For some time now, I have been trying to warn others of Gothard. Those who are committed to Gothardism have been quite distressed at me. They seem to boarder on believing that Gotherd can do no wrong. I have documented everything I have said, yet they, generally, have refused to allow even documentation to change their minds.

Though they have rejected past warnings, this warning is even more important. For here we see Gothard actively destroying families, probably in the name of "greater good."

PARENTS: This warning is not only concerning Gothard's ATI, it is also a warning about any pastor who does not support the father's God given place of responsibility, protection and, yes, even authority over his unmarried daughters.

The heretical teaching that a church can replace the parents in the lives of the daughters is playing a large part in the modern destruction of the family.

Bill Gothard -- a "Holy Kidnapper"

Hello Ovid,

I wonder if you know about some of the tactics of Bill Gothard. I was helping a friend who was trying to get her daughter to come home. She was sent on one of the ATI youth centers and just as soon as she got there, her personality completely changed. She said she had read a book that said her family was dysfunctional, and so she would not return home. It is sad to see the anguish in this family. They trusted this ministry and now Bill has gone against them. He has told them that he cannot make her come home because he thinks the family is "abusive." I have written to Jennie [Chancey] about it and we are trying to think of anything we can to get this girl out of there, but Bill is working against us. On the web, there is an article called "Holy Kidnapping" written by a man whose daughter was sent to a ministry and ended up being free labor for the minister and his wife. He said there was a trend of getting these daughters to stay, and when the heat was too much, they would just shift them to another minister somewhere else. Since we have not heard from this daughter for awhile, we suspect she has been sent to another one of Gothard's centers. Do you know that he does things like this? He is also very evasive when the parents talk to him. He would not answer any questions. He claimed that the family didn't have anything going on at home for their daughter and it justified her being away in his center in NZ. We think it is all wierd. Stanley has emailed Bill but just gets evasive answers. I have emailed him and been told that since the parents are "abusive" they won't send the girl home.


Lydia Sherman <ladylydiaspeaks@comcast.net>


Editor's note: HOLY KIDNAPPING is a must read for parents. I am personally familiar with "Holy Kidnaping," where a "trusted" pastor told a discontented daughter that she is now old enough to be on her own, and out from under her father's protection and authority. Instead, she can place herself under a church's "authority" (his church, of course). In fact, the pastor told the daughter that any effort by the parent to try to hold anyone to God's word was "legalism." In all his wicked advice, he refused to give any Scriptural justification, though he claims he is part of a nation-wide "Nouthetic Counseling" ministry, and his church is well-known for "Nouthetic Counseling."

When the parent tried to confront the pastor with God's word over his unscriptural advice, the answer from the kidnaping pastor was that his mind was made up, and "I reject your position" that a daughter should remain under her father's protection until marriage. Of course, "reject your position" relieves that pastor from having to confront Scripture and maybe even having to change his theology.

No doubt "kidnaping" pastors would greatly protest the State "kidnapping" their children, or children from their churches. Yet they see no problem with "kidnapping" other Christian's children in the name of the Lord. What a terrible judgment awaits these wicked men as they answer for every deed done in their earthly bodies.

Upon request, I can send you the exchange between that pastor and the parent.

Sadly, this nation deserves whatever it gets in antiChrist civil majistrates.

How can pastors condemn the State for kidnapping children in the name of "what is best for the child," when they do the same in the "name of the Lord"?

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