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Down Grade - Spurgeon

Two articles, published anonymously in The Sword and the Trowel, were written by Robert Shindler, a Baptist pastor and close associate of Spurgeon's. Spurgeon gave Shindler's articles his unqualified endorsement, and the articles touched off a controversy that pursued Spurgeon to the grave. We will publish them one at a time starting in the next issue of the Examiner, Lord willing. The links to the two articles are on this page.

God sends false prophets

Praise the Lord for the Patroit Act. I feel so much safer as it targets Americans.

Public School Reformation, by Robert Dreyfus.

Reaching people when they are young. Sent by Robert Dreyfus

George Barna, whose company has been conducting this research for more than twenty years, commented, "The consistency of people's religious beliefs over time is a tribute to the fact that beliefs are formed when people are young and maintained for the duration of life. Recent studies we have conducted show that the beliefs a person holds at age 13 vary little during their adult years. The most effective way to influence such beliefs is by teaching people when they are young and still in a spiritually formative stage.

Theology of Worms, by Evangelist John Weaver