Marriage is for Families

A "Marriage Conference" for families.

This will be an unusual meeting as Rev. and Mrs. Ovid (& Bettie) Need, who both lost their spouses in death, discuss things learned from their marriages and remarriage, and from others in their second marriages, and how these things apply to first and second marriages. This meeting should be especially helpful to parents trying to equip their children for marriage, and for those facing both first and second marriages.

Why another "Marriage Conference"?

"Recently while attending a Pastors Conference Bro. Ovid Need gave a 35 minute talk on some of the issues that he and his beautiful new bride had experienced in their quest for a spouse in their second marriage. The observations that Bro. Ovid Need and his dear wife, Bettie, had mutually made after former marriages of 29 years helped them find each other by exercising discipline and adhering to Biblical principles that life had confirmed to them were absolutely true and unshakeable. In their quest for a spouse for their second marriage they pursued the 'honeysuckle trail' with clearer vision, tempered twitterpation, seasoned sensitivity and a biscuit or two in the lunch bucket. The beautiful mixture of combined observations by these two precious people was set forth in a manner that blessed my heart and gave me renewed hope of having effectual working tools to encourage our young people to aspire to in their quest for a spouse in their first marriage. I'm 59 years old and have been married to the wife of my youth for 33 years and I know that what Bro. Ovid and his wife, Bettie, have to offer in what God has shown them can be a great help to we older folks in helping others, and to the young people in avoiding many of the pitfalls of ill-thought-out marriage. God burdened my heart at that pastors meeting to ask Bro. Ovid and his wife to come to southern Indiana and share their blessed-of-God, Bible-based principles in a family camp type setting. Before the pastors meeting had ended Bro. Ovid and I were convinced that God would have us attempt this for His honor and glory."
Pastor John Lewis
Campbellsburg, Indiana

Modest dress code enforced - Skirts and blouses or dresses for the women and modest pants for the men - no shorts. Of course, we expect modest Christian attire for both sexes.

Join us at a beautiful 40 acre "primitive" camp ground with showers and outhouses, June 27-29. For more information, please contact Pastor John Lewis, PO Box 104, Campbellsburg, Indians 47108. E mail, <>. Phone - 812-755-4533
(3.5 miles north of Campbellsburg, Indiana, on White River Road. Signs will be posted. Campbellsburg is 9 miles west of Salem, Indiana, on state route 60. Interested persons may call 812-755-4533.)

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