, Zionism and Joseph Wolff; 39, Powerscourt Conferences; 40, Powerscourt and the Rapture; 41, Tongues and the Rapture; 42, Tongues, Irving and his Church; 43, The Rapture

Part V, The Men and Times, 161 - Chapter 44, The Anglican Church; 45, Social Climate; 46, Irving, Cornin, Bellett; 47, Anthony Norris Groves; 48, John Nelson Darby; 49, Darby, Continued; 50, Newman and Newton; 51, G.V. Wigram, P.F. Hall; 52, George Müller; 53, Hudson Taylor and Others

Part VI, Development and Doctrine, 201 - Chapter 54, Millenarianism and Money; 55, Millennialism Develops; 56, Chiliasm and Premillennialism; 57, The Imminent Return; 58, Against the Future; 59, Zeal Corrupted; 60, Church with no Earthly Function; 61, Just Wait; 62, Unity in Death; 63, Developing Doctrine; 64, Prophecy and the Church; 65, Darby vs. Newton

Part VII, World-Wide Conquest, 235 - Chapter 66, The Foundation of Conquest; 67, Primary Areas of Conquest; 68, Switzerland Invaded; 69, Darby's Switzerland Lectures; 70, Various Nations; 71, Millennialism and Marxism

Part VIII, War Against Orthodoxy, 261 - Chapter 72, Resistance to Millennialism; 73, Baptist and Presbyterian; 74, Against the Baptists; 75, Against Obedience; 76, For Two Gospels; 77, Significant Millenarian Victories; 78, Bible Readings; 79, Moody's Conversion; 80, Moody and Darby; 81, Moody and Moorehouse; 82, Moody and Bible Readings; 83, Moody's New Message

Part IX, America Conquered, 295 - Chapter 84, America Invaded; 85, The War Between the States; 86, Key Events; 87, Millenarian Bible Conferences; 88, Northfield; 89, Keswick; 90, Millenarian Training Institutions; 91, C.I. Scofield; 92, Various Men

Part X, Darbyism-Millenarianism, 329 - Chapter 93, Starting Over; 94, Dispensationalism; 95, Paul's Writings; 96, According to Darby; 97, Daniel; 98, The Great Tribulation; 99, Antinomianism; 100, Sin; 101, Sin Defined; 102, Sin and Judgment; 102, Conscience and Guidance; 104, Corrupted Words; 105, The Great Escape; 106, Phenomenal Growth; 107, Conclusion

Appendix A, Letters of Explanation, 377 - Albury Park, 1826; Darby's Letters

Appendix B, 419 - Various Meanings

Appendix C 443 - Manuel De Lacunza (Ben-Ezra); Joseph Wolff

Works Cited 447, Scripture Index 455, General Index 459

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