1 Chronicles 11

All the preceding chapters point to David and his relationship with God, which is the main reason for this book.

This chapter treats of David's being anointed king by all Israel, #1Ch 11:1-3, which agrees with #2Sa 5:1-3 See Gill on "2Sa 5:1" See Gill on "2Sa 5:2" See Gill on "2Sa 5:3" and of his taking Jerusalem from the Jebusites, #1Ch 11:4-9 the account of which we have #2Sa 5:6-10. See Gill on "2Sa 5:6" See Gill on "2Sa 5:7" See Gill on "2Sa 5:8" See Gill on "2Sa 5:9" See Gill on "2Sa 5:10" only here we are told, that it was Joab that smote the Jebusites first, and so was made chief captain according to David's promise; and that he also repaired the rest of the city David built round about; perhaps the fortifications demolished in taking it, #1Ch 11:6,8 or rather, as others give the sense, he "saved alive" {b} those that remained in the city, after he had slain the lame and the blind; though a learned {c} writer conjectures it should be read, "and Joab hyhy was made rv the governor of the city"; and the Targum is,

"Joab governed the rest of the city."

And then follows an account of David's mighty men and worthies,... and others are added here, #1Ch 11:42-47 of whom we know no more than their names. (Gill)

Vv. 1-3, Ishbosheth, a son of Saul, was left alive at the end of chapter 10. Abner, the captain of Saul's host, set him up as king over Israel, 2 Samuel 2. When Ishbosheth rebuked Abner for going in unto one of Saul's concubines, making Abner quite angry at Ishbosheth, 2 Samuel 3. Abner then worked to establish David as king over all Israel. After 7 years, David was elevated to king, uniting the entire kingdom of Israel under himself.

Vv. 1-3, the striking thing to me is that though the people knew that David was to be king over all Israel, they all followed Abner's king, except the house of Judah. Of course, David was from Judah.

V. 6, David said that whoever would smite the Jebusites first would be the captain of his army. Joab, a son of David's sister, was the one. Thus, though Joab was one of David's cousins, he did not obtain his high position in David's kingdom because of his relationship to the king. Rather, he obtained it because of his courage and ability.

Vv. 10-47, the men of importance in David's kingdom are listed. However, they obtained to their status in the kingdom not by their "connections" nor by their relationship to the king. They obtained by their courage and ability, in every case.

We will obtain to the places of importance in our King's Kingdom by hard work and discipline, as the Lord works for and through us, v. 14.