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Deuteronomy Lesson 1-1


Pastor Ovid Need


NOTE: Time requires I leave in the minor errors, e.g., abbreviations in text, wrong abbreviations, mixed tenses in a sentence (though I have tried to catch all of them), caps, etc. As time progresses, we will correct the lessons.

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Having completed the introduction, we see that the spirit of these laws given here is just as much for the "Israel of God" (Gal. 6:6) today as it was for the "Israel of God" here in Deut. who heard Moses speak.

These are still laws of life and blessing. Although, let us be reminded, life here is not eternal life. Never has man inherited heaven by the law because no man can keep the law perfectly. Only through the work of the Lamb of God has any man ever seen God. As we use "life", we are thinking of long life, prosperous, blessed and abundant before God.

With this, let us move on into the Scriptures.

1. Where was this instruction by Moses given from, v. 1?



2. Where is Horeb, v.2 (Ex. 3:1-12; 17:1-6)?



3. Where is Kadesh-barnea, v. 2 (Num. 32:8)?



4. How many days journey between these two points, v.2?



5. What happened the first time Israel came to Kadesh-barnea, v. 19 on?


A. Here is a quick rundown of the timetable involved.

(1) Their first day of the first month was the passover, Ex. 12:1-2.

(2) The 10th day, the lamb was chosen, Ex. 12:3-5.

(3) The 14th day, the lamb was eaten in the evening, Ex. 12:6-14.

(4) The 15th day, Israel left Egypt, Ex. 12:37-39.

(5) The 16th day, Israel encamped between Migdol and the Sea with the fire of God between them and Egypt, Ex. 14:1-20.

(6) The 17th day, Israel crossed the Red Sea, Egypt pursued and was destroyed, Ex. 14:21-31.

(7) About 75 days after Ex. 12:1-2, Israel reached the desert of Sinai.

(8) They remained at Sinai about eleven months. Then they were told to move on, Num. 10:11-13.

6. What took place during this eleven month stay at Horeb (Sinai), Ex. chp. 19 on?




7. The trip from Sinai (Horeb) to Kadesh-Barnea required about ninety days to complete.Why, Chps. 11 and 12?



8. V. 6 -- Moses now starts to review what their God has spoken to them. He points out what he (Moses) had done and what the children of Israel had done over the past years. He is telling them nothing new, so why is he doing this, vv. 35- 39?


In vv. 6-7, the Lord give them precise instructions concerning their direction of travel, where and when to travel as well as when, where and how long to stop and rest. As we read these books. we see that God leaves nothing to the vain imagination of man's heart. He shows us that He desires to direct every step of His people. In fact, He has already walked in the way to show us. All we must do is follow.

9. How do we walk after Him, Deut. 5:33; I Ki. 2:3; 8:61; 11:38; Isa. 30:21; I Pet. 2:21; Rom. 6:4; Eph. 2:10; I Thess. 4:1, etc.?



10. When we do not walk in this manner, what is this considered by our God, Deut. 29:19, compare with Eph. 4:17-20?



a. Therefore, we get side-tracked from walking as God desires us to walk the same basic way as Israel did. How is this?




b. What does God call this departure, Num. 14:33; 15:9, 33; Heb. 12:16?




This is by far the most common usage of this word in Scripture.

11. V. 8 -- Why were the children of Israel given Canaan, chp. 7:5-6?



a. Again, a very good illustration. Why did God chose us to be His people and to inherit the blessings He has for us in Christ. Is it because we have some good in us, Rom. 3; Eph. 2:8-9; Jn. 15:16; Rom. 3; Eph. 2:8- 9?


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