Psalms 45

While pastoring in WV, a Visitor from DC asked for a copy of my Sunday Morning message notes. Though I no longer pastor that church, I have tried to keep up Sunday messages. Medical cares and appointments have greatly hindered time to get the messages together.

When I finished that series in Hebrews, I moved on to Psalms 45, which was a series I used in the "SS" service for Pastor Lloyd Sprinkle, Providence Baptist Church, Harrisonburg VA. (Sprinkle Publications)

I pray these studies will be usefull to you in your service for the Kingdom of God.

Ps 45 pt 1 A psalm of Victory  Ps 45 pt 2 The manner of warfare of the conquering King.  Ps 45 pt 3. The King goes forth to conquer  Ps 45 pt 4. The King girds on His weapon of war
 Ps 45 pt 5 The war starts  Ps 45 pt 6. The King wages war  Ps 45 pt 7. The Rightous and Just rule of the King  Ps 45 pt 8. The Abode of the King
 Ps 45 pt 9 Two-fold Instructions to theForget  Ps 45 pt 10 To the Royal Bride. Worship thou Him  Ps 45 pt 11. The Heathen honour the Bride  

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