Inside of Modern Judaism.
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Our purpose is to look past the appealing public appearance of Judaism to its heart and soul, so we can render righteous judgment in the light of God's Word and historical truth. We also desire to show how Christ-hating Judaism has been and is being merged with Christianity, i.e., Judeo-Christianity. The result is neither Judaism nor Christianity. Seeing the concealed and unknown side of Judaism, makes it difficult to understand the infatuation of Christians with Judaism.

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The Merger of Judaism with Christianity. The following are links to and the opening paragraph of each section. See CLOSING STATEMENT at end of this page.


This Introduction contains the background of this present work, and an overview of its contents which we will divide into small parts:

First: Why this Book? Second: Why Write? Third: Why Warn? Fourth: Mega Merger. Fifth: No Knowledge nor Understanding of History. Sixth: Stolen History. Seventh: Honest History. Eighth: The End Times Battle over Truth. Ninth: Equipping the Saints. Tenth: Talmudic Judaism. Eleventh: Unholy Prayer. Twelfth: First and Second Century Warnings. Thirteenth: Winning Back Judaized Christians. Fourteenth: War for the Mind. Fifteenth: Conclusion. Sixteenth: Final Charge. ...


A Jew?

Now we enter probably the greatest area of confusion; that is, the identity of a Jew. Hence, this section will contain more documentation than may be needed as we seek the identity of a Jew. The following will prove that the common definition of a Jew is as far from any scriptural definition as light is from darkness. Those who hold to the Judeo-Christian or Christian-Zionist faith may find the following unsettling enough that they will totally reject the facts presented below.

Because of the length of the following, we shall present it in six basic sections: I. A Jew Defined. II. The word Jew Defined. III. Jewish Millennialism and the Protestant Church. IV. Definitions. V. What a Jew is not. VI. Additional Documentation (more than you probably want to know). VII. Logical implications for Romans 11, And so all Israel shall be saved.


The Jews’ Religion

For ye have heard of my conversation in time past in the Jews’ religion, how that beyond measure I persecuted the church of God, and wasted it: And profited in the Jews’ religion above many my equals in mine own nation, being more exceedingly zealous of the traditions of my fathers. (Gal 1:13, 14)

The Jew’s Religion even in Paul’s day, was the religion of the Pharisees as found in the Babylonian Talmud. (Paul said he was a Pharisee, the son of a Pharisee, who lived the strict life of a Pharisee. Acts 23:6, 26:5, Gal 1:13, 14, Phil 3:5. Thus, he thoroughly knew the Jews’ religion, what it was, and what it taught.)
Judaism (originally from Hebrew ?????, Yehudah, “Judah”; via Latin and Greek) is the religion of the Jewish people. It is an ancient, monotheistic, Abrahamic religion with the Torah as its foundational text. It encompasses the religion, philosophy, and culture of the Jewish people. Judaism is considered by religious Jews to be the expression of the covenant that God established with the Children of Israel. Judaism encompasses a wide corpus of texts, practices, theological positions, and forms of organization. The Torah is part of the larger text known as the Tanakh or the Hebrew Bible, and supplemental oral tradition represented by later texts such as the Midrash and the Talmud. With between 14.5 and 17.4 million adherents worldwide, Judaism is the tenth largest religion in the world. ...

Messianic Judaism

Let us now confront a strange doctrine that is neither Christian nor Jewish, but is a figment of a vivid, non-Christian imagination. We have two concepts involved: 1) mixing Talmudic Judaism with Christianity and 2) the belief in a Talmudic Jewish Millennialism. Both concepts are as old as is the Talmud. They have been dressed up in Christian clothing with Christian words to make them palatable to Christians. Many Christians have found those strange doctrines sweet to the taste.

At the present, there is a very popular Messianic Jewish rabbi being promoted to the Christian community by Joseph Farah (World Net Daily), Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. ...

Yahweh The god of the Yahwistic faith

Christianity has, to a large extent, been taken over by the religion of Judaism and become a fossil more properly distinguished as Judeo-Churchianity.

That is to say, Judaism is so ingrained in Christian culture today that only a merciful God can open the eyes of his people to understand the inroads that Rabbinical Talmudism, i.e., Judaism, has made into the church. ...

Protocols of Zion

Unholy Hands on the Holy Word

Phasing-out obsolete versions, e.g., the Douai-Rheims and King James
The theme of this chapter is how the Children of Ashkenaz, Orthodox Talmudic Jews, corrupted scripture in such a way as to make their doctrines of devils believable to many who profess to be Bible Believing Christians. ...

The Growing Prestige of Judaism

“Judaism is Zionist through and through

Can one mix fire and water? Can one unite the Antichrist with Christ? Can light be mixed with darkness? Can there be a Christian Jew? Can there be a Christian Buddhist, or Christian follower of Mohammed? Yet how many professed Christians have tried and are trying to unite, and even merge Talmudic Judaism with Christianity-they support the Zionist’s cause and even remember Talmudic holidays. Yet despite all efforts, “For where there is Christianity there cannot be Judaism.” Judaism must deny Christ, just as Christianity must deny and stand against Satanic Judaism. The Lord condemns those who try to unite the two as adulterous enemies of God. ...

The Torah

Non-Jewish people are easily confused by two important words in the Jewish religion: Torah and Talmud. This chapter will emphasize the Torah. Main points discussed: First, what is the oral Torah. Second, Mystical Name of God. Third, Judaic Covenant vs. Christian Covenant. Fourth, Torah Scrolls, Dead Ritual Fetish. Fifth, Torah’s Contents. Sixth, Jesus and the Oral Torah. Seventh, Oral Torah Miracles and Jewish Tradition. The word Torah is becoming increasingly more common in both Christian and non-Christian circles. ...

The Kabbalah & U. S. Foreign Policy

The word “Kabbalah” (or Cabbalah) is an almost completely unknown word outside of those committed to the Jews’ religion?Talmudic Judaism. However, the Kabbalah has for decades played and continues to play a major role in United States’ foreign policy. It even now has a key part in President Trump’s administration, and could lead to war.

Though we will look closer at Zionism, i.e., the desire to build a carnal nation of Israel, in another chapter, we will mention that the mystical, openly-professed demonic Kabbalah is a major force in Zionism. The Trump administration is strongly influenced, if not controlled by Zionists, with the full support of Dispensational Christians, e.g. VP Mike Pence, Pat Robertson, and multiplied thousands of Dispensational Christians who support the Zionist project. The Christian Zionist “Southern Baptist megachurch Pastor Robert Jeffress prayed a blessing at the opening of U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem.” ...


The Day of Atonement is one of the better known Jewish Holy Days. It is reverenced as something special in the religion of Talmudic Judaism, i.e., Talmudism, by both the Jewish community and Judaized Christians. How many self-defined Jews, or Christians for that matter, realize what is represented or what is being celebrated in that Holy Day celebration?

Day of Atonement-Yom Kippur And the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer

Ignatius warns, “Do Not Accept Judaism: But if any one preach the Jewish law unto you, listen not to him. For it is better to hearken to Christian doctrine from a man who has been circumcised, than to Judaism from one uncircumcised. But if either of such persons do not speak concerning Jesus Christ, they are in my judgment but as monuments and sepulchres of the dead, upon which are written only the names of men. Flee therefore the wicked devices and snares of the prince of this world, lest at any time being conquered by his artifices, ye grow weak in your love. …”

The Passover

Training Young Christians in Judeo-Christianity
Vision Video, which supplies “safe” videos for Christian families, introduced a video for Christians to use with their young children:

How Can I Celebrate Passover? A young Christian's introduction to the Seder. Some of Digger's friends celebrate a holiday he has never heard of before. Spend a night of celebration with Digger as he learns the significance of the ancient feast of Passover while helping his friend, Beth prepare the Seder meal.

Hebrews issues very strong warnings against Christians following any Talmudic practices. In Paul’s time, those old Hebrew religious practices were taking place in the Temple. God’s word makes it clear that any Christian connection with any Jewish practice is strictly forbidden. 2 Corinthians 6:14ff. forbids yoking together with any antichristian practice, as does all scripture. There can be no “Judeo-Christian” connection without denying the finished work of Jesus Christ.
If any one celebrates the passover along with the Jews, or receives the emblems of their feast, he is a partaker with those that killed the Lord and His apostles. (Epistle of Ignatius to the Philippians.) ...

A New History Part I - History Changed

As we look at the history of the Ashkenazi Jews, and how they have changed history to support their various Zionist’s causes, we are not generally dealing with conspiracies, though Psalms 2 certainly applies. We have shown that the self-identified Jews have told and are clearly telling us what they have been and are doing. However, since the early 1800s, the Jewish Public Relation’s effort has done a marvelous job of indoctrinating the Christian world about the superiority and authority of antichristian Judaism. The more Jewish millennialism increases its hold in the church, the more the church becomes committed to defending the Talmudic Jews, i.e., Orthodox Jews. It is disquieting that Talmudic Judaism is supported from many pulpits of self-proclaimed Bible Believing churches. ...

A New History II - History Rewritten

When a new history is needed to support a specific goal, it is quite easy to call in the “memory merchants,” the “gifted reconstructors of history,” who can skillfully exchange unwanted or unflattering truth for fiction. Then that new, fake history is promoted in history books and museums. Fake history is especially prevalent in textbooks; the upcoming generations must have truth removed before they will believe a lie. ...

Introduction to the Talmud

“The Talmud (with the Kabbalah) is Judaism's holiest book.”

Before taking a serious look at the Talmud in the following chapter, we need to understand its importance to the Jewish faith. The Talmud is something that Christians overlook at their own peril, even destruction. Extremely few, if any, Christians have any idea of what it contains, or the influence it has in the daily lives of the self-identified Jews. When a Christian understands the truth about the Talmud, he will see that to support Judaism and the self-identified Jews is to deny Christ. That is, he supports the synagogue of Satan. ...

The Talmud

Let us open this chapter with these two key statements about the Talmud: 1) “The Talmud (with the Kabbalah) is Judaism's holiest book.” 2) “The Talmud is the authoritative exposition of the Torah.” We cannot overstate the importance of the Talmud to Orthodox Judaism.

Torah - Talmud. Non-Jewish people are often confused by two key words in the Jewish religion. This chapter will emphasize the Talmud. All who write about Talmudic (Orthodox) Judaism emphasize that the Talmud is the basis of all branches of Judaism. So, whether one agrees or not, officially from the time of Babylon, a Jew is defined as one who follows Talmudic law. Though the Talmud is not mentioned by name in the New Testament, there are many references to the “traditions of the elders.” ...

Gog and Magog & The Final War

Ezekiel 38, 39: This section speaks of the world-wide adversaries of Zion, the Gospel Church, moving against it. It records, as does Isaiah xxxiv, Joel iii. 12, 14, Zechariah xiv and Rev 20, the last conflict, which ends “in a final triumph to the cause of God over the leagued hostility of the world.” ...


Our goal is to have a publication to warn of specific Judaic influences in Christian service and worship. We hope to,

1. Give specific examples of how and where Judaism is making its way into the church.

2. Identify persons/organizations (origins, theology) who promote such 'immitation Christian' worship.

3. Give the historical context (a lot of these things were dealt with in the 2nd-4th century among "Christendom.”)

4. Suggest corrections/reforms.

We seek to give specific examples in the various sections, that are probably more involved than needed. In these various sections, and ones to come, we identify specific well-known professed Christian men and women who promote Judaism, as well as specific “Christian” organizations promoting Judaism.

It is not difficult to suggest corrections and reforms that need to be made in Christendom.

1. We must realize that Judaism represents the continuation of the spirit of the antichrist that St John warned so much about. (Note that the Apostles saw Judaism as a serious threat to the church. Not one author nor did Christ fail to warn against )
2. We must see Jews as lost sinners as are all men, and without hope, particularly as their religion as made clear by St John is openly and violently antichrist. They must be dealt with as with all lost souls with love and kindness.
3. We seek to identify Jewish causes operating under the color of Christianity, as they use Christian words with their unique Jewish meanings. Many Christians, either not knowing the Word of God or not able to see past their Christian-Judaic training, are unable or unwilling to face either historic or Biblical truth.
4. We must stop financing all Jewish causes, for Christian finances are not to be used to finance the antichrist. Example, “Feed this poor Jewish widow.”
5. Particularly Christian pastors need to realize that people within their congregations look with favor upon Judaism, e.g., “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” The people must understand that Judaism denies Christ, and Christians must not have any dealings with Judaism.
6. Christians have been convinced to fear Judaic threats of antisemitism. Therefore, they are afraid to express any criticism of anything Jewish, for that criticism will bring quick and sure harsh condemnation and loss of funds from the Judaized Christians. The result is fear to express historical and Scriptural truth against anything Jewish.
7. More points as I think of them, or that might be requested by others.

The purpose of this present effort is so pastors do not have to “preach” against Judaism. Rather, they can refer people to this work, and I will be the bad guy.

I need to do a section on “3. Give the historical context...” from the Nicen Fathers. The Fathers contain excellent arguments from a clearly historical and scriptural position. Very few Christians have even heard of the Fathers, let alone have looked into them.

I am open to sugguestions.

Additional material:

The Rosenthal Document