I kings 7

V. 1, Solomon builds a beautiful house for himself.

There is nothing wrong with a person having a big, beautiful house, as long as the work of the Lord is properly accomplished, as Solomon did before he built his own house. 6:8, 7:1.

He took 13 years on his house, while he took 7 in the Lord's. However, David had prepared abundantly for the Lord's house, so it was pretty much on its way to being built when Solomon took over.

V. 2, seems to be a description of a combination of a personal house and the palace, with its throne room, or judgment room.

Solomon saw that God's house was taken care of before he even built a place for judgment and ruling.

V. 10, and the foundation... Today, there is no trace of this foundation as there is of the temple's foundation. The works of man will pass away. Man's foundations will be lost forever.

V. 14, a widow's son... Hiram was well-known for his skill. He is not to be confused with the mason's Hiram. One parent can raise a child right, if they will work twice as hard, as did Timothy's mother.

V. 46, the clay ground...

All the vessels, including the two pillars were made in the same clay ground. 1 Timothy 2:21, Romans 9:21.

These vessels were made in the plain, not on the mountain top.

Not many wise men are chosen...

V. 26, a bath equals about 9 gallons, so the basin he made held about 18,000 gallons. That was a big container. A tanker semi only holds 8,000 gallons.