British Israelism / Christian Identity

By Ovid Need, Jr.


We are hearing of the advance of British Israelism. This we should address with a few thoughts from God's word. B.I. is by no means a new teaching. It has been around for years, more recently known as Armstrongism (and, most recently, as Christian Identity - TDD).

We are no expert on this subject, therefore, we will only address what we have heard. From the little I understand of this subject, it involves the belief that America is somehow special in God's sight and is enjoying His special favors, maybe as one of the "lost tribes."

It is easy to understand why this would be a popular thinking and have a wide appeal. It appears so right, even Scriptural.

Let us make an opening point here. We hear speakers say, "These are spiritual truths which only a saved person can understand." This is true enough. Then they go on to tell how one is saved, "Just bow your head and ask Jesus into your heart," or, "Right now, turn your life over to Christ." Mercy, this indicates that they haven't even grasped the basics of salvation and then they try to instruct in the 'deeper' doctrines of God. Is it any wonder there is such confusion today?

It is impossible to have any kind of understanding of the Scriptures apart from a clear understanding of the substitutionary work of Christ and faith in that atoning work for us as a sinner. (As you all know, this is a "pet peeve" of ours.)

There can be no question about the extraordinary benefits which this nation has enjoyed. America has seen the greatest missionary effort in history go out from her shores. She has enjoyed the highest living standard the world has ever known. She possesses probably the richest land in the world. She has had the best system of civil government and justice the world has ever seen. There has been more personal freedom for the individual than any group of people ever dreamed could be. This has been the land of opportunity for untold millions; a place where, by hard work and self-discipline, anyone could be anything they desired to be.

We who accept the word of God for what it is, the inspired word of God, know that only one other nation has even come close to what America has enjoyed. That is the old nation of Israel as she obeyed the law of God.

Also, obvious is the Christian background of this nation. It is so apparent that the history books are rewritten completely to change history, to erase this from the minds of the upcoming generations.

It is easy to understand how many are led to think that America is special to God, enjoying His special favors. It is easy to see why folks would think that America is a chosen nation by God, maybe even comparable to the Old Testament nation of Israel.

This brings us to the question, why has America prospered as a nation? The answer to this will affect our attitude and action toward God.

There are two possible answers to this question. First, she has been chosen by God to fulfill a special purpose in history. The second, she made the Lord her God at the very beginning of her history. Let's follow through each to its logical conclusion and then see which is according to the word of God.

If we view America as chosen by God to fulfill a special purpose, this would lead to the feeling that she is special in His sight; the same problem that the O.T. Jews had. This would lead to the idea that she can do as she pleases, immune to God's wrath and assured of His pleasure toward her. If we compare America to the old Israel in this choosing (maybe even replacing that old nation), it could even lead to the reestablishing of the Mosaic rites, rituals and holy days which spoke of the work of Christ.

(There is no problem with days of celebration, under whatever name we desire, but they need to be in a Christian context [in remembrance of Him] or we deny the finished work of Christ. To celebrate the Jewish passover in the old Jewish context is to deny Christ. The same would go for the different feasts days. Paul spoke strongly against reestablishing any of the old things which Christ did away with. Compare Col. 2:14 and all of Heb.9, with Gal. 2:18. We do keep the passover today, in Him.)

This view would lead the people of God to think that they can have the blessings of God apart from the principles of God's word (independent of Jos. 1:7,8), and that God doesn't hold His law all that important. See Ps. 138:2.

On the other hand, as we see America prospering because of the founding upon Biblical principles, the law of God, the obvious conclusions must be quite different. If we see the prosperity as a result of the founding father's faithfulness to the law-word of God, this would mean that America is not 'special' and immune to the wrath of God. This would mean that as this nation turns from the principles of the law of God, she can fully expect God to turn from her, even turning her over to her enemies.

This would demand that the people of God be faithful to the law of God or destruction is ahead.

I understand that this nation was founded upon the hope that they were advancing the kingdom of God here on earth. This hope led to many great deeds accomplished in His name, and the gospel spread far and wide. But, such a hope would be no better than what the Jews had for their nation.

We cannot see the conquest of the heathen in any light except through the church. It is the chosen people of God, the church, which is the nation of God, not any local nation, 1 Pet. 2:9. (Note, there are only two nations in the world, the nation of God and the wicked, Phi. 2

:15.) The conquering work of the Spirit of God is through the church, Eph. 3:9-11. The church is that nation, chosen by God, to advance His kingdom into all the world, Mat. 28:19, 20. Any theology which sees the covenant people as any people besides those in Christ, leads to false doctrine, Isa. 42:6; 49:8.

Belief that the U.S. was a chosen nation to advance the kingdom of God on earth leads to British Israelism, as well as the same arrogance, evil and judgement which overtook Israel, Jer. 3:(v.8). Any nation can inherit the blessings of the Lord if they will make God and His law their standard of justice, Psa. 33:12.

Undoubtedly, God has blessed this nation beyond anything history has ever known. The only reason He has, is because the foundation was the law-word of God. As this nation abided by His revealed word, God prospered it. This can be the only reason for prosperity and any nation can claim it, Deuteronomy chapters 30-32. Thus, as this nation turns from His every word as its guide, we are seeing the loss of all gained in the past. God will become the enemy of any people who turn against Him and His law.

The book of Lamentations is extremely clear as it tells us that God, as an enemy, will turn in His wrath against the nation that turns from His law. In Lamentations chapter three, we see the prophets telling the people of God that everything is alright even though the law of God is no more. This is given for our instruction, Rom. 15:4.

There can be no doubt that God directed the founding fathers to lay a godly foundation. The result was the blessings of God. We must keep in mind, those blessings were for the obedience to His word.

We must be on guard against any false teaching which separates the blessings of God from national and/or individual obedience to all the commands, law and statutes of God, Joshua 1:7,8.

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