Hosea Chapter One

Talk about a living example. Hosea commanded to take an unfaithful wife to show the unfaithfulness of a nation.

Hosea=salvation on the Lord saveth, Hosea was a pure young man.

Son of Berri=my well or welling forth.

Hosea then a fourth type of Christ who delivered the living water from the everlasting well.

In this message then of Hosea and this 'wife of whoredoms' we see a beautiful picture of the marriage of Christ to sinful men, Eph. 5:7. The marriage of the pure one to those defiled by sin who had served divers lusts. Yet he loves us and gave himself for us.

children of whoredom-- might mention here that these children were the children of Gomer and Hosea. Even though Gomer had been purchased and was now his wife she refused to be faithful to him. Again look at the picture.

We have been purchased by the blood of Christ, we now belong to him (those who have trusted in him), yet, when we refuse to recognize his authority in every area of our lives we too will produce 'children of whoredom.' (We will see this illustration all through this book.)

1.) Produce wicked works of the flesh.

2.) Produce children who will grow up seeing no need to serve the Lord God.

Gomer was taken out of the vilest of sins as we were, yet she refused to remain faithful to here husband as we also refuse to remain faithful to our husband, the Lord Jesus Christ.

The primary application, illustration here of course is the sin of the nation of Israel (under Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezehiah, kings of Judah), but this illustration will go all the way down to today.

so he went-- if there was ever something that went contrary to human understanding this command, word of God, did, yet he did not hesitate. Did he doubt it in his mind? Did he question the wisdom of this to himself? Probably, yet he went and obeyed God anyway.

Again, a beautiful picture of Christ leaving glory to come to this sinful earth to call out a people (bride), for himself. He (the Holy Spirit), not only calling us out of sin, but also cleansing us by his own blood.

A daily cleansing, setting apart for His own glory.

Gomer= completion.

Diblaim= a double lump of figs which are a figure of sweetness. "The sweetness of sins is the parent of complete destruction."

God, Christ, the Holy Spirit chose us, the children of total, complete corruption. Not because there was good in us anymore than there was in Gomer. But because of HIS GOOD PLEASURE.

A wife of whoredom and we would think 'o how terrible,' yet, how much more the very Son of God, sinless, perfect in every way taking to Himself a 'wife of sinners.'

Remember here, we are using the application here. Hosea is mainly speaking of the nation of Judah before Christ. God calling out a rebellious people from the seed of Abraham, Israel, Judah and of course, the whole of human race.

Departing from etc... Gomer was probably faithful to here husband for a while, but the old ways were strong and enjoyable and drew her back. We too were bought, called out, but the old ways were strong.

Notice, something here. Hosea took Gomer as his wife. She 'ran off' and sold herself into servitude, slavery and this time Hosea bought her back. He bought her twice.

Here is the picture of the whole human race. Started out belonging to HIM, then he had to buy it back.

Hosea, a righteous man was not defiled by marrying this woman at the command of God.

The priests would have been though because they pictured the purity of our great high priest, but this was a picture of HIS love and uniting with sinners, Matt. 11:19; 21:31.

Here God is using the life of a man who loves Him to speak to a rebellious people as this man obeys God in every area.

(Comp. with, Ezek. 24:16-18)

God will use our lives to speak to rebellious people around him if we will only obey.

v.4 I will cause to cease-- and he did. The kingdom of Israel was destroyed, carried into Assyria. Then the other two tribes (Judah), to Babylon. The kingdom was never established again as an independent kingdom, but always under another's authority, Babylon's, Greece, Rome, etc.

The 'hope' of the restoration of this independent kingdom is gone forever. He said cease here and that's just what he meant. The final hope was destroyed with the archives in 70 AD.

Today 'Israel' is only a religion or a political party. IT IS NOT A RACE OF PEOPLE NOR CAN IT EVER BE.

v. 6, bears this out. I will no more have mercy upon the house of Israel. I will utterly take them away. They killed his only Son and they reaped the results.

The kingdom offered to them and they refused and killed him. God judged them and gave the kingdom to another people, chp. 2:23, and these not because they deserve it but by his grace and mercy.

v. 7. Here is the true Judah, Israel (house of Judah= lion of the tribe of Judah). In him is this fulfilled.

Col. 1:13, by his grace and mercy he is once again building the house (kingdom) of Judah. Ph. 2:13, he puts the desire into the heart to come to Christ then gives the strength to do so.

As a man, Christ was of the tribe of Judah (is). He does not save them by physical might, but by his blood, his work for us.

All of the house of Israel (kingdom) is gone. Utterly taken away. Scattered everywhere and only the Lord knows who or where they are. But the promise of the building of the kingdom here is not given to the twelve tribes of Israel but the house of Judah and this grace and mercy is found in Christ, as we will see in verses 10 and 11.

The 'regathering' so called is to Christ, Judah, even thought it is called Israel, vv. 10-11. This promise of grace to Judah, Israel is fulfilled in Christ and his kingdom, the church and his kingdom is spiritual. Right now his reign is spiritual but of course one day he will deliver the kingdom to his Father, I Cor. 15:24, and he will reign in a physical form over his people, Israel (all who have been saved by grace through faith thereby translated into his kingdom).

The OT is full of these promises. When will they all be fulfilled? Only he knows when the time is fulfilled.

How will he fulfill these promises. Only he knows how he will do this.

Many today are so dogmatic on this you would think that God the father checked with them to see how it should be done and when, Isa. 40:13, 14). I kind of think he sits in heaven and laughs even at his people as they run around the county with their charts and tell of the plan that God and them worked out.

I think he will do it in such a way that all the world will see beyond andy doubt that it was, is by his spirit, by his grace, Isa. 41:20, etc.

We just won't know how or when these promises will be fulfilled until we get there. All we have now is a very dark glass. Like the heavy 'smoked' glass used in ark welding.

Even with a tremendous amount of light you can only see outlines very dim. The only thing you can see clearly is the Son itself, or the welding ark and the immediate work it is doing. All else is a very dim outline of that much.

Only fools would be dogmatic about things they have no clear image of and there are plenty who are. Of course there is a lot of emotion and money involved in 'dogmatic prophecy.'

Both old and new testament are absolutely full of "I will's". Showing that it is all of God--by his mercy and his grace alone, and for us in all of this, "Ask me of things to come concerning my sons, and concerning the works of my hands command ye me.

Verses 8, 9. He cuts off his people, the Jews.

Verses 10, 11. He brats in his spiritual people, the Gentiles, II Pet. 2:10; Rom. 9:25, 26.

He fulfills this prophecy in Christ Jesus our Lord. At the day of Pentecost the church was formed and both 'Jew' and 'Gentile' became one in Christ, the true Son of God, Judah.

Israel as a physical nation is gone. God's people Israel must now be found in Christ.

Jn. 1:12, my son 'Israel' is in Christ, the church. Again, 2:23, very clearly points this out. Those who were not his people now are.

Rom. 11:25, 26, is he going to revive the old physical nation so he can save them? To be a true Israelite linage had to be PROVED. Is he going to produce a new updated linage chart so he can save those listed? He could do this but really don't think he will. The linage chart for His people Israel today is the Lamb's book of life which if your name is not found in it you are not only not of Israel but you are NOT of HIS.

He said to the old physical nation, ye are not my people as they completely turned from Him and even killed His Son.

(Parable of the land owner wit the vineyard), now he turns to those which were not my people and says, thou art my people and they say to him, thou art my God.

Both Peter and James wrote to the scattered ten tribes, Ja. 1:1; I Pet. 1:1, but this was before 70 AD. Until then, they could identify their tribes but from then on they could NOT.

ye are the sons of God-- Not only adopted but born into his family as sons. He is our father.

(Might notice here. What choice did we have to be born physically? It was our father's not our. Now the choice is ours to act like a son of our father.)

Another thing here. Notice the cutting off of the physical nation and the physical place of worship at v. 9 and the promise of something new and better in v. 10.

I think this is found in Jn. 4:1-26, when our Lord met the woman at the well. He straightly told her that the old physical manner of worshipping God the Father was GONE. This can NEVER be reinstituted without a flat out denial of the one who replaced the old physical temple worship.

Just as the physical temple worship was a picture of the new better way, God's people, the church.

You can't have one without the other for God to 'go back' on one of the pictures he would have to be on both. To re-establish the physical people. But to re-establish the physical temple worship then the finished work of Christ must be denied, and I really don't believe God is going to do this.

Remember, Israel was called the church in the wilderness, Acts 7:38. Our Lord told this woman here that the physical nation, people of God as well as the temple of God, the physical location of God came to an end with him.

Israel could not accept this and they refused to give up the physical worship as well as their linage so God sent the Romans to end it once for all. They may bring it (temple worship) back but it will only be a hollow shell because no one knows what tribe they belong to or even for sure if they do have a physical linage to Aaron. The way to get into the "Jewish people' today is not by physical birth (by linage), but by going through a ceremony.

--great shall be the day of Jeryreel-- (God shall sow).

The nation not only ignored God's warnings, but utterly rejected him then 'killed' him. If they had known they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.

Notice here another 'thought.' This will be 'pure speculation.' Before Christ died every Jew rejected him, even all of his disciples. Was this the blindness spoken of which had to come upon the nation so they would crucify Him?

After he rose again starting in Acts we have great multitudes of "Jews" believing the gospel. Thousands at a time. In Acts 2:36, we have the people crying out as they see the one they crucified as the result of Peter's preaching as the Son of God. 3,000 at the first sermon preached, all Jews, see Zech. 12:10.

In fact, as you read the first nine chapters of Acts you will see the POWER of God working in the midst of what was still then the physical nation of Israel. Then you see more and more of the Holy Spirit's dealings with the ones outside of Israel.

Many, many 'Jews' came to Christ, so many in fact, that the leaders became very concerned, Acts 4:13.

Now consider this. Was this the fulfillment of the two promises of God. 1.) That they would be blinded. a. They were blinded, when they crucified Christ. 2.) That the 'vail' would be removed and they would see what they did. a. This was when the vast multitudes came to Christ between 30 AD and 70 AD.

One thing though to say beyond any doubt that ALL ISRAEL will be saved must make either: 1.) Salvation by race and everyone who can trace his linage to Jacob safe into the kingdom of heaven. Or make this spiritual. 2.) All spiritual Israel will be saved. Those who have been born spiritually unto the linage of Abraham. Which is consistent with the scripture.

Jezreel, God brought destruction, sowed destruction or as he said 1:5, broke the bow of Israel-- as the result of their turning from Him, Amos 2:4-6 and 3:1-8.

V. 11, and shall come up out of the land-- [Barnes' notes (Minor Prophets I), by Pusey here makes a very interesting observation, point here well worth considering, (1860).]

Shall come up--- God's people were captive in Babylon, II Ki. 24:1. The place God chose to place his name was Shiloh, I Sam. 1:22. Then Jerusalem, II Sam. 19:34; I Ki 7:27, 27; Ps. 122:4)

Isa. 2:2-5, points out that this is the Lord and that all nations will seek to him.

Gen. 49:10, identifies Jesus Christ as Shilo.

The term come up or go up as used in scriptures indicates a removal from captivity up to the promises of God, the rest found in him or to the place chosen by him.

Here then we have God's people captive in Babylon, the confusion of this world or the great city of confusion which Babylon represents. This is the end-time world system. (End-time started with Christ, last day, etc.)

So God's people TODAY are going, being gathered, coming up, out of the land of confusion (Babylon), not with our feet but with our afflictions to the heavenly Jerusalem, Heb. 12:22.

We have been made to sit together with our Saviour, in this city of the Great King, Eph. 2:6, out of this land, out of confusion, Babylon.

His promise is that where He is we may be also, Jn. 7:26.

Our mind and desires have been placed above the carnal things and desires of this earth and placed in the heaven lies, and our hope is that one day our bodies also will meet him in the air, I Thess. 4:17.

Now, what is this for us today. How is this to effect us today? Are we so "heavenly minded" we are no earthly good?" All to often this is the impression the 'spiritual' get and give.

Now that we have been translated into the kingdom of His dear Son ( ), we are no longer concerned with what takes place here on this earth, but is this to be?

NO! Since our mind is to be a 'heavenly mind' then it is to obey the heavenly principles of God's word. The 'heavenly mind' is to bring every member of our 'earthly body' under subjection, obedience to the principles of the heavenly kingdom as found in his word.

Heb. 12:22, 23, plainly states we right now are in the heavenly Jerusalem, it also identifies this city further as the church. The general assembly of the firstborn. All who have their names written in heaven are already citizens of this city.

We do not walk (with our feet), up to this city located on the highest mountain, nor will we ever. We ascend up to this city with our heart and affections.

To say Isa. 2:1-5 must be a literal place where we can walk up to with our feet will force this city to be placed at the very peak of the very highest mountain and I really don't think anyone is ready to place it there and especially I don't believe the Lord is going to. Plus, those who are already there are trying to get other to go to. Plus those who are already there are trying to get others to go. A picture of soul-winning. Influencing others to follow HIM.

The wonderful promise which is being fulfilled today.

And they shall come out of the land. From the 'four corners' of the earth they will come to this city. Out of the mass confusion they will hear the call of God and come. The house of Jacob, the new Israel, the heirs to the promise by faith.

Great shall be the day of Jezreel. Jezreel had been a scattering as God judged their wickedness, but now God shows grace and mercy and works in a multitude of people which cannot even be measured anymore than can the sands of the sea nor the grace and mercy of God.

We are living in this day of Jezreel as God is showing his grace and mercy in the hearts of people.

We need (MUST HAVE) his grace and mercy sown in the hearts of people here in our realm of influence.

Only through His word can we see this. Only by the power of His Holy Spirit can we peruse others to go with us up to the heavenly city to worship our king, (Comp. II Cor. 5:10, 11, with Isa. 2:2-5).

I believe this is worth calling our attention to. God's people today are waiting for a physical reign, kingdom (right or wrong is not the point here). They say, "When the king sits he will demand his laws, principles be obeyed but until then we just do the best we can with the abilities he has given us."

Because His people refuse to institute his kingdom laws, now they are losing society to the enemy and bringing down the wrath of God.

I really believe we are seeing prophecy being fulfilled. The great falling away, not of the heathens but of his people as they do as seen best waiting for the king to set on a literal throne and enforce his kingdom laws (I need to do a study in Matt. of his current laws).

In addition, consider this. The person whose laws are in effect is the one in control. Whether spiritual or physical. Laws show whose authority a person is under.

God, Christ expects His laws to be in control now because civil government is to enforce good and evil according to His word.

When were His laws given? Would this not be when His kingdom started? As His laws are obeyed then He is in authority whether He is here or not?

He right now is head of the church. Too bad the 'church' will not submit to Him.