I'm sending this out for one simple reason: In spite of what you have been led to believe through reports of the government's "show trial" against the software giant, Microsoft is completely in bed with the government in working to develop back doors to your computer, and in development of numerous programs (such as the Public Key Infrastructure, (PKI)) to be used for social and political control.


Windows "hides" files on your computer which could be used by undefined "others" to collect information about you and "uploaded" the information to the "target" completely without your knowledge which would be necessary in order for the FBI's "Magic Lantern" program to function.

Microsoft has recently secured a patent for a "Digital Rights Management Operating System" which, arguably grants Microsoft complete control over all content generated on all computers!

This DRM system effectively grants Microsoft control over Internet content.

The next generation of Microsoft products will be what is referred to as "thin client," meaning that you will not in any way "own" the software but will lease or rent it on a per-use or timed basis.

The bottom line is that Microsoft is working aggressively to take away our freedom to use the Internet and our computers as we wish.

I strongly urge everyone to buy and install a copy of Linux and begin using the alternative to the Windows operating system. A friend gave me a copy for Christmas and I am making the switch.



Microsoft memo to staff: Clobber Linux

By Byron Acohido, USA TODAY

SEATTLE — Microsoft is escalating its war against Linux, the free operating system begun as a hobby of Internet dabblers but increasingly the darling of bankers, retailers and Hollywood special effects wizards.

In a Dec. 26 memo leaked this week to technology Web site, Microsoft Senior Vice President Brian Valentine urges his Windows sales force to "modify" traditional approaches and "dig deeper"
to find out where companies are using Linux.


Social security is the bane of individual liberty. - SAM
Don't believe anything you read on the Net unless:
1) you can confirm it with another source, and/or
2) it is consistent with what you already know to be true.
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