Doctrinal Statement for

The Biblical Examiner

(Originally Published May 29, 1987)

Additional Explanation



We stand firmly upon the inspiration of ALL Scriptures, and the Scripture preserved for the English speaking people in the commonly used 1611 KJV, or not so common Geneva Bible. [1] The inspired Scripture is our only authority for all doctrine, reproof, correction and instruction in right living, II Tim. 3:16.

A. We stand against ANY and ALL attempts by anyone to separate the OT from the NT. [2] The Apostle, when he wrote to Timothy, was referring to the OT, yet, includes the NT.

 B. We stand against ANY and ALL doctrine which does not have a firm foundation in the law and the prophets, as a false doctrine, Jn 5:39; Eph 2:20. [3]

C. We stand against ANY and ALL effort to void the law as given to Moses: to reject the Mosaic law is to reject the doctrine of Christ, Jn 5:46, 47. [4]

1. Every ordinance which pointed to the Substitutionary Mediatorial work of Christ has been nailed to the cross, Col 2:14-17; I Tim 2:5.2. Every other law-word which proceeds out of God's mouth is still required of God's people, Mat 4:4; Deu 8:3; Ps 119:172.

 Though the law was never required for salvation, it eternally is required for every thought and action in daily life.

a) In the law we find God's definition of holiness and sin, I Jn 3:4.
b) In the law we find how to please our God, II Tim 2:4, 15.
c) Grace is freely given to God's people, at His desecration, that they might know how to please the One who called them; grace enables them to do what is pleasing in His sight, Ph 2:13; I Pet 1:18-20.
d) The demand upon the redeemed of all ages is to be holy even as He is holy; the definition of holiness is given by Moses, I Pet 1:15, 16.
e) Man will be judged in relationship to God's definition of holiness, Rom 2; I Pet 1:17; Ex 19:6.

3. The eternal law of sowing and reaping is still in effect; man will be held accountable for his choice. Since Christ, the indwelling Spirit of Grace empowers the believer, Deu 30:19, 20; Rom 6:15-23. Christ did not remove the physical curse against disobeying His law in this life; rather, He provides the power that we might please Him, thereby avoiding the curse attached to the disobedience, Gal 6:7-10. Christ became a curse for us to remove the curse of the second death, Gal 3:13.

D. We stand against ANY and ALL efforts to substitute anything for education other than Scriptural based instruction. This includes Humanism in ANY form. Any "man centered" teaching is to be avoided. It is not to be taught to our children in any way, Jer. 10:2. [5]

1. This also includes the slightest hint or teaching that education is the answer to man's ills or problems, Col 2:8.

 a) We believe Psalms 1 is God's formula for man's success as long as time remains.
b) We believe that God in His sovereignty raises up and puts down according to His good pleasure, Dan 4:32.
c) We believe that all promotion comes from above, Ps 75:6.

2. There is a place for education, but if education is presented as a necessary ingredient for success in God's eyes, we hold this to be totally unscriptural. The only required education by God is education in His law-word and how to it applies into every day activity. His Word alone, applied in everyday life, holds our instruction for long life and success. If education in other areas is not viewed with "This will better equip me to glorify God," then it is sin, I Cor 10:31.

 a) We believe that God, through His written revelation, is the source of ALL truth; therefore, only His truth is truth, Jn 14:6, 17. Truth can only be accomplished through Him, Jn 16:13.
b) We believe that success in the world's eyes is not necessarily success in God's eyes; therefore, we stand totally against any doctrine which connects gain with godliness. This doctrine is the result of perverse corrupt minds which are destitute of the truth. We believe Paul's admonition to Timothy is to be followed, from such withdraw thyself, I Tim 6:5.
c) Success is faithful obedience to God's every law-word, Mat 24:45, 46; I Cor 4:2.

E. We stand against ANY and ALL efforts (under the guise of Psychiatry as well as most Psychology) to apply human wisdom, understanding or knowledge to any problem of man or to any area of life. God's Holy Word identifies all such efforts as merely a continuation of the original sin (Gen 3:5); therefore, we must stand against any teaching of such foolishness to our children. Every answer for every problem ever encountered in the man can be found in the Scriptures. If it cannot be found, the problem is in the seeker not in the Holy Scriptures. God's Word speaks to absolutely every area of life and thought; thus, all is to be brought into subjection to it, II Cor 5:10; 10:5.

1. Certainly, there are Christian counselors who apply Scriptural solutions to man's problem, but any counselor who does not do this (whether he goes under the title of Physiologist or not) must be avoided. Therefore, a Christian counselor (Physiologist if you please) must be a theologian because he is to apply the Word of God to the situation at hand. We are not to seek after the wisdom of this world as it is foolishness to God having deadly results, I Cor 1:25-30.

 2. We must stand against any and all teachings of Freud as a fraud, designed to replace the Biblical religion with Humanism. His goal was personality and behavioral change through value alteration (value- clarification). We believe in personality and behavioral change only as it comes through the New Birth. Any teaching which would lead anyone to believe that there is any hope, wisdom or knowledge apart from God's inspired Word is heresy and must be treated as such, Col 2:3-10; I Tim 4:7. [6]

F. II Tim. 3:16 also requires us to stand against any kind of church constitution or any man written or designed document which might be used in place of the Word of God. The Word of God alone must be the rule of order and action, not only for the believer, but also for the fellowship of believers, the local church.

1. To put together a document (constitution) which would cover every situation which might arise in a local church would require either the complete Bible or a man-made document as large as the Bible. The Scriptures clearly teach that the Word of God must be our rule for all action. All things must be governed by God's Word and this includes the church.

 a) Any document which might be used for rule of action for a local church would have to cover absolutely everything for it to be binding in litigation. Therefore, by far the best document to govern a local church with is the total of Scripture. [7]

G. We stand against ANY and ALL teaching which would even indicate anything contrary to creation as recorded in Gen 1-3. Furthermore, the "creation day" is a 24 hr. day.

1. Man did not make Himself, Ps 100:3.

 2. We are not to allow our kids to be taught these vain ideas of men which might be contrary to God's inspired word. To allow our children to be taught these doctrines which are not according to the truth will bring the judgment of God upon His people, Prov 14:7; Pro 22:6; Deu 6:7; Jer 10:2; Rom 2:2; Col 2:8.4 [4]

H. We must also stand against the teaching of any tradition over the Word of God.

 1. E.g., "That is the way I was taught. That is the way so and so believes. Therefore this is where I must stand," Mk 7:3-13.

 a) All teaching which we have received must be subjected to the Holy Writ.


We stand firmly upon the absolute necessity of trust in the atoning substitutionary work which the Lord Jesus Christ did upon the cross, Rom. 5:8; Eph. 1:12. [8]

A. We stand against ANY and ALL forms of doctrine which fail to teach that man is totally depraved. Fallen man has absolutely no desire to seek God, which makes him incapable of making the choice to follow or serve God, Ps 14; Rom 3:10-19.

1. God must work in a sinful man's heart to give the desire to turn from his sin and to Christ, Is 11:10-12; Jn 3:14. [9]

a) This work is called grace, Eph 2:8,9; Jn 6:37, 44; 15:16. The only definition of grace which we accept is the Scriptural definition, ie. "GOD WORKING IN US BOTH TO GIVE THE DESIRE AND POWER TO PLEASE HIM", Ph 2:13. Anything less than Ph 2:13 is not scriptural and will lead to lasciviousness, corruption and lawlessness.
b) God's choice of what individual to work in is made according to His eternal purpose, Eph 1:11; 3:11; Ja 1:18.
c) This is one of those things which is far above our understanding, Is 55:8, 9.
d) Our responsibility is to take the gospel to every creature; God has chosen to use the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe, Mk 16:15; I Cor 1:21.2. Our position must includes standing against such modern day false teachings as, "the root of sin is a lack of self-esteem." The Scriptures hold that all promoters of such doctrine are false prophets. The root of sin is man's rebellion against God, Rom 3:12. [10]

B. We stand against ANY and ALL methods or plans of salvation which fail to emphasize the necessity of trust in the atoning substitutionary death of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Scriptures hold that all such doctrines are the false Jesus presented by the one who transforms himself as an angel of light, II Cor 11:3-15. [11]

1. Included are modern day heresy such as "Ask Jesus into your heart," "Turn over your life to Him," and hundreds of variations of this doctrine of devils.

2. The gospel is: Man is a totally depraved sinner, deserving eternal punishment, death, for his sin and rebellion against God. Man is wholly unable to do anything about his lost condition. Christ died to pay the price for that sin in the sinner's place, as the sinner's Substitute. Upon hearing the gospel, anyone who will come to Christ through simple faith in Him as their Lord and Saviour will in no wise be case out. He will pay the price for the sin of those who will receive Him as their Substitute and Saviour. Anyone who will place their trust in the Lord Jesus Christ will receive the promise of God.

 a.) Included in this would be submission to His authority (through His word) for our every rule of action.

3. We believe:

1) It is the sin of rejecting Christ for which a person is condemned, Jn 3:18.

 2) When a person receives the payment of Christ (receives Christ) then he has eternal life, Jn 3:36.

 3) God must place the desire in the heart of the sinner to forsake his sin and come to Christ, Jn 6:37, 44.

4. A believer who continues in sin will be under the wrath of God here in his mortal body, Heb 10:26-31.

5. The logical conclusion of the above stand against the promoters of doctrines of devils must be that those who remain committed in, and those who promote false doctrines must, according to God's word, be misled and misleading in the rest of their doctrine. All teaching by those who base salvation on anything other than complete trust in the substitutionary death, the atoning work, of Christ must be viewed in the light that they are a false teacher in the most basic area: salvation. Therefore they are unable to rightly discern any spiritual matter or teaching, I Cor 2:10-16.

 a) Moreover, the teacher who has his salvation based in any of the many false plans going around has the curse of God against him, Gal 1:1-9.

C. We stand against ANY and ALL teachings of our day which condone Antinomianism in any way, Rom. 6:1-2.

1. The purpose of redemption is freedom and power to live a holy and pure life for our God in this present world, I Pet. 1:14-25. [12]

a) Every deed done in this body will be compared to the truth, God's law, Ps 119:142; Rom 2; II Cor 5:10.
b) The total duty of man is to fear God and keep His commandments, Ecc 12:13, 14. His inspired word tells us how to please Him, II Tim. 2:4, 15. Heaven is a "fringe benefit" or the end result of our faith.
c) It is the holy life of His people which God uses to reach others. The world is going to the devil today because "Christians" will not live what they profess, I Cor 15:34; I Pet 1:9.

D. We stand against ANY and ALL teachings which would identify anything except a holy life and heard work for the Kingdom's sake as evidence of "filling of the Spirit," Acts 4:23-31.

1. This stands against modern day tongues. Tongues were a sign of the coming judgment against the Jewish nation's rejection of the Word of God. It was a call for the Jew to fall down and worship God, Deu 28:45-50; I Cor 14:22-25. [13]

2. Miracles such as healing were a sign to confirm the new gospel message because there was no written word of conformation as we have today, II Cor 12:12; Heb 2:3,4. The NT method of prayer and healing is given in Ja 5:14-16, and INCLUDES confession of sin, Pro 28:13, 14.

E. We stand against ANY and ALL doctrine which would tell us that God deals with men in different ways in different ages. [4]

1. God has always dealt with man through His mercy and grace. Man has never nor will he ever merit eternal life and/or God's mercy and grace, Lam 3:22-25.

 a) Before Christ, it was by faith in the coming Lamb which would take away the sin of the world.
b) Since Christ, it is by faith in the Lamb who came to take away the sin of the world, Jn 1:29.


We stand firmly upon the fact that every born-again believer is a member of the body of Christ (thus the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ), Eph 2:16, placed there by an act of the Holy Spirit. The believer is baptized into the body of Christ into the place pleasing to God, I Cor 12:11-19.

 A. We stand against any doctrine which would identify water baptism as necessary for salvation. The spiritual work of the Holy Spirit is illustrated by the physical act of being baptized by immersion into the local body of believers called the local church.

 1. The believer's trust in the death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ for himself is exemplified by baptism, Rom 6:1-3.

 2. Baptism also pictures putting off the old man and replacing him (the old fleshly desires) with the New Man, Christ Jesus (the new desires of God for us), Gal 3:27.

 3. Thus we have two views of the church: the Spiritual Body of Christ which is entered into at the Spiritual Birth and Baptism, and thus seated in the heavens, Eph 2:6; Col 1:24. The local, visible body of Christ, endured into at the time of water baptism, Col 4:15.

 4. If a person is truly born-again, he or she WILL desire to be identified with other Christians. Furthermore, the Spirit of God will produce a godly life or chastise an unholy life, Jn 15; Heb 10:25.

 5. The hope of the believer is found in Christ in us working His good pleasure for all to see, Eph 2:10,11; Col 1:27.

 6. This spiritual work of the Holy Spirit not only gives the believer power to live for the One who redeemed us, but it also gives free access to the throne of grace for help in time of need. This boldness in approaching the Father is through the priestly work of Christ, Heb 4:16.


B. The foundation of the church.

1. Founded upon the promise of Gen 3:15. All who have trusted in or will trust in the Promised Seed are thus members.

 a) The hope of OT Israel is identical to the hope in the NT: faith in the redemptive work of Christ. Acts 26:6-7, 22-23; 28:20; 23:6; 24:15; 13:32-41; 17:11.
b) All of the law and prophets required the redemptive work of Christ as we know it today; thus, no person has ever been saved by faith in addition to the law, Job 19:25-27; Lk 18:31; 24:25-27, 44-48; Rom 3:21; Heb 9:15.

C. We stand against ANY and ALL carnal means to carry on the work of God.

1. We believe that any use of the arm of the flesh has the curse of God against it, Jer 17:5. We believe that not only does the violation of God's law-word have His curse against it, Deu 27:26, but also any attempt to do "His work" using worldly means carries with it His curse. The destruction of the families of our day is only one result of God's people forgetting God's law and using worldly carnal means to do "His work", Hosea 4:6. These curses will remain in effect as long as there is a law of sowing and reaping, Gal 6:7, 8,9. Included in worldly carnal means of doing "God's work" is:

a) accreditation, certification, incorporation, and licensure as well as the praise of men to get people do religious activity, Jn. 12:43. [14]
b) philosophies of men such as Maxwell Maltz, eg. "You can do it," Col 2:8. [15]
c) anything which fails to emphasize humility, meekness and service as well as total dependence upon Divine Grace will result in destruction, Jn 13:1-17; I Pe 5:5, 6; Ph 4:13. [16]
c) any teaching of "self-sufficiency" of any kind, II Cor 3:5.
d) ungodly debt used to "finance" God's work. Debt makes the church a servant to the lender and not to God, Pro 22:7; debt leads to the motive of money to make a payment rather than love in the church's service for God, Rom. 13:8. [17]

3. We believe there is only one motive for doing God's work: for His glory and in obedience to Him, I Cor 10:31.

 a) The mark of love for God is obedience to the Word of God, Jn 14:15-24.
b) Faith is doing what God's Word requires of us no matter what the cost and leaving the results up to Him (we might add, no matter how long it takes for those results to come to pass, Heb 10:35-38; 11:13; Gen 12:1-4). Therefore any action on the part of the believer apart from obedience to God's word is sin and leads to destruction, Rom 14:23; I Cor 3:17.

D. We stand against ANY and ALL linking or yoking together with either the unsaved or the carnal Christian.

 1. The carnal Christian is to be removed from the fellowship if he refuses to repent, I Cor 5.2. The unsaved are not to be joined together with, in close friendships, marriages, nor partnerships, II Cor. 6:14-18.

a) This would include allowing the unsaved to train our children, Pro 22:6.

E. We stand against ANY and ALL teaching which would remove the blessings of Abraham from the NT church or Christian, Gal 3:29. [18]

1. The OT nation of Israel was broken off completely because of their rejection of Christ, Rom 11:20.

 a) This was in accordance with the OT law, Deu 28:68.
b) This was in accordance with the OT prophets, Hosea chp. 8.
c) This was in accordance with the words of our Lord, Mat 21:33 through Mat 24 (Mat 24:14 is largely fulfilled, Acts 2:25; Rom 10:18; Col 1:6, 23).
d) Mat 24:21 was fulfilled when Rome destroyed Jerusalem; therefore, any prophetic doctrine built upon these passages up to Mat 24:21 are purely speculative. [19]

2. The church is now grafted in as the end time covenant-people (Israel) or nation of God, thus, the church is the heir to the promise made to Abraham, Rom 11:17.

 a) The natural Israelite (blood line to Abraham, although NO one knows their blood line back past the destruction of the Archives [20] ) is not excluded, for he can be grafted back in through faith in Christ, Rom 11:1-23.
b) The Israel of God since Christ is those in Christ through faith, Gal 6:16. The true Israel of God (Circumcision) has ALWAYS been by faith [21] , and that circumcision a work of a Sovereign God, Lev 26:41; Deu 10:16; 30:6; Rom 2:28, 29; Col 2:11. Judgment came upon OT Israel for their refusal to circumcise their hearts and obey His voice, Jer 4:4; 6:10; 7:23-28; Acts 7:51. The judgment of God will come upon His people today as they also trod underfoot the blood of Christ by willfully disregarding the law of God, Heb 10:28, 29.
c) The commonwealth of God, His covenant people, is now those who are made nigh by the blood of Christ. The end time temple (habitation) of God is the church which is built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Eph. 2:8-22; I Cor. 3:17. [22]
d) The new chosen people, nation of God, are the redeemed, Deu 4:34; I Pe 2:4-10.
e) There are only two classes of people today, the saved and the unsaved, Rom 10:12.

F. We stand against any teaching which would hinder the pastor from fulfilling his responsibility as the overseer of the local church, Acts 20:28.

 1. This would include any organizations or boards within or without the church which would attempt to make the pastor subservient to them. The pastor has not only been given the authority but the responsibility for that local church, I Tim 3:1-7; Heb 13:17.

 a) This use of authority MUST be proper and according to God's Word or it is no longer godly authority requiring obedience.

2. Improper local church authority would include women "preachers", teachers of doctrine, I Tim 2:12.


We stand firm upon the AUTHORITY OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST over His Church, Eph. 1:21.

A. We stand against ANY and ALL efforts by anyone and against any methods of compromise of the authority of the LORD Jesus Christ. He alone is the Head of His Church; therefore, any effort to make Him a "Co-Head" must be resisted by God's grace to the death if needs be, Acts 2:36; 4:18; 5:29.

 1. Seeking any kind of permission from any source to carry out the work which God has commanded the believer or the group of believers (church) to do is prohibited.

a) When Christians seek approval from any source of authority other than Scripture to obey God they have denied the Lord who bought, I Pet 2:1-3.
b) Those who condone or promote compromise are false prophets, teachers.
c) "God doesn't care how His work is carried out, just as long as it is," is a damnable heresy, Rom 3:8.
d) The good words used to justify compromise, and the advantage gained from compromise did not spare the angles who sinned, the old world that perished, nor will they spare the compromisers today, II Pet 2:4-5.

2. Compromise includes seeking permission from civil authority to carry out Mat 28:19, 20 through Incorporation. [23]

a) Seeking permission (compromise) recognizes higher power which must give permission. Paul never went to the civil authority nor the religious authority to seek permission to preach or to establish churches. To seek permission says that there is a higher authority which must approve one's obedience to God's Word.
b) Compromise includes seeking approval of teachers or curriculum through state licensure; the Word of God is our approval.
c) Compromise includes submitting the local body of believers to any central authority, e.g., Denominationalism. Christ alone is the head of the local church; the local church is an autonomous body answerable only to it's Head, the Lord Jesus Christ. It can only subject itself to those things which will not violate HIS AUTHORITY.

B. We stand against ANY and ALL evidences of anarchy on the part of the individual: the Head of every man is Christ, I Cor. 11:3.1. Christ has established proper authority for man's benefit, including civil government, Rom 13:1-5.

 a) Because Christ is the Head of man, any time any authority (civil government) requires an individual to violate Biblical law, man must obey the revealed will of God, Acts 5:29. Any disobedience to ungodly demands must be done with a meek and submissive spirit of obedience to Christ, Dan chp. 1, 3; I Pe 2:12-25; 3:9.
b) There is no such thing as sacred and secular for a Christian: every thought and action is for God's glory in accordance to His Word, or it is sin.
c) The spirit of anarchy on the part of a pastor forfeits his position as a godly pastor, II Tim 3:1- 7; Titus 1:7. THEREFORE, ALL OBEDIENCE or DISOBEDIENCE can be done only in the terms of GOD'S WORD. An individual's obedience to God's Word will reveal his attitude and motive behind any disobedience he might make to other authorities. The Word of God exposes the secret motives of the heart, Heb 4:12.


This is difficult to say the least. God alone knows the secret things of the future, and the more man emphasizes the hidden things the more problems it can lead to. God has revealed His law-word to us and our best bet is to be busy at doing what we know to do, Deu 29:29. We must agree with Peter: many things which the Apostle Paul wrote are hard to understand; therefore, we need to spend our time emphasizing what we do understand. Emphasizing the things hard to understand easily leads to error and even destruction. We grow by doing what we know to do not by searching for the "deep hidden things of God," Heb. 5:14; II Pet. 3:15-18.
Before we consider some points here, let us be reminded that the purpose of the Word of God is that man might know and fear God, that he might know how to please God with every fiber of his being and establish himself as one of God's holy people, Deu 28:1-9; 31:12; Titus 2:14; I Pet chps. 1 and 2. If we believe that the purpose of Scripture is for doctrine, reproof, correction and instruction in right living, then we should be extremely cautious about emphasizing the study of Eschatology. Therefore "Prophecy Conferences" can place a dangerous, if not demonic, emphasis upon the study of God's Word. Another dangerous emphasis in studying God's word is studying with the goal of increased knowledge apart from increased application, I Cor 8:1. Paul gives us the godly motive for Scripture study as he exhorted Timothy to study to show himself approved unto God, that he might be a workman (for God) that needeth not to be ashamed (rather) rightly dividing the Word of Truth. Paul goes on to tell Timothy to shun other things because they lead to more ungodliness, II Tim 2:15, 16. Therefore studying Scripture with motives other than to be a more effective servant of God better able to apply His Word to every area of life so that we can depart from iniquity (v. 19), and able to train others to be faithful, will lead to more ungodliness.Many "teachers" teach about Things to Come as though God Himself had conferred with them before the worlds began or that God has given them a "special revelation." In fact, some prophecy teaching borders on the occult as they study Scriptures so that they might tell the future. [24]
Furthermore, let us mention that the vast potion of today's dispensational prophetic speculation is based upon a Roman Jesuits (converted from Judaism, and writing under the pen name of Ben-Ezra) 1791 manuscript combined with Margaret Macdonald's "special revelation" in the early 1800's in Glasgow, Scotland.
Ben-Ezra's and Margaret's theories were assumed and combined by a Scottish Presbyterian pastor named Irving, developed and defended in prophetic conferences (starting in 1826), passed on to J.N. Darby, who brought them to the U.S. in the latter 1800's, and were adopted and promoted by C.I. Scofield in the early 1900s. [25]
The hope of the church throughout the early centuries has been the second coming of Christ, [26] not a rapture of the Church.
There are some things clearly presented for the future, such as Rev. 19:10. God has established His unchangeable laws in His Word and we can know the future in terms of our present action upon His law-word, i.e., "Do this and live" "Do this and die." Our study of His Word must be motivated by: "What does God tell me to do that I might live? What am I doing that will lead to death?" This desire is not only for us, of course, but for those around us and for society: "How does God speak to this area? What does God say to do here? What will be the results of this decision?" There are some things that are clearly presented, one of which is that no matter what we might believe we can be assured that we will see Him; furthermore, will be accountable to Him for every action done in this body. Therefore we must be about the Master's business claiming every area for His Glory, Matt. 24:45,46. Let us now present a few things here for our consideration.

 A. Christ is now seated at the right hand of the Father in His Glory on the throne of David over the covenant-people of God far above EVERY NAME that is named, Eph 1:20-22; therefore, Ps 110 is in effect.

1. Men (saved and unsaved) try to avoid His laws as he tries to break them with immunity, yet He laughs at their vain attempts. His wrath is against them, Ps 2; 45:7; Heb 1:1-10.2.

The early church saw Christ as the total and complete fulfillment of the law and the prophets, and His ascension to His throne as the start of His kingdom, Mat 5:17; Lk 18:31; 24:44; Acts 12:41-43; 13:33; Heb 1:5-8.3. It was the message of this ascension and Christ's return from His throne in judgment against the unrepentant that brought conviction, Acts 2:29-47.

B. We are told that Christ will remain upon His throne until the end and the completion of His kingdom when all things are placed under His feet. At that time, He will deliver it all up to the Father, Acts 3:21; I Cor 15:24-28; Ps 110; Heb 7:17; Ps 45:6; Mat 22:44; Mk 12:36; Lk 20:42; Heb 1:13, &c. [27]

1. His kingdom is a spiritual kingdom advanced by the power of grace not with the power of the sword. We believe that grace is more powerful than all of man's sin combined; grace will overcome all sin, Jn 3:3, 5; 18:36; Eph 2:6; Mat 18:1; Col 1:13; Dan 2:36-45. [28]

a) The church is identified as the new mount Zion, the city of God, the heavenly Jerusalem, Heb 12:22, 23; Ps 48:1,2.

C. Our command as Christians is to claim every area for the Lord Jesus Christ, Mat 28:19, 20, including:

1. training up the future generations for His glory, Pro 22:6.2. making all decisions based upon the effect they will have to the third and fourth generation, Ex 20:5.3. avoiding all doctrine which might teach an "escapism," an escape from responsibilities toward God or toward man., an escape from the results of ungodly decisions which are made by Christians, Hosea 8:7; Gal. 6:7. [29]

a) there is only vengeance and wrath ahead for those who ignore the victory over sin bought by the blood of Christ and continue on in their sin, Heb 10:26-31.

D. We are told that Christ will visibly return in God's time, I Thes 4:16-18.

1. He will then judge the quick and the dead, II Tim 4:1.

a) there is an eternal hell (place of torment) for the disobedient, those who disobeyed the command to repent and trust Christ, I Jn 3:23; Rev 20:19, 20.
b) there is an eternal heaven for those who have trusted Christ and received His finished work for them. Through this righteousness of Christ the righteous will eternally live with Him and enjoy the rewards of their godly service for Him here in this life, II Cor 5:10.
c) We stand against "Soul Sleep." The Scripture teaches that immediately at death a person goes to their eternal abode, II Cor 5:6-9.

E. God also tells us that the earth is His and the fullness thereof, Ps 24:1; 50:12; 89:11. [30]

1. Absolutely nothing takes place apart from His will, Dan 4:35; Rev 17:17; Pro 16:33; 21:1.

a) Sinful men (saved and unsaved) get the type of leaders they deserve: covetousness begats covetousness, Jer. 5:31; Hosea 8.
b) Thus we must say that until there is a spirit of repentance, humility and obedience among God's people there will be no return to God by the nation, Hos 7:2; 10:2, 3; 13:9.

 Not until God's people quit walking according to their own understanding, will God intervene, Hos. 7:2; 10:2, 3; 13:2, 9; Amos 3:2, 5:14, 15. The answer to societies' ills is not political but spiritual, and until God's people return to Him and His law for their every rule of action, the unsaved cannot be expected to follow Godly order.

2. Satan is in rebellion against his Creator (as is man), yet he does nothing apart from his Creator, Job 1:9-12.

 a) Satan's power to move against God and the godly comes from the Lord, for ALL power belongs to Him, Mat 28:19; Rev 13:7.
b) the wrath of evil men works for His praise and glory, Ps 76:10.
c) Satan is a totally defeated foe; therefore, he can only prevail as God's people fail to walk in the victory of the cross of Christ, Col 2:9-15. The Saints are seated in Christ above all of the powers of this world, Eph 2:6, 7. The very gates of hell cannot prevail against those who walk in their victory which they have in Christ, Mat 16:18.


Note that this is only a VERY SHORT Scriptural outline on a few major doctrines. There is a whole book full of passages to confirm not only these few doctrines but hundreds more doctrines, called the Word of God. To address all the doctrines would require quoting His entire Word. In addition, we stand upon the Historical Baptist Doctrine, believing it to be the closest to what is required from Scripture. One of the best teachers of this Historical Baptist Doctrine was C.H. Spurgeon. [31]

The Historical Baptist Doctrine is also presented in The London Baptist Confession Of 1689, upon which, by the Sovereign Grace of our God, we firmly stand. [32]
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We have reprinted this for our people. A copy will be provided upon request.

May 29, 1997

Ovid Need

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