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Deuteronomy Chapter 34

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"It is appointed unto man once to die, but after this the judgment, Heb. 9:27." It is Moses' time to die. He knows his time is up and he has done his very best for his God. Really, Moses had the most glorious death of any man who ever lived. Here we see Jehovah God Himself was his guide through the valley of the shadow of death. Jehovah God Himself was his Undertaker and the One Who buried His faithful servant.

Verses 1-4, the Lord increases Moses' natural vision that he might see all of the land which he was forbidden to enter into. Moses, with his own eyes, saw the fulfillment of the promise which he had been faithful to for these many years.

Verses 5-6. Moses, the servant of the Lord died there in the land of Moab, according to the word of the Lord. We have already seen that this was the result of his sin at the water of strife, 32:50, 51.

1. No doubt the congregation of the Lord watched Moses go up the mountain to the command of the Lord. No doubt they saw Moses look out over the land of Canaan. Then he passed out of sight. This would leave an impression on this generation. What could God have been trying to emphasize here with this? Really, there could be two things, can you see them?

a. Rom. 2:2, 6, 11? __________________________________________________________________
b. Rom. 6:16, 23? ____________________________________________________________________

If a man as great as Moses who talked with God face to face could not escape the result of sin, then how do we think we can? If anyone would have had "death with dignity," this great man would, yet he still faced death as the result of sin.

We see that his natural strength was still there. He had the strength to enter into the land of promise, but sin cost him this privilege. I Sam. 2:9 tells us that no man will prevail because of his strength; Moses didn't, and neither will men today. We find the method of prevailing in His Word as given to Moses and explained in the NT.

2. How long did Israel mourn for Moses, V. 8? ________________________________________

3. God's work must go on and it does. Under who does it continue, v. 9?


a. Notice though, he is not as great as Moses because why is he to be obeyed, v. 9? ________________________________________________________________________

4. Verses 10-12 are the final eulogy for this great man of God. There is only one other man who could come close to Moses and that was who, Matt. 11:11? ___________________________

Let us close this study with this searching question. What will others say about us when we are gone? Will they remember our personal and public walk and dedication to our Lord? Will they remember our dedication to the things of this world? How do we want to be remembered? What are we doing now that will influence the generations to come? What are we doing now which will create the memory of us which we want?

Let us daily claim the grace to walk according to His every desire for our lives.