On-Line Bible Lessons

Deuteronomy - Chapter 30, Lesson 2

Sorry, but time prohibits correcting the grammar and other things in these lessons, Pastor Ovid Need


1. Last time we talked about the power of God (grace) to live above sin. As God's people live above sin, what will be the results? Maybe three, depending on how read v. 6, 7.

Verses 8-10, Moses again confirms the blessing which he has already given. Of interest here in v. 9. "--Thy fathers--". We see from Heb. 3 (vv. 7-11) that the "sons" of these "fathers" are all of those in Christ, regardless of their physical lineage. A good example being we are the "sons" of the founding fathers of this nation. Again, the application of vv. 6-10 would be the church. (Lesson 28-1 and #1).

2. The promises of vv. 6-10 are based upon what, v. 10b (confirmed by our Lord, Lk. 10:27; Jn. 14:15)?

3. What will God do for those who do Lk. 10:27 and Jn. 14:15; Deut. 30:9b?

Verses 11-14 follow up 29:29 as Moses points out he has not given them something to do that is hard to understand. He "put the jelly on the bottom shelf," within easy reach of anyone who desires to know it and please God. Isaiah gives us an interesting insight here, 29:9-15. (We will avoid v. 16, yet it fits into what we covered in lesson 30-1, question 4.)

4. Moses says that what he has given is easily understood, yet the book is sealed in Isa. 29:11- 12. Why, Isa. 29:13-15? ______________________________________________________________

Sad to say, this is the major cause of false doctrine. This is a major reason people don't un­derstand scripture. When it goes contrary to what they want to do, people will twist it to con­form to their action. Someone has said, "A man's morality will dictate his theology". This is true more often than not.

Again, this is given in the NT. There are several reasons people cannot understand even the clear, simple things of God. Can you spot them?

a) Ja. 1:22; Heb. 10:26 _____________________________________________________________
b) Heb. 11:3a _____________________________________________________________________
c) Rom. 1:21 ______________________________________________________________________
d) II Cor. 2:11 ____________________________________________________________________
e) II Pet. 2:3; II Tim. 3:2-5 ______________________________________________________
f) Ja. 4:6 ________________________________________________________________________
g) Ja. 1:8; Hosea 10:2 ______________________________________________________________

These are only a few of the many things which will hinder, if not prevent, God's people from seeing the clear plain teaching of Scripture. God made His will clear through Moses so that His people could "do it".

5. Verses 15-20, Moses gives God's people a choice. This is not the choice concerning salvation. This choice is made when we trust in the atoning work of Christ. What is this choice, vv. 14, 19?

a. Notice this choice is given to God's people today. Paul, in Rom. 6:12-16, urges God's people to make the right choice. The choice which Moses is urging is between the curse (physical chastise­ment and death) and the blessing (physical blessings and a long, prosperous life before God). Moses says, "I have presented a clear choice to you. This path or that path." Joshua, at the end of his life, also gave a choice to God's people. What was it, Josh. 24:15?

Deut 30: 16 has been given many times. Our Lord told us to love Him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, then He identifies what that love is. It is v. 16, "To keep His commandments--," and his statues and his judgments--." (See Matt. 22:37; Lk. 10:27; Jn. 14:15.)

Deut. 30:17, 18. Moses goes on and reminds them again. He continues with, "I denounce unto you this day." Moses expresses here his total trust in God's Word. He says, "Ye shall surely perish." This faith which Moses shows here is referred to in Heb. 11:23-28.

6. What does Moses warn them will be turned away from God, v. 17a? ___________________

a. What will be the result, 17b? _____________________________________________________

b. This is not hard to follow through Scripture at all. Check Ezek. 6:9. Where do "whoredoms" start?

7. What is the Lord to His people, Deut. 30:20? _____________________________________

This is much more than eternal. This is the here and now. We have already seen that His laws are our health and strength. As we obey Him, He will give His people that which the world, flesh and the devil can only promise. Science, medicine, psychology, education nor any other of these worldly schemes hold the answer. Moses concludes this tremendous passage of curses and bless­ings with the final statement. It would be well with us if we would believe it and act upon His Words.