1 Chronicles 6

This chapter begins with the fathers and heads of the tribe of Levi, #1Ch 6:1-3, and reckons up the high priests in the line of Eleazar, to the Babylonish captivity, #1Ch 6:4-15 gives an account of the families of the sons of Levi, #1Ch 6:16-30 and of those Levites that were employed as singers, and in other ministrations in the sanctuary in the times of David and Solomon, #1Ch 6:31-49, then follows a repetition of the sons of Aaron in the line of Eleazar, to the said times, #1Ch 6:50-53, and a recital of the dwelling places of the Levites in the several tribes, #1Ch 6:54-81. (Gill)

Following the accurate line of the priesthood.

Vv. 1-4, though only 4 generations are listed, the total period of Israel's time in Egypt is accounted for. Genesis 15:13, said Abraham's seed would be in Egypt for four hundred and thirty years. Evidently, not all of the generations are listed in vv. 104.

Vv. 5-10, another 400 years is covered.
Vv. 11-15, another 400 years is covered, to the time Israel goes into captivity.

Actually, Israel only dwelt in his own land for 800 years. Most of his time has been spent in captivity, Egypt and Babylon. There was about 400 years between the testaments.

V. 15, the Lord carried away Judah and Jerusalem by the hand of Nebuchadnezzar.

Continually, the Lord uses the heathen to deal with His sinful people, as we saw in 5:26.

V. 54, their castles, or walled dwelling places, places of safety.