February 17, 2003

Nehemiah 3

This chapter contains the names of the builders of the wall of Jerusalem, the order in which they worked, where they began, and where they ended, which was the sheep gate, #Ne 3:1-32. (Gill)

V. 1, the sheep gate had no bars nor locks on it.

V. 3, the fish gate had locks and bars. "Soul-winning" gate locked to others unless called by the Spirit. The keys to this gate were given to Peter, who was a fisherman.

V. 5, the nobles here did not work, but the nobles in vv. 9, 12, 14, 16 and many more did, Jeremiah 6:17, 18.

V. 6, the old gate, or the old time religion.

V. 12, and his daughters. Women can help in the building, but not as leaders.

V. 13, the falley gate, Philippians 2, humility of the Lord.

V. 14, the dung gate—cleansing of Christian life (gate used for waste).

V. 15, the gate of the foundation which is the Holy Spirit, John 7:39.

V. 26, the water gate, or the word of God. This gate needed no repair. The word never needs repair.

V. 28, the horse gate, warfare, 2 Timothy 2:1-4.

V. 29, the east gate, second coming, Ez. 10:16-22, 11:22-25, Mat. 24:17.

V. 31, goldsmith's on, merchants — the work of God is for all God's people to repair the gates.

V. 32, the gate Miphkad, judgment of God.