Peru Pictures

These are pictures we took while in Peru. The pictures are identified in the picture itself. They are here one at a time, so the page will not overwhelm your connection. You will need a broad band connection to download them reasonable well. However, I made them small enough dial up will be tolerable. They are in no special order. Close picture window whey done.

Front of church when we arrived.

Sand everywhere.

Shops on sidewalk

Fresh meat

Preachers' meeting at a local church

Note Christian flag at preachers' meeting

Kitchen. Ladies joyfully served at the church having the pastor's meeting the first Saturday we were there, and I spoke.

Bro Cabezas teaches at "Bread of Life" Baptist Church that hosted us.

Around new job postings on Monday morning

Shops on both sides of sidewalk. Just enough room to walk through

Having very little, they joyfully share

Second floor of church. No roof, but little rain. Christina looking at workmen next door. Pastor, wife and two daughters live in the single small room in back.

Church is behind the sign. Note piles of construction materials stacked in street.

Potatoes in Perue

Fresh vegs daily. No cancer in Peru.

Joyfullness. Lady accrost aisle said, "May your film burn for not taking pictures on this side."

Pastor's wife cleaning up. Men's restroom is kitchen sink.

Ladies Bettie work with.

Pastor in charge of first preachers' meeting we went to. We spoke at his church on the last Sunday there.

Preaching on train

Bro Hector Preaching on train

Kitchen on street

Chicken soup at kitchen

Last night at church


Mamachuan. Female sacrifices were chosen from this school.

Top of Sun Temple. Altars for human sacrifices. Pacific ocean in background.

Pyrmid Temple. Human sacrifices here also. 1100-1500AD

Justo's crew making jewelry.

Very nice chicken dinner, $1.00 US. Same family who had us for a meal.