E mail sent to Joel Saripalli, 12/12/11

It was with great sadness and distress that I read your response to a supporting pastor. His response to you was right and proper, and I must agree with that response.

It revealed that you intentionally deceived me when you met me at Sparta, NC four years ago, since you have had the second wife for seven years. You used me to gain access into my circle of influence. After about a year and in an unguarded moment, you made some statements to one of our church families that raised many red flags for me about your doctrine. I confronted you about those things, and you refused to address the doctrinal concerns I had, so we stopped any support. I warned the next pastor you went to that I felt you were using pastors, but he did not feel the same way at the time, to his own hurt it now appears. Then I heard you went to Canada. I asked the pastor if I should warn the Canadian pastor, and was assured he could take care of himself, and that my concerns were unwarranted.

I have not publicly expressed my concerns over your doctrine for fear of injuring the "Lord's work" there in India. But polygamy is a completely different story. Though I see you have used several Old Testament saints to justify your polygamy, any such practice is clearly contrary to what is required of Gospel preachers, 1 Timothy 3:2, 12 and Titus 1:6.

I truly do not understand how one who claims to be a gospel preacher can avoid the Word of God in the area of family life as so clearly established by God.

You are now the second "Bible Believing preacher" I have encountered in the last few weeks who has and is misleading their followers in ways quite contrary to God's word.

Nehemiah 13:28-31.

God will not hold you guiltless for deceiving me by not revealing all, and for putting my reputation as an honest man at risk--He will protect me as he judges you.

Since I am the one you used to gain access to godly people who trusted me, I will post this e mail on our web site at the Joel Saripalli link, and remove all other articles about you, as well as publish this. Those who, through my influence, have supported you, need to know what is going on. I only heard of it because one of my "supporters" told me what was going on. I then had him send me copies of the correspondences with you.

Obviously, publishing this letter will leave me open for ridicule for being so easily duped by your smooth words and wining personality.

Such a sad day when "men of God" hold so lightly the commands of our Lord in his Word, and use Godly words to promote their unbiblical cause.

Actually, God protected me by impressing us to discontinue your support three years ago.

With Great Sadness,

Pastor Ovid Need

Jeremiah 17:10 I the LORD search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings.