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Foreword To Deuteronomy Lessons

We would like to give a word of explanation concerning these lessons.

Searching for a series of lessons centered around the law (Ten Commandments) of God, we found none as we checked the Christian bookstores. One of the owners, though, suggested I put together some lessons, so here they are. We chose Deuteronomy because of its lack of ceremonial law, though there is much in the ceremonial law worthy of study.

This study is by no means an in-depth study. It only scratches the surface. An in-depth study would take a life time and fill volumes. This study only gives some good starting places that can easily be pursued as much as one desires.

If there were a text book for these lessons, it would have to be the classic of our day, The Institutes of Biblical Law, by R. J. Rushdoony (Craig Press.) You can easily follow most of this material throughout his work. Let us strongly suggest that anyone who wishes to use this material also use The Institutes with it. (Ross House Books, PO Box 67, Vallecito, CA 95251.) We have attempted to give credit where credit is due, but because of the way we put this together, we have missed some of the credits. We have a lady who said, "If it is true it is not new and if it is new it is not true." This statement is true of the material contained herein. We have taken many things, though, and followed them through to their conclusions, and many of the conclusions are not according to the traditions of the elders.

Probably one of the most difficult things one will face is laying aside traditional teaching for God's word, but this must be done if we expect to return to the Lord God. Our goal with these lessons is to show the law of God is one law. The requirements of our God have not changed—this is readily apparent as the whole of God's word is taken into consideration. The Old Testament and the New Testament are one word, fitting perfectly together.

Nothing is Neutral, nor are these lessons. These are written from a (reformed) RECONSTRUCTION VIEW which emphasizes the total AUTHORITY of the Lord Jesus Christ and his law-word over everything, with all things to be done for His glory—economics, social, religious, occupations, etc.; the victory which is now in HIM over the world, the flesh and the devil. That VICTORY the result of his Spirit of grace working in his people. We also emphasize the ultimate victory of King Jesus.

You have permission to copy these lessons. We have encouraged our folks to take them home for study for later discussion in Sunday School class. The tapes of these lessons are available for those who desire them. There will be some material, I am confident, that some may not agree with. Use what you can for the glory of God.

The study lessons of our day seem to be very shallow, studying over and over a few basic stories and doctrines. I am afraid that if the New Testament authors were around, they would have the same complaint and exhortation as found in Hebrews 5:10-6:3. We must get back to teaching the law of God to his people. It is hard to expect them to live by every word which proceeds from the mouth of God, when that law-word of God is not within reach of the average person. It must be understood before it can be applied.

I have no doubt that even with all of our proofreading, we have missed some scriptures and they will be incorrect. If you find them, please let us know. If you will provide us with your name and address we will keep you updated on any corrections. MAY GOD USE THIS FOR HIS GLORY.

Pastor Ovid E. Need Jr.

The Biblical Examiner

5130 Danville Rd
Lynchburg OH 45142

540 255 2243


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