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Deuteronomy - Chapter 33, Lesson 1

Sorry, but time prohibits correcting the grammar and other things in these lessons, Pastor Ovid Need


Moses has written his last words from God. This chapter is written by someone who heard Moses speak. Evidently, just before Moses went to the top of Pisgah he spoke these last words to the children of Israel whom he loved dearly. He had been through many things with them and I'm sure he spoke these last words from the depths of his heart.

There are three parts to this chapter and just a couple of points for us. The first section would be vv. 1-5. Here we see Moses once again reminding them that the Lord, the King of Israel, His people, is the source of all their blessings. Every blessing MUST come from Him.

1. According to human nature they forgot all about this as many years later they cried out for what, I Sam. 8:5-8? _______________________________________________________________

a. Why did they make this request? There are a couple of reasons here in I Sam. 8.
V.5______________________________________ V.7________________________________________

2. Not only does Moses point out that the Lord their King is the source of all blessing for the people he loves, but He also points out the condition placed upon those blessings. What is it, v. 3b, 5? ________________________________________________________________________

This distinguished His people from all of the people around them.

Then we have vv. 6-25. Here is the blessing pronounced upon the people again according to their tribes. We will not go into these blessings other than to point out that Moses is restating the blessings as given generations earlier by Israel in Gen. 49. We can find them there, and why each tribe was given these different blessings.

Also, we should observe, this blessing in chp. 32 took place at least five generations after Jacob's blessing, I Chron. 6:1-3. Therefore, we see that after five generations the effects of the fathers were still being felt and would be for many more generations.

My, we are so short-sighted. We really have a hard time seeing past the children in our own household. We might actually make a few decisions for their well- being, yet we know of VERY FEW who will make decisions with the fifth generation and beyond in mind. Really, even with the third generation in mind. Our enemy has been very successful in removing the principle contained in Hosea 4:6 from our theology. He has substituted MANY human efforts and worldly means for this principle of life for our children's, children's, children's, children. We really won't know how successful parents we were for at least five generations. Many of us feel if we get our kids raised and married off free of drugs, alcohol, illicit sex and tobacco we have succeeded. It goes much further than that.

The third division here in Deut. 33 is v. 26-29. Moses concludes his words in v. 26 the way that the Psalmist concludes the Psalms, Ps. 150. Both conclude praising the most High God.

3. What does Moses remind them of here in v. 27? _____________________________________

4. Where alone does Israel's safety lie, vv. 28, 29? __________________________________

5. Where does their happiness lie, v. 29? _____________________________________________

This concludes the words of Moses as he, one last time points God's people to their God and His every law-word for their only hope in the days ahead. This hope for God's people has not changed.