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Deuteronomy - Chapter 32, Lesson 2

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Before we move too far, there is a verse which we touched last time which would be good to look at now in Deut. 32.

1. What does the eagle do, v. 11? ____________________________________________________
a. Why does she do this? _____________________________________________________________
b. Then what does she do? ____________________________________________________________

Let us continue on with the song of Moses. As we have seen, it contains a great many prophecies. It isn't hard to spot several. We have already looked at the prophecy of the Rock speaking of Christ. Also the perverse and crooked generation, nation. We have also seen the foolish nation referred to by Paul, Rom. 10:19; Titus 3:3. God took those with no understanidng of Him, and uneducated in His word and brought them into the covenant. Whether Jew or Gentile, it made no difference.

2. Who established the boundaries of all the nations from the time of Adam to the present, v.8?

a. Rather than taking a "piece of land" for His portion, what did the Lord take as His in­heritance, v. 9? ______________________________________________________________________

b. Following this through, as a person would care for his piece of property, we see that the Lord took even better care of His inheritance. Yet, they forgot Him. Even though His people are His inheritance, if they ignore His laws what will they receive, VV. 22-35, 35?

As we have already noted, this has been fulfilled upon Israel, yet the same principle holds true today.

3. "For they are a nation void of counsel--" Who is this nation, v. 28, vv. 15-18? ___________

a. His desire is that they would be wise. How will a wise man or nation make their decisions, v. 29b?

4. We have already covered this principle. If Israel had remained faithful to their Rock, their Rock would have caused a thousand to flee from one Israelite, but Israel didn't remain faithful and now the tables are turned. The "one enemy" now chases a thousand of God's people. Why are the heathen able to do this, v. 30? ___________________________________________________

Moses clearly points out that the rock of the heathen is not even comparable to "our Rock", therefore, when Israel fled before their enemies it was not because the rock of the heathen was greater. Moses goes on to point out the heathen's vine and wine is poison (v. 32, 33), therefore cannot be what is overcoming them. His song goes on with the explanation of why the heathen have such great power over His chosen people.

5. "Their power is gone." Why, vv. 36-38? ___________________________________________

6. Verses 35-43 is a mighty strong passage. Who has the Lord's vengeance directed against them, v. 35,36?

a. A fulfillment of this is found in Isa. 10:5. What was Assyria (See Lesson 27-2)? ________________________________________________________________________

Assyria got lifted up with pride and God had to deal with Assyria, which He did, Isa. 10:1-19. God used a heathen nation to judge His people, then He judged the heathen nation.

1) These were God's people, His inheritance which He chose out of all the nations of the world.

2) He showered upon them the very blessings of heaven which only Jehovah God, creator of heaven and earth could do (Deut. 32:34, 40). They waxed fat.

3) His people turned from Him. This cut them off from their source of power and they became powerless in the face of their enemies.

4) V. 35, 36 was fulfilled against them.

Paul reaches back and takes these verses, 35, 36, 41 and applies them to God's people today, Rom. 12:19; Heb. 10:30. We need to observe:

1. God's people today are not loved any more by God than were the ones of Deut. 32.

2. God's people today are not chosen any more by God than were the ones of Deut. 32.

3. GOD'S PEOPLE TODAY ARE NOT EXEMPT ANY MORE BY GOD FROM THE RESULTS OF TURNING FROM HIS LAW TODAY THAN WERE HIS PEOPLE OF DEUT. 32. Paul is exceptionally clear on this. In fact, as you read Heb. 10, Paul seems to be hostile toward any attitude which would seek to separate God's people from this truth.

7. We have already covered this, therefore we will only say that the enemies of God are any and all of those who forget His laws, saved or unsaved. They show their love or hate toward God by their obedience (or disobedience) to His every law-word, Jn. 15:14. What will happen to His enemies, or those that hate Him, vv. 41-43? ___________________________________________

From our Lord's usage (Jn., chp. 15) and from Paul's usage, we see this is just as much for His people today as it was then. The current teaching of our day which says the law-word of God is not binding upon His people, and also says that God loves His people so much that He wouldn't chastise or judge them is leading to horrible judgment as God's people are willingly trodding un­der foot the Son of God and the blood of the covenant, Heb. 10:29, 30.

Verses 44-47, Moses gives them his final instruction, telling them once again what he has told them many times over. Joshua picked this up, and as soon as Joshua was out of sight they forgot this instruction.

Verses 48-52 were written by someone else, probably Joshua, as was chp. 33 and 34. Here the Lord calls Moses up to the mountain top and shows him all of the land, 34:1-4. V. 51 again gives the reason he cannot pass over. Might we add to a past lesson, the law cannot control the temper. Moses lost his temper and his right to cross over. Only the grace of God, (Joshua- Jesus) can con­trol the temper and inherit the promise attached to the obedient Christian life.

Let us make a closing remark on question 6. God raised up a heathen nation as a rod of His anger against His people who would not turn loose of their indifference toward Him and His law-word. They absolutely refused to obey Him as their King. They refused to submit to His authority and live for Him in every area of their life.

It is the very peak of presumption to even think that God will not raise up a heathen nation as a rod of His anger against His people today which refuse to be consistent in their service for Him. If anything is clear in the NT, this is. There can be absolutely no doubt that this illustra­tion is used in Heb. 10 and 12. Doesn't anyone believe His Word today enough to change their at­titude and actions toward God?

There was an article by a Soviet Journalist in the USN & WR (6/88). He said 40-60% of the citizens of the USSR are believers. Large numbers will not exempt us from judgment anymore than it could those in the Soviet Union. GOD HELP US. (2017, China is reported to have the largest Christian population in the world. The danger from the Kingdom of God is a cause of concern by the powers of darkness there are a cause for concern.

Compare Christianity’s decline in the West with what is happening under persecution in places like China, where a Pew study put the number of Christians at 67 million in 2010 - a huge increase from the one million or so when Communist rule was established in 1949. China is believed to have the largest Christian population in the world. (http://www.bbc.com/news/world-33256561) Justifiably, China fears that the Kingdom of Christ will subdue the kingdom of men, so the “Chinese Gov’t Bans Christian Children from Attending Church, Vows Punishment to Offenders.” (http://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2017/09/12/chinese-govt-bans-christian-