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 Lessons from Greater Ministries Fall. TBE, 5/99

The Inditement of Gerald Payne

As of 3/13/99, it appears that GM has fallen. An incitement has been handed down accusing it of, among other things, being a Ponzi scheme. See the latest, up to date information as posted on the Tampa Tribune page.  Folks say that because something is reported in the media, it cannot be trusted. My experience in this situation is that people do not want to believe what we have been trying to say, so they use the "media" as an excuse to ignore facts.


This pastor has been accused of being on a "hobby horse" over the GMI issue. I suppose that is a legitimate accusation. Those who have contacted me defending GMI (and condemning me for saying bad things about a "Christian" brother and organization) have argued for its goodness by saying, "No one has lost a dime." However, documents are now in hand that say quite the contrary.

I would ask you to forward to me your experience with GMI. And tell me if I can post your note. No anonymous notes will be considered.

Pastor Need


You had best do some investigation before "investing" money in GMI's "gifting program." See the Affidavits concerning the large amounts of money lost by Michael Miller, of Confluence, Pa., and June Smith, of Lancaster Pa.

NEW, 2/16/1999
See also three letters by William C. Smith, who personally lost over $79,000 and his friend, Roy Cotton, $90,000. Letters, 1 Feb, 19998 Feb, 1999 and 15 Feb 1999.

Several states in which GM operates are issuing injunctions against its operation.

Those who heard some of GM's presentations in 1997 will find it interesting that despite GMI's claimed disdain for any corporation, Gerald Payne's Affidavit says that,

Either Payne's lied in his Affidavit or those who presented GM as not associated with a corporation were lying in 1997, in this pastor's opinion.

Though GM was praised in the 1997 as being an outstanding "Christian Ministry,"  "Pennsylvania had a cease and desist order in place (against GMI, ed.) since 1995" Tampa Tribune, 3/24/99 []

Why was not that brought up at the meetings in 97 and 98?


I have asked many times for and been unable to obtain documentation for GM's holdings in its public claim of owning and operating 200 gold mines (see TBE, 2/98). The refusal to provide documentation for this public claim, I suppose, is what "set me off" on this "hobby horse." However, it does appear that GMI may indeed be involved in mining operations, but those operations appear to be a little questionable, i.e., Liberia.

1. I have heard a GM representative speak twice, and both times, he spent some time telling how much he loves the Lord and what a great Christian ministry GM is. (GM placed a "curse" upon June Smith's family when she started asking about her money.)

2. Most of those who have contacted me about my stand against GM have accused me of attacking a "Christian" brother and ministry.

The Liberia article does not exhibit a good Christian testimony on GM's part, in my opinion (but I am only one man, so I could be wrong, misunderstanding the meaning of 1 Thes. 5:22).

However, those defending GM (and who are receiving money from the organization) say that because something appears in the news media, it cannot be true, e.g., "You must have two sources for anything to be true, and the media is only one source." The defense I have heard against media articles has been that you cannot trust the news media, for the news media is always out to destroy any kind of Christian ministry.

But now there are three sources, not counting the mdeia. The sworn statements by people involved in GM.

3. "Is GM a Ponzy?" At this point, I cannot say; however, it sure shows, in my opinion, all the marks of a Ponzy. But if you ask, "Is GM Scriptural?", I must say, based upon the word of God, that it is not, so Christians beware. When one knowingly violates the word of God, they destroy themselves. (Hosea 13:9.) Those who make their decisions based on money will get caught in the same web.

Do your home work.

Every pastor is required to cry aloud against things that are contrary to God's word. The same command says spare not --- that is, do not fail to proclaim the word of God and take a public stand even if it offends the religious leaders, the rich and powerful, or even if it offends friends and neighbors. (Isa. 58:1.) This pastor is amazed that men who have in the past cried aloud against sin are now silent over the GMI issue, which is so clearly unbiblical.

Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment. (Jn. 7:24.)

The following is presented for your information.

Bro Need

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Lord willing, I will post a new article soon from the Fall mailing of The Biblical Examiner. Let me know if you want to be notified of the new posting (11/21/99).

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