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2022 Updates



•Purpose of Satanic Power...1
•The New Reality–Anxiety...2
•State Farm goes Woke...7
•Surprise! It’s women spearheading massive pro-life movement...9
•Manufactured Reality...10
•Gun laws will not fix a cultural and spiritual problem... 12
•Does God Care What I Wear?...13
•How Compromised Preaching Is Contributing to Our Cultural Rot...16
•The pre-planned Energy and Food crisis...17
•To Restore America, We Must Restore the Family...18
•The “Experts” are wrong...19
•Tyranny of the Experts...20
•The Higgins Boat...21

•Franklin Graham Issues Stark Warning to Church: ‘Trying to Pervert the Gospel of Christ’ 23
•Follow-up on “The God of the Decade.”...24


 • The God of the Decade–Donald Trump • Stupid Is As Stupid Does • County Before Country • There is no God • Fine China • Christians in American Culture • Are there Americans so brainwashed they will never recover? • Don’t Dwell • The story of my transition and
• Various–16
• The Inside Story From Inside
• Salvation Through Knowledge–21
• The Greatest Generation vs. Generation


 • Torturing Christ...1
• Be a Man...5
• The Importance of Being Earnest by Bettie Need...6
• The Antinomian Heresy...8
• Keeping the Law Today...9
• The American Church Is Apostate...12
• Rejoice– Black families motivated to homeschool...14
• TicTok is destroying our children...15
• Rescued by Ruby...15
• Various...17
• (Easter) Emotionalism or Faith?...19



• Responsibility to Others...1 • The purpose of the law...2 • A Candle That Will Never Go Out...5 • Liars Prosper...7 • Wokeness Heresy...8 • A Culture of Lies...9 • Children of the Greatest Generation...11
• America is a Hospital...13 • Great Cause for Rejoicing...14 • Big Brother Sees and Knows all...14 • Creating a Socialistic State...15 • Understanding CRT...15 • More to life than computers....16 • Various...17 • • Renewable Energy Madness & Blindness...19
• The Debt Merchants. Debt and War...23


  * Looking ahead...1 * Stand We Must...6 * Suspect’s parents charged in Michigan school shooting...7 Global Coup...7 * Worse Unintended Consequences of mRNA Shots...10 * Encouragement...11 * How Do Some Catholic Priests See What Most Evangelical Pastors Don’t See?...11 * A Workman Must Study...13 * Giving Thanks to God...14 * Vegetarianism: A Prevailing Heresy...16 * Various...20 * Jesus Never Came To Bring ‘Peace’...22 * Psalms 149...24

 2021 Updates

 December 2021

Contents listed on right.

 * A Child-A Son...1
* The “Christmas” religion of Mary’s child...2
* Isaiah 9:6...3
* Tower of the flock...5
* ‘Santa Claus’...6
* Thomas [Stonewall] and Anna Jacksons Christmas in Winchester...6
* All Humanity Is Under Siege...10
* Patriotism’s–Conservatism’s Failure...12
* The Great, Godless Globalist Reset...18
* Eating in the 50’S...19
* Various...19
* The Disciplined Mind...21
* Christmas Quote from a Confederate Chaplain...21
* Personal...21
* God Always Provides...22
* Inheriting The Earth...23
 Novenber 2021
* The First Thanksgiving, 1621
* By Faith, Rejoice and Again I say Rejoice
*The future belongs to the Redeemed
* Faith is the Victory
* Earnestly Contending for the Faith
* China Is Not Our Problem
* The 21st Century Warfare: Cognitive Warfare & Examples
* Merchants of Death
*Tip Toe
* Theonomy
* Personal & Home Made Laundry Soap
* Celebration of Death
* The Great Textbook War
* Educator Reveals Their Style of “Education”
* Prankster in a Bottle
* Providence & Promises
* Law and Order
* Warning
* Meet the sheriff
* Kyle Shepherd’s Book Review of DEATH OF THE CHURCH VICTORIOUS by Pastor Need

 October 2021

CONTENTS Hyperlinked Click on article

* Foam on the Water, Bro Need. Hosea 10:7
* HALLOWE’EN & the Occult, Kurt Koch
* A CONFEDERATE SERMON, Rev Moses Drury Hodge, (1818-1899) Psalm Ixxxvii. 1-3
* God Is Not Mocked, H. Hondel Rumburg, Galatians 6:7-8
* One Lord, Bro Need. Deuteronomy 6:4, 5
* Gaslighting
* 3 Presidents Reject Covid Vaccines. 3 Presidents Die, Chuck Baldwin
* Personal
* Letter
* Bitcoin, Franklyn Sanders
* Empires Fall
* Various
* Danger: Food From CHINA
* Christ Shall Triumph, Origen
* Soy
* Responsibility or Tyranny, Bro Need. Deuteronomy 17

 September 2021


Covid, A Blessing from God ; Judgment With Purpose. ; COVID-19 & Mass Psychosis ; Fluoride: American’s Passivity Drug ; Multitudes Dead and Dying ; Gary North’s Tip of the Week...9
FDA-approved’ Pfizer shot is NOT what people have been getting ; A Closer Look at Romans 8:28 ; The Rutherford Institute ; Covid Blessing #5 ; Mom explains ‘It was the best thing we ever did’ ; Bumps Against Reality ; Biden And Trump. for Deep State ; US Openly Declares War Against Christ ; Left Using Afghan Debacle to Change America’s Population ; US State Department’s Increasing War Against Christ ; Why We Were Defeated In Afghanistan ; Halloween and the Reformation ; FYI

 Auguest 2021

—Phinehas Today...1; LESS WE FORGET how liberty for the Christian & home school movement was won. —A Candle That Will Never Go Out...7; —Understanding Socialism...9; —Mandatory Vaccine Passports...9; —Vaccine Reactions!...9; Information You Can Use If You Get COVID...10; —Fauci, NIH, Trust Us...10; ­—Let Nothing Be Done Through Strife...11; —Personal & words of encouragement...12; —Multiculturalism, Diversity Celebration...15; —Letter...19; —For Such a Time as This...19; —Covid–Fallout Has Only Begun...20;—History of the Car Radio...22

 June 2021

The Gathering of the Nations, by Bro Need...1; Seeing the mind behind the universe, by J.C. Derrick...6; Human Computers...8; Nobel Prize Winner Warns...9; Lies & Self-Defense, by Bro Need...10; Polyamorous “Families,” by Brandon Showalter...11; Vaccine Passport, by Mat Staver ...12; Perfect Timing...13; A Man Wins Pre-Miss Nevada Pageant!...14; Stand with Israel- Not On Your Life, by Chuck Baldwin...15; How low can you go?-Bio-Sludge, by Mike Adams...17; Old Age...18; Personal, by Bro Need...18; Out of Weakness, he was Made Strong, by John Hoffman,...19; Private Property, by Bro Need... 21

 May 2021

 The Two Beast of Revelation 13 [“China Owns Canada.” Social Media, Universal Basic Income, and Cashless Society: How China’s Social Credit System Is Coming To America]; My Grace is Sufficient...5; Finding rest for your souls...7; Why I love MOM!...13; Global Genocide against humanity has started... 14; Pfizer warns: Stay Away From The Vaxxed...15; Intentional Covid Murders...16; No Compromise...17; ‘I wish I could go back’: ...18; Prayer, “conversion therapy” illegal?... 20; Various Comments...20; America’s Cultural Revolution...20; A personal word...20; Civil Liberty—Destroyed from Within...21

 April 2021

 Contents The War Intensives...1; Self-Professed Christian ministries’ attack against the Christian family; The world tells one narrative, but the Bible tells another...8; NIV, Pro-abortion bible?...9; Data Shows Homeschooling Explosion...10; THOMAS SOWELL, Sage Of The Technocratic Mindset (Limits of the Technocratically “Enlightened”)...11; Various...12; Depopulation...13; 1984 is here...14; Heads Up?...14; China...14; Humans Subject To mRNA “Software Updates”...15; The Rulers Take Counsel Together...16; Why do the Wicked Prosper?...17; Venture All for God...22; Personal...24

 March 2021

How the Mighty are Fallen–SBCS & the Mark of the Beast...1; The Silence of the Shepherds...6; Time Spent on Purpose...7; Time...8; Debunking The Fluoride Myth...8; Vaccine Truth...10; Penalties, Purges Ahead for Military Personnel?...11; Tomorrow...11; Marxist Critical Race Theory In America’s Classrooms...12; HuffPost Blaming Christian Curriculum...13; The Lockdowns...14; Churches & Suicide...14; Various Facts, doctors wary of Vax, “Bitcoin Prison”...14; Vaccine Fast Facts...16; Pfizer Bullies Nations...16; The depopulation vaccines...16; The Purpose of War...16; Wisdom...17; Paying It Forward...19; Facing the algorithms, i.e., Facial Recognition...20; Mask mouth & gum disease...20; Love of Death...21; The Flame Shall Not Kindle Upon Thee:...22

   Bettie's update 2/6/21

 Feb 2021

 The Evil Prince...1; A Culture of Lies...6; $70,000 to buy a False Flag...7; Older Than Dirt Test...8; Lockdown...8; Real America...10; Is Jesus Lord or is Caesar Lord of the SBC?...10; Riot or False Flag?...12; Samuel Adams...13; The Six-Fold Mission of the Church...13; Be Prepared...18; Pray for the persecuted church...19; Various...20; Ivanka for Senate?...20; Personal...21; Canceling the classics...22; Two Views of the Gospel...23; Ain’t America great or what?...24

 Jan 2021

 The Law of the Bystander & The secret to saving America...1; Letter...7; A Generation that knew not God...7; Government Schools are Killing the American Church...9; Finally, a Mass Exodus...10; The Mayflower Compact...11; Good News...13; Mass Exodus From Public Schools Accelerates...13; What to expect...14; The Gunshot Flu...15; Correspondence from Norway...15; Everything is Broken...16; Personal...20; Various...22; Who has the power?...23

 2020 Updates


 Contents: Christmas & New Year issue.

A Christmas Message – The Great Overturning: Ezekiel 21...1; Jay Adams...7; Sheriff Ward...10; Walking by Faith...11; Socialism will not work...14; A New Year’s Message–Time...15; By Bettie Need...18; A Mask Rant...19; Fear Rules...19; California Schools Kowtow to Marxist Agenda...21; The church’s real threat: fear...21; On The Lighter Side...22; From NaturalNews. com...23; Mask Hysteria...23


Thanksgiving. ...1; permission to rest .. granted...5; QANON: AN ANTI-CHRISTIAN RELIGIOUS MOVEMENT...6; Parents Take Closer Look at Their Child’s Education...12; University Teaches Overthrowing the Government...12; 1619 Project... 12; Kroger...13; Personal...13; Update from Bettie:...15 WHO ARE THE CHOSEN PEOPLE OF GOD?...16; Christianity vs. Mormonism ...21


The Fight Against Communism in America....1; Governor Pritzker vs Jesus Christ...1; The Political Myth....3; Religion and/or politics can save us....4; The Triumph of Christ...5; Virus Blessings...8; Christian Groups Prepare Parents...9; Why flee from the Temples of Satan?...10; All-out war against the Lord and his Christ...11; China Demands Churches Praise Communist Regime...12; Bitterness...13; Civil Liberty...14; Voting...18; Central banking similar to socialism...18; CDC: Six Percent of Coronavirus Deaths ...19;
The Truth About Halloween...20; Lex Talionis...22; Update about my wife...24


Dead bones...1; Does Everything Work for Your Good?...8; Foreseeing Evil...10; The Spirit of Fear...11; Is there hope?...15; Interesting observation (USPS)...15; The Power of Remembrance ...16; Sovereignty & Responsibility...17; Personal...20; Inured to Hardship...21; QAnon...23
   QAnon, a theological Issue PDF download or QAnon html

 Aug 2020

 The destructive force of Guilt and of Fear...1; The Power of Fear...6; Resistance to Church Lockdowns: What About Romans 13?...9; Fear-less...13; Mixing Christian and Occult...14; Wrinkles...16; Personal...17; Letter...18; Descent from Freedom
to Bondage...18; The American Dream now a Nightmare... 19; US, Pleading for Judgment...20; Homosexuals and the Death Penalty in Colonial America; Subversion...22.
 June 2020  The Wicked Demand Social, Not Biblical Justice...1; The War for Western Civilization...1; Victory in Jesus Christ...8; Obama Out-Militarized Trump...13; “Civil War”?...15; “We are Preparing for Massive Civil War,” Says DHS Informant...15; How One Church In India Provided More Than 3 Million Meals ...16; The Grayheaded...17; Personal Prognostication...18; Various...20; Tyranny...21; A short personal note...21; Creation’s Best Evidence...21; Does GOD Use Sickness?...23; New PDF Download...24

 PLANDemic COVID-19.

 Many hyperlinks to articles showing that COVID-19 is a planed edemic to further Communism in the US

 Looking Inside of Judaism.

 Name & Contents of Book Temporary at this Point.

 Death of the Church Victorious

 Now available in hyperlinked PDF. TOC, Coros-referenced and Index hyperlinked into the text.
 May 2020 PLANDemic, COVID-19 Issue: Heir to the World...1; Inheritance by Faith, Rom 4:12, 13 ...2; The Messianic promise to Abraham ...7; Beware the “New Normal”...8; The emerging Beast government...10; And the ‘new normal.’ ...10; A word about the COVID-19
Virus....12; The Good, the Bad and the Ugly...12; Harvard To Hold Event To Discuss The ‘Educational Deprivation’ That Happens When Parents Homeschool...18; Educating for the New World Order | Behind the Deep State...19; It had to
come...19; COVID-19 blessings:...19; Our dress rehearsal for a police state...21; God’s Infallible Providence...23; Looking Inside of Judaism....24
  March 2020  Contents are hyperlinked: Nimrod’s Legacy...1 ; Babylon and Nimrod...1 ; Nimrod and the spirit of Babylon...2 ; Homeschooling Interest Climbs as Schools Weigh Closures Due to Coronavirus...8 ; Our God is as a Man of War...1 ; A DYNAMITE DEAL...14 ; A
Game of Graft, Greed and Grief...14 ; Wisdom from Training Manuals...16 ; The upcoming Jewish Passover...16, Demonic Christianity, A Satanic Ritual, Talmudic Judaism, the Exodus and the Passover, A Perpetual Lie ; Personal...19 ; Who Really Owns the Land?...20 ; Making Every Act Conform to God’s Law...22 ; ‘I was a teacher for 17 years, but I couldn’t read or write’...24
 Jan 2020  Contents are hyperlinked: Genesis 4:7 – The Big Cat...1; The Incarnation and Spirit of Antichrist...5; Nimrod’s Legacy...6; A Very Short History...12; Various...13; Cyprian (200-258 AD) – The Real Enemy...14, New Lies for Old Lies...15, God’s New humanity...15, The Enemy’s Power...17; The Good Regent...17; Personal...19; The Soy Deception...20; Bitterness...21; New start for the New Year...23.

 2019 Updates

 Nov 2019 Contents are hyperlinked: Legalism vs Liberty—1689 Confession...1; The Kitten...6; The Old Paths...7; Translation and Subversion...8; The Great American Heartache...12; Baptism...13; Great Dispensational Excitement Generated by Trump-Cyrus...14; Next Event on the Prophetic Calendar? Temple in Jerusalem With Animal Sacrifices...15; Animal Sacrifice...20; The New Dark Age...20; Recess for Adults...21; Lloyd Sprinkle...21; The Transfer of Wealth...22; Personal...23; A Personal Warning-Deadly Vaccines...23; The Worship of Weeds...24; Wait ...Christians confessing to plants?...24.
 Sept 2019  Vengeance and Justice...1; A new flag...5; Subversion...5; DuckDuckGo...7; Truth From the Manhattan Declaration...7; A generation of cowards...8; Mandatory Injections of Aluminum...9; 5 G dangers...10; Why Stupidity Reigns...10; A “PreTribulational Rapture”?...11; Letter...13; Prosperity Built on Debt?...13; A Confederate Sermon...14; .Juvenile Adults..17; Redeeming the Time...17; Personal...23; Received Text...24
 July 2019 Contents are hyperlinked: A Jew?...1, First, the Modern Jew. Second: The Word “Jew” Defined. Third: Judaic Zionism’s Millennial Dispensationalism introduced. Fourth: Definitions. Fifth: What a Jew is not. Sixth: Additional Documentation. Seventh: Romans 11, logical implications; A bill to make the US a vassal state of National Israel....12; Jeffrey Epstein...13; Missionary Died thinking he was a failure...15; Homeschooling Surges...16; Personal...18; Museum of the Bible promotes Judaism...18; Music Teacher...18; The Role of the Jews in this Dispensation? ...19; How the mighty are fallen... 21;; Repay or Repo...24; Prosperity built on debt?...24; “My word will not return unto me void”...24.
 May 2019   PDF Hyperlinked. Contents: Swords into Plowshares, Micah 4...1; Real ID...9; The Wages of Sin (Are Paid in Fiat Money)...10; The Electoral College...13; Teaching Math...14; Wind Power...14; “Wolves Among Lambs – My Story of Sexual Abuse and Coverup in the Church.”...16; Weird & Deadly Weather...20; Definition of “Baby” Reworded at Abortion Debate...20; A Non-Person. Logical Implication...21; On the Mountains Let Me Tell...21; Personal...22; Top climatologist: Our models can’t be trusted...23; Though He Slay Me...23; Letter...24; Booklets by Thomas Williamson...24
  Apl 2019   PDF Hyperlinked. Contents: Religious Fraud, Plunder, and Murder, Michah 3...1; The Bunny Ban ...9; Chaplain Edward McKendree Bounds...10; Global Warming...11; On the Mountains Let Me Tell...12; Is the Resurrection of Christ the Only Doctrine That Matters?...13; The legging problem...18; Behind the Smart phone Backlash...19; Climate Change...19; Debt...20; Is Growth Godliness?...20; Success...22; Personal...23; War Requires Money...23
 Feb 2019  PDF Hyperlinked. Contents: Abortion...1; To the Point at Hand 2, Why Do Christian Women Continue to
Have Abortions?; Psalms 127...4; Human Sacrifice to the gods...8; The Moloch Sacrifice Climaxes...8; A True Shepherd...10; A Frank Talk to Women...12; Gift from Heaven...13; Temple in Jerusalem With Animal Sacrifices...13; Animal Sacrifice...18; AAADD...18; “Stonewall” Jackson and Special Providence... 19; Is she in your church?...21; More Pastors Use Group Approach, Multimedia Presentation...21; The Political Myth...22; A short personal word....23; Explanation...23; Online Bible...24

 2018 Updates

 Feb 2018 PDF Hyperlinked. Contents; Numbers may be slightly off. Contents: Sin of Political Hope...1 ; The State as King...5 ; Moloch or Molech, i.e., king, worship....5 ; Rebuilding...6 ; Follow the Money...8 ; A real man...9 ; Personal...9 ; Who Is To Blame...10 ; PARAPROSDOKIANS...16 ; The Necessity of a Regenerate heart...17 ; Moneychanger...19 ; Prayer and Works...19 ; Special For My Frinds...21 ; View Senators and Pray for our Country...22 ; Kicking God Out of the Schools...23 ; New Booklet...24
 May 2018 PDF Hyperlinked. Contents. Introduction...1 ; The Talmud...2 ; The Magicians 2 Timothy 3...3 ; Closing definitions...10 ; A Con for a Con-Con...11 ; Recipe For Growing the Kingdom... 12 ; Yahweh...14 ; I Will Be a God to Thy Seed After Thee...18 ; Screen Time...19 ; Brain Images Explain Why Kids Are Moody, Impulsive & Can’t Pay Attention...19 ; Personal...21 ; Study Shows More Time With Mom Helps Her Live Longer...22
 Aug 2018  PDF Hyperlinked. Contents: God’s Army vs. Gog and Magog...1 ; Ezekiel 37:1-14... ; 1; Ezekiel 37... 2 ; Gog & Magog...4 ; Gog & Magog Identified...5 ; The Battle... 7 ; Abbreviated Bibliography...10 ; Endnotes...10 ; God Gave Rock and Roll to You...11 ; Playlist: The Devil’s Music...14 ; The Bow & Arrow Model For Parenting...15 ; Various...17; A.D. vs C.E....17; A short personal word...19 ; “Stonewall” Jackson and Special rovidence...19 ; The Nature of God’s Land Grant to the Jewish People; or, The Key to Peace in the Middle East...21
 Sept 2018  PDF Hyperlinked. Contents: The Day of Atonement...1; “Kol Nidre” (All Vows) prayer...2 ; The First Ten Years of a Child’s Life...8 ; The Value of a Woman...9 ; Leviticus 27...9 ; Public Schooling: A Waste Of Time And Money...16 ; Judge stuns America...17 ; Money and debt...17 ; Hammurabi Knew Better...20 ; Debt Slavery...20 ; Why It Destroyed

 2017 Updates


 Contents: Jew vs Jew...1; Romans 11:25, 26...3; The Great Khazarian Empire... 4; Israel vs Israel....5; Zionism defined... 6; The Baptist White Lie Cake ...10; Debt Slavery...11; U.S. Treasury teaches ‘Islamic Finance 101’...13; Lest we forget...13; Changing Science...14; Fulfilled by National Israel?... 14; Why The Globalists Need A War, And Soon...17; Kingly Office...19; Play the Man...21; Enough with the Victimhood:...23; Personal...24
This PDF file is Hyperlinked.


 MANY new topics from the past (since 1986) are being added in the rearranged Topical Index.

Posting studies by Scriputre: See under "S",.

 Exodus Messages  
   Exodus Introduction L1
   Exodus Introduction L2
   Exodus message 1_L1 Vv. 1-7
   The following Examiners are from the past. I lost many digital files, but saved a few hard copies. These are in PDF, but are not searchable. They are listed from the oldest forward.
 May 1989  Row vs Wade
 July 1989  Totaliarian Democracy
 Aug 1989  Prosperity
 Jan 1991  Hardness of Heart, Isa 9:8-10,
 Aug 1991  Public Servants? 1 Cor 3:5 ; Servants of Mammon, Misuse of Stewardship. 1 Cor 4:1 ; Minister of the State-Minister of God ; By me Kings Reign
 Jan 1992  From the Hog Pen (The welfare state) ; Responsibility & Restitution (Salvation Requires the law of Restitution) ; Love of Slavery (The Lord's Freman ; Planing Ahead 2 Sam 9
 May 1992  The State as God The Coming Famine (State Control of Grain Price) How Not to Pray Profit from Evil Salvation Letters
 Sept 1992  Exalted without Faithfulness Mashed Potato Christians, Ex 5:20-23 The Hillary Factor Gleanings
 Jan 1993  War against the 3Rs Part I aginst 2Rs, Part II, agains the third R, Numbers The KJV/Geneva
 Feb 1993  Wisdom, Ex 28:3 The Keswicks Protect the Neighbor Theophobia
 May 1993  Resisting God's Grace Brass & Gold, more than enough, Ex 39:5 Saving Souls?
 June 1993  God's Glory-The development of Sin (Ex 32:1-7) Courisity, a cause of death? It's time for Anger, But Sin Not Bad Laws: time to act
 July 1993  Conservative or Libral Tyranny A great shaking, He 12:27, 28 Who's in Charge? Money Won't Help
 Sept 1993  Mother of all Battles for self-control, Pro 16:32 The Destyruction of God's People, Hos 4:6
 10/22/  October Examiner:The Effeminate Male, Clement of Alexandria, A.D. 153-217...1; The Selfie Generation...7; Source of the “Selfie Generation”...8; Fabian Socialism...8; A Window of Truth...8; Why has Fabian Socialism been so successful?...9; Fabian education produced the “Selfie Generation.”...10; Understanding Southern...13; The Language of Manliness...13; ‘Mother Nature is angry’...14; From Franklyn Sanders:...16; Personal...16; The War On Men:...17; 10 Ways Masculinity is Under Attack...17; For Whom may a Christian Vote...18; A “Goose” Is Roasted...23
 10/7/17  10 17Commandments: Introduction - First - Second- Third - Forth - Fifth
 10/3/17 The Altar. SM message at Trinity Presbyterian Church, Ludlo KY. This message is taken from my edtensive message series presented at Provicence Baptist Church, Harrisonburg, VA. This a grealy edited message from the Second Commandment ---
 10/7/17  Sundaya Morning Message. Ps 45 pt 13. Rejoice
 10/3/17  Sunday Morning Message. Ps 45 pt 12, The King's Daughter
 9/24/17  Sunnday Morning message, Ps45_11, The Heathen Honour the Church
 9/21/17  Study Lessons for Deuteronomy; continuing updates. Not for those desiring milk.
 9/4/17  Sunday morning messages completed thus far in Psalms 45
 9/3/19 PM  Worship, Exodus 20:3-6 (Preached at Trinity Presberterian Church, Northern Kentucky.
 8/27/AM  The Evil Prince, Ephesians 2:1-10 (Preached at Russellville and Trinity Presberterian Church)

 PDF index is hyperlinked to these articles:

DOWNLOAD: Should the state legislate morality?...1; Public results of secret actions... 3; Concluding Comments... 7; The pornification of society...7; An answer for “insurance”:...11; Misused Power...11; Various...14; Everlasting Dominion of Christ... 17; Christian Faith on the Altar of Football...19; Personal...21; God’s Providential Care...22; Where is mine honour?...24; Bible Studies at the White House...24; Books...24

 June  DOWNLOAD: THE PDF INDEX IS HYPERLINKED. The Prudent man ; Muslim birth ; Christ-less conservatism ; Mike Pence ; Realm of the insane ; Vetetarianism ; Medicare Part G ; KJV ; Home Schooling ; Kidnapped by the Pope ; I will try to read that ; Personal ; Letters ; Devil’s brats
 Halloween and the Reformation  Halloween and the Flood See also Halloween
 The KJV vs preversions  
 Contents of Vaccines  
 March  The John 3:16 Christian...1; God vs. Man-Centered Spirituality...6; Man-Centered Gospel...6; The Dangers of Man-Centered Theology...6; A Touchstone for God-Centered Salvation Vs. Man-Centered Salvation...6; Man-Centered Songs...7; The heresy ofРworshiptainment...8; The Worst Worship Service Ever...8; A Defense of the Faith...11; The War for the Mind...11; Unjust laws... 13; Our Danger/Our Duty...15; The Real Problem...17; Watchman Nee...17; Personal...19; Surgery...19; “Chest Wall Pain”... 20; Various...20; Air Force recruiting restrictions...22; How Children Perceive TheirРGrandparentsР...23; Islam: The World’s Fastest Dying Religion ...24
 Feb  Many messages from Hebrews, topics listed.
 Jan  Sanctity of Life...1; The law of the bystander...1; Abortion & Money...3; Christian Abortions...3; Various...3; La La Land...4; Birth Weight...5; Virgin Birth...5; Christian Root of Abortion...6, Incidence of Abortion in America, Why Women Get Abortions, Abortion by Race, Abortion By Ethnicity, Abortion by Religion, Sad Conclusion; An Inheritance from God...8; Movie Review, GREATER...13; Digital Heroin...13; Kids turn violent as parents battle ‘digital heroin’ addiction...13; Personal...16; The Progressive Disintegration...16; Church Militant...17, Poland Officially Proclaims Christ as King; Tell them what they want to hear...17; Trump Is Exactly Where The Elites Want Him...18; Living at Home...18; Christian Reconstruction....19; Abortions in Modern Israel...21; Electing Love!...23; Scripture...24

 2016 Updates

 Nov/Dec  lection Reflection...1; Keynesianism 1; Woes upon this nation. 3; 17th Century Baptist Church Discipline...4; Thanksgiving...7; Personal...9; Modern Preaching...10; The Heretic...11; Extra comments about “Errors, Heresies and Babblings.”...17; We Serve Divine Royalty...19; Debt Slavery...20
 Oct Grace through faith ...1; Sow in tears...5; Charles Finney on Theology and Worship...6; A note from a reader in Idaho:...8; Sugar...8; Jesus is Lord...9; When Egyptians Fight Egyptians...10; Divine Judgments upon Tyrants & Compassion on the Oppressed... 12; Various...13; Filled With the Spirit...14; Celebrate the Reformation...19; Personal...21; Whistling Past Your Graveyard...22; Salvin, the Presbyter (439 A.D.)...23; Ashdod...24
 Aug  Overthrowing False gods...1; “Jew” and the curse...6; Is Pokemon Go Evil, Dangerous Or Demonic?...7; Churches to play Pokémon Go ...9; God’s Promise to Abraham...9; Smothered to death by extra-Scriptural rubbish!...11; Apostasy...12; Messianic Judaism...13; Crislam--One Of The Fastest Growing Religions In America...16; Lawful Liberties Such as Christ Allows...17; Divine Judgments upon Tyrants and Compassion on the Oppressed...19; We wait and watch....19; Beauty and Glory (Authority)...20; 1689SINGLES.ORG...24
 June  Choose you this day...1;The Sins of the Fathers...2; Who can deny that foreigners now rule over Americans?...3; BIBLE CONFERENCE on Prophecy and the Jews....4; Why?...6; God’s Soldier in North Korea...10; Strong Delusion...10; 12 Signs That A Cloud Of Insanity Has Descended On The Land...10; Are we ready?...11; “Outraged” Christian Parents Boycott...12; A Christian Approach to Foreign Policy in the Muslim World...12; “Chaplains’ Corps Chronicles of the Sons of Confederate Veterans...15; Fellow Compatriots in the Chaplains’ Corps and Friends of the Cause...15; From the “Moneychanger”...16; The Light Shineth in Darkness...16; Various sickening signs of Insanity...18; Christians Support Sodomite education ...19; Muslim Flag-Planting­ on US Soil ...20; Turn thou us unto thee…...21; Emotional appeals...22
 April  Mother’s Day
Teaching Women to Blaspheme God...1; Humanism and Career Women... 1; Apparel...5; Mother...5; Mother’s Day Musing...6; A Silence on Separation...8; Orchid of Encouragement...10; FYI...10; Porn Adiction 11; “They’re Coming to America”...11; Only in America...12; A Black Dog Saves a Reformer...13; Prosecuted for Having Abortions...14; The Shunammite...15; Global Warming!...18; Personal...18; The VA Health Care System &c.... 18; Safe at Last ...19;How Islamic State is training child killers in doctrine of hate ...19; Crisis in America’s Churches, Bible Knowledge at All-Time Low... 20;  Serious, in-depth research/study material...23
 March  The Millennium?...1; Truth...6; Christ sets up his Everlasting Dominion...7; War with the World...9; Various...9; America’s Suicidal Self-Identity Problem...10; Bill Gothard...11; Personal...11; DropBox...12; New Online Bible 2016 edition...12
 Jan 2016  Finding Hope in Turbulent Times ...1; The War on Chipotle ...10; Immigration ...10; Personal ...10; Interesting: ...11; Amos 9:11-15 Fulfilled by National Israel?; Powerball-Tax for being Stupid ...15; PowerBall ...16; Powerball Renews Interest ...16; Lottery & The Word of God ...16; Fortuna: Goddess of Chance & Luck ...17; Another one Bites the Dust… ...18; Society for Biblical & Southern Studies ...19; The Truly Liberated Woman, by Bettie Need ...19; 10 Surprising Revelations ...21; The Western Morass ...21; The Great Mystery Of Godliness ...22; Most Jews Do Not Agree ...23; Beards ...23; A Levitical Ministry ...23; Books ...24

 2015 Updates

Dec 2015  The Unteachables...1; Principle of Unavoidable Uncertaity...6; What Religion Did the Bill of Rights Recognize?...8; Personal...9; In my opinion...10; Remember...14; Election 2016...15; “Statist Education” Self-Destructs...15; Discerning the Times...16; Obama’s Pilgrims...18; Killing an Ocean...18; America’s FIRST Muslim City...19; A Lamentation...19;
A Kingdom of Priests!...22; “Christmas Time”...24; Books...24; “Insurance” outside of ObamaCare...24.
 Oct 2015  Victory in Jesus...1; Personal...10; Statins...12; Fat Fraud...13; My Mother Barked Like a Seal...15; Helgelian Dialectic...16; Oregon Shooter Sought Christians to Kill...16; Frito-Lay & Sodomy...17
Dementia...17; Sharia Law in Action...18; One People of God, or Two?...18; Are We Going the Way of Rome?...19; No wedding? No ring? No problem...23; Books...24
 Aug 2015  Contents Table of Contents is hyperlinked to articles
Tyranny...1; Nae Jouking in the Cause of Christ...6; Christian Reconstruction...8; Public School’s War Against Christ...8; Cultural Cleansing of Christian Males...10; The Confederate Flag Needs To Be Raised, Not Lowered ...11; Personal...15; How to Wage the War for Truth...16; Does Isaiah 17 Predict War Against Syria?...17; Men are Happier...19; Secret War on Cash...19; Nimrod’s State...20; The Modern Carpetbaggers...20; Various...21; The Slumbering Giant Is Finally Awakening...21; A Tale of Two (Gay American) Cities...23
 June 2015  Contents The TOC is hyperlinked to articles
Hope for the Future...1 ; Reason for “Future Hope” above...11; Do the Signs of The Times Point to Christ’s Soon Return?...12 ; Crimes of the Educators...14 ; Losing Your Christian Culture? Thank a Public School!...17 ; Personal...19 ; Turning America into a Battlefield: A Blueprint for Locking Down the Nation...21; Books...24
 Apl 2015  Contents. The TOC is hyperlinked to articles.
A Wicked Nation Overthrown (Ninival by preaching)... ; Open Response (To Churck Baldwin's "How Christians and Conservatives are Helping to Destroy America"...5 ; Our Mandate to Stand with Israel (Not)...13 ; Personal...16 ; Sodomites Advancing...16 ; 50 Shades of Grey (Movie) ...18 ; Marine Hymn ("Shores of Muslim Tripoli" ...18 ; Secrets of Success...20 ; THE COMING EVANGELICAL COLLAPSE!!!...22 ;Florida Town Threatens To Shut Down Churches Who Violate Strict New Code...24 ; Books...24
 Feb 2015

 Biblical Examiner, 2/2015.The TOC is hyperlinked to the articles:

Be Ye Angry...; Dealing with the Challenge of Islam...; Feeding Sheep or Amusing Goats...; Hello-Goodbye...; Why I ditched statins for good...; Share reduction given...; A short personal note...;
Where are the Men?...; CHURCHILL ON ISLAM...; Misguided Christians & Israel...; My Thoughts On The Movie "American Sniper.?"..;
Why I Hate the Super Bowl...; Bondage of the Will...; The Vain Mind...; Books...


2014 Updates


 December, 2014. Examiner PDF file. The table of contents in the PDF file is hyperlinked to these articles.

The Great Overturning * The Year One * Christmas * Ebola-Owned by the US government * Personal * Like Pigs. * God's Promise to Abraham - "I Will Bless Them That Bless Thee" * A Suggested Survival List * Points to Ponder * Freedom Lost * US, ruled by Muslims * Books: free upon request, and otherwise * The Coming Sodomite War * Hyper-grace


 September,2014. Examiner PDF file. The table of contents in the PDF file is hyperlinked to these articles.

Examimer on medical leave * Thou Shalt Not Steal, Part I * To depend on God * PASTORS DELIBERATELY KEEPING FLOCK IN THE DARK * Corrupt communication * The Trial of our faith * Apostate: The Men Who Destroyed the Christian West * Personal * Books * From Ron Rumburg


 July 2014, PDF hyperlinked to these articles

Secret Things & Public Results...* My Gun...* This & That...* The Worldview that Makes the Underclass...* Hypocrisy Over the "Gay Rights" Issue...* THE MORALITY REVOLUTION...* Homeschool Family Sends Seven Kids to College -- All by Age 12!...*
In The Regeneration...
* The Dog Ate My Tax Receipts Act!?...* Without Hope...* The Name of God...


 June 2014, PDF hyperlinked to these articles

What is Truth?... * Brit detained in Israel...* World War III Has Already Been Lost... * Sinking in the swamp of faux-hurt...* Are visits to Heaven for Real?... * Let the Lion Out...* SATANISM TO BE INSTITUTIONAlIZED BY OKLAHOMA GOV?T...* Personal...* Sodomite Training for Christian Children...* What Has Your Faith Cost You?...* NOT A PROPHECY OF ENDLESS WAR BETWEEN JEWS AND ARABS...* Putin...* It's time to put the saturated fat theory to bed...* Health Care CEOs...* Manifold Antichrists Are in This World...* What Will Happen When the Dollar Collapses?...* Judgment is not coming?it is here...23
The Great Conflict..


Apl 2014. PDF hyperlinked to these articles

 The Evil Prince...* Politicians & Traffic Jam...* St. Valentine, The Real Story...* For This Child I Prayed...* Subject: What is Love?...* Honoring Jars of Clay...* The War On Men ...* What Happens When Muslims Believe in Christ?...* Consider the following...* The Dead Bones...* Personal...* BILL GOTHARD RESIGNS...* America Crumbling; Who?s To Blame?..* "JESUS IS MUSLIM" ...* Have a Book Store?...* Free Books...


Examiner, Feb, 2014 Hyperlinked to these articles.


Christians and Life...* What Should Be Done To A Country? ...* Fukushima Radiation Alert ...* Deliberate and Systematic Blackout...* U.S. Navy Sailors Sue TPCO ...* Fukushima, Fear and Fallout...* Dead Bees and Dead Babies...* Personal...* 2013 Man of the Year...* Have An Exit Plan...* What?s in Store for Our Freedoms?...* Bank Run Fears Escalate...* A Religion of People Control...* Vladmir Putin Says America Is Godless...* Christians Awaken for Duck Dynasty Flap...* His Workmanship...* 55 Million Babies Killed Since Roe v. Wade...* The Real Purpose of War...* "Free" Books...* Scalia Predicts Return of Internment Camps...* The Promise of Hope...

 5/24/14  Romans, Galatians added to commentaries
 5/24/14  Romans 12, Gifts
 4/28/14 Ephesians 1-3. commentaries


Contents: The Other Jesus, Salvation & the Sinner's Prayer, Quote from a Confederate Chaplain. Book Review, "The Great Evangelical Recession", Gun Control Solution That Makes Sense, Relevant Christianity?, Tax Truth, Communist Chinese Troops on U.S. Soil, End of America, Flu shot kills 19-year-old, Mandatory Mercury Injections, 1 Samuel 4, Fat : ), Mandela's Communist Leadership Role, Interesting, Putin, Various updates

  2013 Updates

 10/18/13  On the Time and Date of the Revelation. See Topic Index. or do a Google search on the Index page.
 PDF files




 9/10/33  9/13, The Biblical Examiner. PDF file. Hyperlinks work: Judgment, Scrabble anyone, THE DISAPPEARING MALE, Priesthood of the Believer, The Anointing, Was this guy a prophet or what, Judgment fires are burning, Wal-Mart Same-Sex benefits, from the New American, Sweet Memories (Sugar poison)
 9/10/13  Commentary on James 5
 9/18/13  8/13 The Biblical Examiner, PDF FILE. Hyperlinks work: God's good and perfect gift, Is It "Anti-Faith" to prepare? Defining the Sin of Gossip, Personal, Global Warming update, Who is Responsible, Letter, Another warning,‘Back when we wuz Negroes', Did you see?, Putin says, "...An all out collapse", Strange Planes Landing, 1920 press prediction, Sincerity, Dhimmitude, "The Political Animal", Wheat Belly,Fools Ignore Facts, Free Books.
 9/8/13  James 4 posted--
 8/22/13  Entire Jude, James 1, 2 and 3 posted
 Examiner 5, 2013

 Second Commandment and Conversion, THE ALTAR, Exodus 20, Sex-ed cartoons "too graphic" for N.Y. Times, Should Christians Work to Keep the World From Becoming Worse and Worse, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), What foods should I avoid, Does God Hear, Worship, Beautiful Marriage,
William Law, Boston Marathon Bombing Happened On Same Day As "Controlled Explosion" Drill By Boston Bomb Squad, Is Conservative Talk Radio the Answer for the Mess we are in?

PDF copy with huperlinks to various articles.

 Ezaminer 4/2013

Contents: Exploring Prophecy... Antichrist identified...FYI...The Moneychanger market report...How Shall we then Marry...Soy report... The Pride of Life...Not a Prophet Nor the Son of a Prophet... Like All Sleight-of-Hand Games It Cannot Continue Forever...University Takes Action to Punish Student...Personal... The Great Cholesterol Myth ... New Beginnings... Prophets of profit... 1 Samuel 4... Identifying Identity's Gentile Corruption...

PDF copy with hyperlinks to various articles.

 Examiner, 2/2013  No Fear of God, Have Pastors Forsaken America, From Prisoner to Chaplain, Baptist Mysticism, Rejected, Is the Bible Sufficient-Or Do We Need New Revelation?, I Forgive You and My Apologies, The "Chickification" of America, Porn & Same-Sex Marriage, Porn at the Super Bowl, To your health-not, Jude 3, Quote from a Confederate Chaplain, Quote of the day, The Rationally Misinformed Voter
 Examiner, 1/2013  *Divine Providence *Cancer Cure!! *Stop School Shootings? *The Multi-Site Church Controversy *Personal *Guns *Fiscal Cliff, smoke and mirrors *America's problem and cure *The Worship of Satan *Connecticut shooting * Government Security *Wal-Mart and Guns *Sandy Hook Gun Grab *Secret Things of God *Seek Good *Pravada *The Godly Woman *Victorious Faith *C.H. Spurgeon *Abortion=Judgment *Liberty and Freedom *Fabian Socialism *For your consideration

 2012 Updates

 12/22/12  Messages on Divine Providence
   Overseas Travel Log, 2012
 Examiner, 12/12  Sant Claus Came to Town, The End of an Empire, A Christmas Hope- Micah 5 (Edersheim's dating of Christmas.), Superstorm Sandy- Man Made? (Salvation defined), Personal, Killers on the Loose, Debt Slavery, Banks Can Legally Steal Depositor's Private Funds, Salt Your Way to Health
 11/11/12  Election 2012
11/12 God's order of Accountability - Suicide or Salvation - England - Personal - Non-Money and your hone - US Conquered by Bankers - Big Banks always win - Rules Change - False Flag - Head Covering - Leadership Lessons - Witnesses - Wheat - Real Backbone of America's Dictatorship
   Jude v. 2
 10/4/12  Superstorm Sandy, man caused?


Personal Warning
Deceivers & False Prophets
Self-deception, or blindness
Fluoride makes you stupid
Government assistance
Jude 7
8 Economic Threats
NIH superbug outbreak
False Flag used to force war upon citizens
CIA "Manages" Drug Trade
Are Race Riots Not News?
Christianity & gun owners
Chilling tactic exposed
Crucifixions of Christians
War with Amalek
Why Home School?



Redeemed to Serve God,
Why Christians don't vote

2012 Questions for Christians
God's Word Attacked
Head Covering
Pentagon to salute gay troops
College Bubble
Spanish or Chinese?
Various Things To Know
College prof urges parents to homeschool
Indiana First to allow citizens to shool law enforcement officers

Various things you need to know

Rick Warren
The Merck Fraud Story
Corn Sugar
Gates and Monsanto Go After Milk
Violence and the Posse Comitatus Act

Military prepares for Martial law (Kill rioters, demonstrators in America)


Model public schools after Muslim
Chinese Target U.S. Homes
USDA, Mexico & food stamps
From Blue Cross Blue Shield
The Moneychanger market report
The Biggest Financial Scandal in History

There Will Never Be Enough Jobs In America Again

 Witchcraft & Magic
Valentine’s Day
Our Next President?
The Federal Vision
Wind Farms & “Local” Warming
Mass Exodus US Oil Refineries
Lies, lies and more lies
“Civil War”?
Christian Identity
200-Year Oil Supply
GM now China Motors
Quote from a Confederate Chaplain

 Examiner contents:

  • All Israel, Romans 11, The Deception of Billy Gaham, Soy is makig kids gay, Various, Secret History of WWII, Contress Passes Bill Severely Curtailing First Amendment Liberties, Short note for an election year, Psalms 8:15- by me kings reign, Iran to use Gold in trade (FED uses US army to retain its power), Of Slavery and Systematic Population reduction, Police Used to stop Ron Paul's Supporters, The Building Trades Alternative, Mormons Claim to be the only True Christians, Vot for me, and I will set you free, It's an Obama world. "Gay Flag" flys in US base while Christian Flag is banned, To my old friends, Letter, Personal, America's fastest growing religion, That's a lot of hot air--The Wind Turbin Ripoff, Tea Party, RIP?, Pastourized milk linked to cancer
  •  4/26/12  Wresting Scripture, 2 Peter 3:15ff.

    Biblical Examiner, contents

  • The Work of Christ
  • Wycliffe Definds Changing Titles for God
  • The Real GI Joe
  • Letters
  • Book review: "Blue like Jazz"
  • Personal
  • Israel and Modern Politics
  • Today's New International Perversion
  • The Purity of Doctrine
  • War
  • Obama the Chicken is being plucked
  • The Coming Evangelical Collapse
  • Obama's 23% increase of welfare
  • The Witness of the False Prophet
  • The Baptist Dog
  • Emergent Church
  • What we believe

      2011 Updates



       Romans 11:1-10
       Proverbs 4
     12/12/11  Joel Sarpalli

     TBE contnts: Man After God's Own Heat
    Follow-up to lock box confiscation
    Home is where the school is
    On Jennie Chancey's blog
    Fig Tree Generation?
    A Woman's question
    Charity or "Social Justice."
    David's sin?"
    The mighty pen
    Churches open their doors to Mohammeden worship

    No churches left

     10/25/11  Romans ch 9 & Proverbs ch 3 added to Message page
     9/27  TBE. Contents
    Value and Ability
    Anarchy is Here
    Safety Deposit boxes confiscated
    New Kids on the Block?
    A Deadly Evil Human
    Feeling like fine China
    That E-Word Again (Light Bulbs)
    A Simple Word
    In Trees
    PeTrib Rapture dishonesty
     8/18  TBE Contents: Fruit of your thoughts * I'm Fed Up With Constitution Worship! * 4th of July meditation * Personal * Ron Paul Will Not Run for Congress Again * Case Studies in Misuse of Old Testament Proof-Texts * Official 1611 KJV Replica * The War Between the States WAS NOT about Slavery * My Books * Letters * My ‘Reprehensible' Take on Teen Literature * Counterfeit Christian College * An Unlikely Mix of Forces (to promote sodomy) * Lincoln vs Obama * John Witherspoon And The Founding Of The American Republic * Faithfulness * Do the math * The Rabbi and the Priest

     TBE, Contents

  • Tattoos or Body Modification
  • Tattoo facts and history
  • Personal
  • Court overturns Magna Charta
  • Death of Ben Laden
  • Problems with English
  • Just How Dangerous is Radiation?
  • Wakening Wisdom
  • Letters
  • Beauty and Sin
  • Girls like tramps
  • Copper wire
  • Earthquakes & Judgment
  • Christian Marriage Is On the Dcline
  • Interesting read!
  • Warm, Fuzzy Prosecutorial Misconduct
  • 501(c)3 Trap
  •  5/5/11  New Messages added
     3/16/11  4 new messages in our Roman's series
     4/18/11 TBE - A NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST RELEASED Japan's Nuclear Attack on the US-Butler Under Investigation - Law and Transgression - Personal IRS attacks, Floride, Education, "The Great Textbook War" of 1974, Disappearing America or Marxist ObamaCare-Dhimmitude, Geo-Locator, No Church Home? - Tremendous Impact of the First Christmas - Death to All: Facts, In the US, Love of Money, Now What, Suggestions - Surviving Ground Meat - Potato Chips With God - Why do we let them dress like that?' - U.S. teachers tell U.N. sex is a ‘spectrum' - Abraham Lincoln
     3/7/11  January, 2011 A Child is Born - On Daniel's Seventy Weeks - American Presidents - Personal - Jacob's Troubles, Future or Fulfilled? - The Great Mystery Of Godliness - A short Bible lesson, Jeremiah 3:11 - Charity - First Degree Feminist (Pailin) - Al Gore
    Avoiding Toxic Aluminum - Larry Lilly's Letter
    3/7/11 March, 2011. Romans 1:19ff- A Third Wave of Argument - Chinese Children - Statin Warning- 400th Anniversary for the KJV
    Time for Islamic State in America - New Kind of Christianity? - The War Against Boys - Desiring Rick Warren - The Afghan Quarterback - Don't Go There - Encouragement, Zechariah 2 - US forcing outsourcing
     3/6/11  Message on Prayer, Matthew 15
     2/25/11  More Messages. Sermon on the Mount all posted, posting series on Romans
     2/4/11  New Message page. (Messages by Bro Need)
     2/3/11  TBE, 1/2010 All God's truth is ancient (Calvinism), Poor in Spirit (anger), Personal, In defense of Pat Robertson (Haiti's deal with the devil), Can two walk together, Amos 3:3 (agreed about what), "The Truth Behind Left Behind", Global Warming Update, To Your Health, War. what do we mean?, God's Answer. The day of Judgment
     2/2/11  TBE, 5/2010: Another Jesus,Gospel for a New Age, Wolf as a Sheep, Personal, KJV, To your health,Conservatives, One Job Saved, Vineland Map, Apostasy Defined Juture Jewish Temple, For those over 50, Justice/Mercy/restitution,Origin of Prisons, Death of a City, Various

     Contents : England, Blessing or Cursing, Genesis 12:11ff., 16:11ff. (Jacob/Israel vs Esau/Arab. Gen 12:3?), Wantabe Cool Christianity (Jack Schaap, pastor of First Baptist Church), Personal, Monsanto on the Move, Blood on our Farms, Sugar Beet Restriction, Woman fired for eating ‘unclean' meat, Marriage ; ),Military burns Bibles, Walid Shoebat, California, I told you so... Obama, Tea Party movement lights fuse for Rebellion on Right, Cabbagegate - man fired 5K for growing too many vegetables, Real Estate Sales Tax to go into effect 2013 (Part of ObamaCare), The New Janissaries--Christian parents are volunteering their children as the new Muslim Janissaries as they send their children to the increasingly Muslim public schools financed by their property tax.


     2010 Updates


    Three messages from the London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689

    Chapter 2: Of God and of the Holy Trinity -- Chapter 3, Of God's Decree, part 1 -- Chapter 3, Of God's Decree, part 2

     7/2010  Examiner-Lust & Death- Overwhelm the System - Wal-Mart Warning - Well Said - Sowing, Reaping - Grades Go UP, Just Like That - Why I Left the US Navy - For Whom did the Bell Toll - Personal - Obadiah - Statins - Really! - Letter - Mine regulator sued by Massy - No Show in the Culture Wars - “Evil Angel” and the age of Moral Suicide - Usury and Cosmic Impersonalism - New Book
     7/30/10  2 Peter 2, False shepherds, heresies, Lordship Salvation
      5/20/10  Currency Fraud, many links.

     Series of studies in Philippians. The whole book.


     Latest financial news Get out of all "Paper"

     4/26/10  Sermon on the Mount series, Matthew 5-7. All of Matthew 5 messages here. Will post all of Matthew 6 when finished.
     3/28/10 The Church: Local, Universal or Both?

     2009 Updates



    August, 2009 * All Things - All means All? Philippians 3:13 * Best Joke Ever * Child Protective Service Investigates Patriot * Personal * Let the Good Times Roll with the Prosperity Gospel * God’s Poverty 1 Corinthians 2:2 * Soy Alert * Unpleasant Information * A Short Study * Don’t Want to Think... * Christ’s Second Coming * Shaking * Vaccines and Autism

     10/06/09  Examiner, 7/09 Christ Only? * From Toloerance to Respect (Rick Warren) * Book Review, “John Clarke and His Legacies” * Personal * The real gangs of thieves * Admitted CFR runs the government * Stop the Violence * Judicial Blindness
     8/22/09 The Covenant--Home Page
     7?8/09  Examiner, 6/09 Great ethanol scam - What oil shortage? - US debt, $546,668 per household - Federal Reserve System - Doctors warn: Avoid GMO - GMO corn & infertility - War against men - America’s first anti-Christ president - The day is here (Martial Law Exercise With Foreign Troops ) - No reason not to join (NRA) - The Gathering of the Nations - How to Dance in the Rain - Marriage, Richard Baxter - Lose your Property - Apology for Slavery. Who should? - Support Torture? - Letter
     6/25/09  New Phone Number. 1.304.591.6007 trhough magicjack. 1.866.758.0860 & 1.540.754.1565 disconnected
     5/26/09  Eximiner, 5/09 *Wild Dogs *Please send money *TheHigher Education College Fraud *American capitalism gone with a whimper *Various *Personal *Thar's Gold Still in Them Thar Hills *Guns *Purity *One-Note Charlies *Planed Chaos *America for sale *Now What *Marked Doors *Food Prices *War against Men & Boys
     5/17/09  End of Christian America, Evangelical Collapse, Amarican capitalism gone with a whimper (from WARNING: IMMODEST PICTURES ON PRAVDA)
     4/21/09  Joel chapters 1, 2 & 3. See Commentaries. Much more to come as I have time to edit and post.
     4/21/09  Corporation and Church History
     3/29/09  Explanations * Reformation * Sovereigh Grace * Reconstruction
     3/28/09  Eaminer, 3/09 Contents: Babylon is fallen * Book Review: "Mere Christianity" or Mere Philosophy * Personal * Serious Business * Firearm Licensing... * Joel Saripalli * Behind Closed Doors * Cinnamon & Honey * Free Schools, Dabney * Are you a Terrorist? * Are your Hymns Too Spiritual? * Holy Kidnappers, i.e., Bill Gothard
     3/20/09  "Reformed" theology
     3/3/09  Examiner, 1/09 Contents: * Sanctity of Life *Pagans and Children *Be Fruitful and Multiply *War against Manliness *New School Prayer *Personal *All lies *Perfect obedience to Imperfect leaders *Prayer Letter, Joel Saripalli
     2/7/09 Medical condition of Bro Joel Sarapalli
     2/5/09  Joel Chapter One, commentary
     1/7/09  Bro Joel's Jan 09 prayer letter
     New Years, 2009, Philippians 3

     2008 Updates

     12/15/2002  Start of new Commentary in Philippians, as taught at Providende Baptist Church

    Bill Gothard -- Holy Kidnapper & The evil of Gothard's ATI youth centers

     11/27/08  Bro Joel's update of terror in India

    Examiner, November, 2008. Sadly, the last hard copy, unless the Lord supplies.

      10/12/08   New Commentary on book of Galatians, as taught at Providence Baptist Church
     9/9/08  Letters from Bro. Joel, Missionary to India. Can you help? STILL NOT ENOUGH FUNDS TO MAKE THE MAILING. Several hundres short.
     7/29/08 not enough funds for hard copy of the Examiner.
     6/18/08  Study List of recomended books, authors and publishers.
     6/17/08  Angel of the Lord. Isaiah 37:36. (Still no funds for hard copy.)
     5/22/06 Many new articles by Thomas Williamson
     5/22/08 No funds for hard copy. Pray with us, if you would like to see the Examiner continue.
     4/28/08  Letters from Bro Joel and Video of his ministry in India. (Broad Band required)
     3/7  Examiner --- *Christian Idolatry *Media Matters *Bigotry *A Black Jew! *Loto Truths *Book Review (A study in Revelation) *Personal *Ron Paul From the LA Ron Paul Headquarters. *Sold to the Highest Bidder *Letters *The Morgellons Mystery *Medicines of Death *Christ's Everlasting Kingdom *Real Sex Ed *Providence *Pain Game. Worshiping the Sports God *Superbowl Sunday, the new lord's day. *Big Time Injury, Little Players *2 Million Minutes *Birthdays to Remember *Republicans-Red from the Start *Missions *Sub-Prime Disaster *Kindergarden Sodomy--It's the Law
     2/18 from Bro Saripalli. Coming to states in March.
     1/9/08 Updated some links, especially to Church, Inc.
     1/7/08  Bro Joel Saripalli

     2007 Updates

     12/24 Examiner, July, 1994 The god of the Belly. Discipleship Teaching Daughters to Blaspheme God, Titus 2:1-5 Divorce, Matthew 19:1-9
     12/10  Persecution against Bro. Joel Saripalli and his men in India. They need prayer.
     11/28/07  Examiner. War on the Family Phariseeism The Coat Hanger Personal Book, Movie review Politics Missionaryreport A War in search Letters Youth ministry Bridge collapse To your health (GMO, Microwave, &c.)Preachers, truth, tyranny Things in secret Adult daughters Did you know Geneva Bible, other
    9/20/07 We are still here. We have not had the funds to mail the Examiner. The new postal rate "killed" us. We plan to mail as we have the funds to do so. My wife, Bettie, is in the hospital with a knee replacement.
      8/18/07  Health problems from Bro. Joel's father.
     7/13/97 Link to Thomas Williamson's site. Check it out.
     6/19/; 6/29; 7/6  Contacts from Bro Joel
     6/5/07  Starting Over, The First Message - Added Note: Romans 7:1-6; Interesting Letter-Response. (1st Commandment, 4 Commandment, YHWH; Another Letter – Church-State entanglements; Southern Reconstruction; Another Letter – Why no young men interested in marriage; Personal Move, Chicago, India, Rolling Thunder, 07, :Ron Paul; Mission to India, Joel Saripalli; Black History; Statist Education; Bloom Where you are planted; Calvinism in China Today; Powerball Winner Says He's Cursed; 1599 Geneva Bible
     5/18/07 We have not discontinued anything. Rather, we have been busy. We went to Chicago for a meeting with Pastor Crespo, who went to Peru with us as a translator. Then I had a speaking engagement in NC for a few days. These things in addition to moving and trying to get a church started. Our messages are now posted at We probably will not get the Examiner out until the Summer issue.

     Arminianism, 1610, vs Calvinism, 1618, 1619. Pelagius vs. Augustine, AD 410-415. Arminianism-Calvinism. Backgrounds, teachings, Reason for the conflict.

    I have a booklet contining this file. And here is the page linked to the file. Check it out.

     3/18/08 New Material available -- Geneva Bible
     3/18/07  New Happenings, events. MOVING to WV.
     1/30 The Biblical ExaminerDestruction of the Family The Fifth Commandment * On Dressing Well. * Cross-Culture Wars,
    Concerning Feminine Modesty (Very graphic Bible Study on this subject.) * Personal (Moving to WV) * Militarism and Foreign Missions * A Tribute to a Viet Nam Vet * The Church Impotent -The Feminization of Christianity * Homeland Insecurity * Military Expands Intelligence Role in U.S. * Judgment Robert E. Lee * Material Available
     1/21/07 New book store items.

     2006 Updates

     12/18/06  New Links
     11/3/06 CONTENTS: Fall, 2006 CORT KIRKWOOD – REAL MEN-- THE MAGICIANS. Exodus 7 -- ARTICLES OF INTEREST Married Means Minority, Coming Storm, Education for Restructuring, Wal-Mart finances Sodomy, Who Will you Serve, God or World?. Writing off Reading, Brave New Schools, High Fructose Corn Sweetener, GMO, Monsanto, &c., Evangelicals Played for Suckers. THE UNKNOWN GOLDWATER GIRL -- PERSONAL Apology, Accident, Postoffice, Anniversary, Nancy Pelosi, Fenceless, Best for Free, Letter. BOOK REVIEW: BLOOD MONEY -- MILLER TIME -- THE END OF THE WORLD, 1944 -- THE FIRST COMMANDMENT -- SUPERFICIAL GOSPEL-- STONEWALL JACKSON -- NEW MATERIAL
     9/29/06 Commandments Intro & First Commandment


    Contents: Education in Constitutional Heresies- Doing Our Duty, Even On a Snowy Day-The Life of an ‘American Taliban' in a U.S. Jail
    Personal (& letters)-Rick Warren - Christian Fundamentalists are the enemy-Why Marriage Is Good Medicine for Men-Why American English is the Most Difficult Language to Learn-Lessons From Wealthy and Wise Parents -A beautiful friendship. The truth about Israel lobby's influence
    The demise of America-God of the Future-NEW MATERIAL

     05/09/06 Examiner - CONTENTS: America Invaded, a sure sign of God's Judgment/Destruction of America/Patriot act in practice/Dubai Debacle/UAE to take control of 9 US military facilities/Communist China in charge of US security (remember Korea) / Shunned in America–Australian Nat. Television airs 9-11 Documentary - The Unit / Personal / Peru Problems / Terrorism–property rights activists are terrorists / Fiery Words, Cartoon Wars / Senior Exercise / First Boot / Schools of Reeducation / Mothers, protect your sons / Mexico's war on America / Merging the US, Canada & Mexico / The Looming Immanency of a Nuclear War / (Facts about Judgment)
     04/22/06  A Peruvian Pastor's Medical Emergency, his daughter, 3/29/06 (Our connection with this church)
     04/21/06  Book Store added
     04/05/06 Sunday School Lectures on the Ten Commandments. Introduction
     3/23/06  Peru medical update. Fixed pictures from our Peru visit so they will open.
       Victory in Jesus. Psalms 45
       Peru Medical problem
     1/2006  Examiner - Contents: Sacrificing the Future * Sex at School Increasing * SEXTRA CREDIT * Samuel's Warning, 1 Samuel 2:22-25 * Murphy's Technology Laws * Are We Missing the Boat on Literature Ministry * Computer Chaos * Among Evangelicals, A Kinship With Jews * Zechariah 2:8, Apple of His eye * Christians Willingly Deceived * Personal * Christmas Banned in America, But Not in Muslim Countries * Muslim Scholars Were Paid--Seperation of Church & State!!! * Getting Older * HOMESCHOOLS, PRIVATE SCHOOLS, AND SYSTEM EDUCATION * From the Past. Dabney's letter to the Virginia Superintendent of State Schools, 4/18/1876. Excerpts from the first of four letters.

     2005 Updates

     10/26/05  Examiner - Contents *Dinah's fall *The Salt of the Earth *Undresssing of America *Free book *65 Girls pregnant *Spirit of Whordom *Personal (Hospital again.) *Should the Christian Right Be an Auxiliary of the Republican Party? *Purpose Driven? *Davy Crockett vs. Welfare *WINSTON CHURCHILL ON ISLAM *Letters *Essential Features of Dispensationalism *Pretrib Rapture Diehards. Dave MacPherson *Today's China – Thanks to George Muller and Hudson Taylor *Flat Tarr *A Lesson from Jonah *Bush's Continued War Against America *Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 *Can you read this *Harriet Miers is Loyal to Bush's Liberal Agenda *Books Free Bible on Cassette *E mail extra: Miers, a CEO's dream justice. Forget Roe and the Framers. Let's Talk Business
     8/25/05 Commentary -- Joshua 1
     8/16/05 Heart problems
     8/2/05 Peru pictures

      9-11 locations of informative web sites



     5/16/05  God Sends False Teachers, 1 Kings 22 - The Religious Right Feeds at the Federal Trough - Personal, Old Age, Movie Review (Yours, Mine and Ours, Cheaper by the Dozen, The Incredibles, extra disk), Slides, Your phone #, address, public property. * INSANE US Experimental Bomb Test, in Attempt to Change Jet Stream, Suggests Time May Be Near For Invasion and Occupation of North American Continent. * Pescription Drugs - * Videos and Books Warriors of Honor- The Faith and Legacies of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, New Liberty Videos. New program, Onlie Bible, v. 2.0. Best computer Bible program or your money back. * Sprinkle Publications. * - Patriot Act - Peru letters go here, found elsewhere. * - Letter - * Case Studies in Easy-Believism - * The Power of Prayer * - The Story of Our Courtship, David & Heather Ethell. * - Spurgeon and the Down Grade - Alarming Statistics - Homeschooler. What's really wrong with the public Schools?
     5/10/05 We have not had time to update the site with the Examiner. We have been spending our time on the Peru trip. See letters.
     3/5/05  Reach them while young. (Homeschooling is a must for Christians.) "Revival" letter from Lima Peru
     2/9/05 Examiner *Sanctity of Life, Abortion. *A mother's view, Planned Parenthood. *A Frank Talk to Women *Personal Christmas WW II Color Archives Elections Storms Online Bible E mail Computers Movie review, The Incredibles (PG) Debt, Financial *Letters *LEGALISM – CHRISTIAN LIBERTY *Kitten in a tree Translation and Subversion Next stop for Sandlin, Rome *How low can we go? Preaching by Committee *Next Event on the Prophetic Calendar? Temple in Jerusalem With Animal Sacrifices *Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder. *Homeschooler - Review of John Taylor Gatto's The Underground History of American Education *Is she in your church?

     2004 Updates

     10/20/04  Examiner: SPECIAL ELECTION ISSUE *Resisting God's Grace *Biblical Standards for Choosing Civil Magistrates, William Einwechter *Letters *Personal *Election Issues to Consider [New book Blows The Lid Off 911] *Toward a Theology of Victory for the Lord's Churches, Thomas Williamson *The Hegemonic Patriarchy, Andrew Sandlin. Answer #3 by Bro Need *In the Midst of a Storm - Hurricane Ivan, Steve Covington
     10/08/04  Several Chapters from 1 Kings added in Commentaries.
     8/4/2002 Book of Jonah commentary added
     7/2004  Many full book commentaries added
     7/2004 Examiner *Redeeming the Time *Constitutions, Oaths (Concerning Judge Moore) *Should we support Left Behind? *Courtship Of Julie Ethell *The Hegemonic Patriarchy--Baby Machines *Letters *Personel *Homeschooler (Interview with John Gatto) *Good price on Books
     5/2004  MYSTERY OF CONTENTMENT * Andrew Sandlin's LETTER TO THE EDITOR * Editor's comments * The Hegemonic Patriarchy (Andrew Sandlin) * Article Answered (Historic Orthodoxy) * PERSONAL MUSINGS * Brother against brother (Church incorporation) * WOMAN IN COMBAT * LETTERS * WHO GOT US INTO IRAQ? * BOOK REVIEW: THE ISRAEL OF GOD IN PROPHECY * HOMESCHOOLER * MAKING DRUGIES * ANTIDEPRESSANTS HAVE LIMITS IN CHILDREN

    The Biblical Examiner, Winter, 03-04

    • Why is there so much hostility against the Bible and Christianity
    • Personal
    • Filling of God's Spirit (Judge Moore)
    • (Book review) What the Bible Says About Having Children
    • Courtship
    • Letters
    • Israel-First Millennialists Predict Destruction of America
    • War Against Orthodoxy
    • Four good rapture sayings
    • Destruction of Education & Patriotism Learning globally
     2/6/04  Orthodoxy challenged
     Commentaries  Exodus 8-12 1/7/04, Exodus 13, 14 1/9/04, Exodus 15-17. 1/13/04, Exodus 18-23. 1/15/04, Exodus 24 1/21/04 Exodus 25-33 Completed the Book of Exodus. All of the book is now posted. 1/27/04, Some of Amos

      2003 Updates

     12/28/03 Exodus 6, 7
     12/21/03 Exodus 5
     12/12/03 Started uploading Exodus, ch 1-4
     12/11/03 All of Nehemiah
     12/09/03 All of Zachariah, Micah, &c.
     12/01/03  All of 2 Samuel commentaries by Bro Need

    The Biblical Examiner, November/December, 2003

     11/14 to ... /03 Uploading commentaries. Check this page often for new uploads. They are allready put together. All I must do is quickly scann through them, convert to html, and upload them. 11/24, Micah;
     9/23/03   Men and Responsibility (Examiner, 3/94.) The man who could not control himself before marriage allows his wife to control him after marriage.

    The Biblical Examiner, September, 2003 

    •  Instructions for a Godly Young Man, Habitat for Humanity, Why the Lack of Holiness in Baptist Churches?, Two items about the New Testament.
    • Personal > Financial hard times have hit us all. > Conferences > Church Culture > Family Notes > Death of the Church Victorious > Homeschooling > Letters
    • Saving Private Lynch story 'flawed', American Christians finance the destruction of Middle-Eastern Christians, Sodomy, JURY ACQUITS PILOT, Ghostwriters in the machine.
    • Bush & Co, Destruction of freedom, IV > Vision Forum, Chief Justice Moore > Ashcroft Wants Broader Anti-Terror Powers > MANIPULATING THE PEOPLE
    • Home-Schooling > Government agent, cops confront homeschoolers > TANTRUMS, TEARS, AND TIRADES (Homeschooling After Conventional Schools) > Parenting wisdom

     The Biblical Examiner, June, 2003


    The Biblical Examiner, January 7, 2003

    1. BUSH & Co's Phase II, Destruction of Freedom 2. Enemy Combatants!!
    3. Hitler 4. Government Schools promote Islam 5. USA, a Muslim Nation
    6. Liberal Deny God's Word, Titus 2:5 7. Enjoy Your Articles
    1. Winter 2. Computers 3. Book 4. Ministry Update 5. Note for Pastors
    6. Marriage 7. No Wedding? No ring? No problem
    BOOK REVIEWS, Death of the Church Victorious
    1. By Joseph Canfield 2. By Pastor John Weaver
    WAR: WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR?, Thomas Williamson
    Is Home Education Out?
     4/3/03 Additional material (new links to Forewords, Introduction, Reviews) about Death of the Church Victorious book.
     Second Marriage. Please help us.
    "Marriage is for Families" conference

     1/03 Examiner. PDF Law of Freedom

    • Missions against God (how mission programs work against the family)
    • Ben-Ezra and its Illegitimate Child (book reveiw of Death of the Church Victorious)
    • Tithing and the Victory of the Church,
    • The proverbs 31 Lady (and other impossible dreams)
    • Personal
    • Is at hand.


     2002 Updates

     12/1/02 "Homeschool" can be ordered Book Store
     11/22/02  Death of the Church Victorious (Death of Victory) is now shipping.
       Link to information on floride poison, as in toothpast

     The Biblical Examiner (Though I would love to post in PDF, pdf files are much larger than text files, so for space's sake, these are in text files.

    Part I

    Part II

     9/13/2002 Paedobaptism and the Word of God (PDF file)

    The Biblical Examiner. Posted in PDF

    • Distress [Calvinistic or Reformed, Mandatory Clergy Celibacy, Arminius vs. Calvin, Semi-Pelagianism (Arminianism)]
    • A pilot speaks (arming airline pilots)
    • Israel-First Millennialists attempt to control timing of Christ's second coming
    • Funding the Lord's Work
    • Not a Movie — An Event (a movie to be released this fall, Gods and Generals)
    • A moving experience
    • Microsoft
    • HomeShcooler, Home Schooling in the United States. (This Examiner is in PDF which allows us to keep the same layout, so allow time to download. It can be printed out on 8 1/2 x 11 at 77% of its size. If you would like any of the files in a word processing format, let me know. A new window will open, so close the window when you want out of it.
     7/11/2002  Microsoft is completely in bed with the government
     6/28/2002  Liviticus, Commentary on the whole book (PDF files)
     6/26/02  The Biblical Examiner, April, 2002.Last issue from this address. Dedication / Character First, a personal account / A Letter / Misplaced Christian Allegiance / AntiChrist Messianic Judaism / What is Messianic Judaism / 55 Ways you can help Israel / Missionary David Livingstone, the secret of his success / The Undressing of America / Good as Gold: Biblical money in a modern world / HomeSchooler
     3/26/02 Many past messages posted, all in PDF.
     3/24/2002 The Biblical Examiner, Spring (March) Character Counts Character First Examined - A short interview with Character First Director - Bill Gothard & Character First Inappropriate! - Book Review -- Seeds of Fire. China and the Story Behind the Attack on America These Men had been with Jesus Book Review -- Fable, Fossils, Flood Doomsday Awaits Prophecy Teachers - Prominent Evangelist Calls for Boycott of Hal Lindsey Books - Death of a Spouse - Book Review -- Judaim's Strange God's A Letter about Heresies - Why Children - Personal -- Brazil - Home Schooler
     3/2/2002   Women and Children exalted because of sin, Isa 3:12. Also added a simple search engine to opening page.
     1/10/2002  Brazil Update
     1/9/2002  Brazil Update Revelation update
     1/6/2001  Sunday Night message in Brazil Brasil Update Time, Purpose of Revelation, revised.
     1/3/2002  On the Time, Date and Purpose of the Revelation (PDF file) Brasil Update
     1/2/2002 Personal in Brasil SA

     2001 Updates

     12/6/07  The Biblical Examiner: 9-11, an Emergency Call to Christians /9-11 & Repentance / The Muslim Truth / A Muslim World / Attack on America Tragedy demands Revision... / UPROOTING TERRORISM / The dangers posed by militant Islam / A voice from the past / Personal / AGES Christian Library review
     9/26/01 Uprooting Terrorism, an important News Letter from Frontline Fellowship. Don't miss it. This link takes you to a page to link to Frontline Fellowship. The above link takes you to the Examiner.
     9/25/01 AGES software. If you enjoy Bible Study, check this out.
     9/25/01  Index page to various articles I have received, and some I have done concerning the attack on the WTC. You will not like what the Koran says.
     8/11/01 Many sermons posted from Dec 00 to Aug. 01. All in PDF.

    NEW SYSTEM, Acrobat files -- PDF.

    I have used Adobe ACROBAT 5.0 to post the files, starting with the July 2001 edition of The Biblical Examiner. They are much easier to work with than html; they do not take as much room, and they print out very easily. You can copy and past them into your word processor. The PDF files have bookmarks in them to take you to the articles you want. When you open a file, it will open in a new window. To get out of the file, close the window. You can get a free reader from which you can easily print out the documents. You probably should get the latest version from Adobe. Let me know if you have problems with the PDF files, and would rather have them in html. I plan to put a search engine on, and I may have to go back to html to make it work properly.

     8/10/2001  The Biblical Examiner, July, 2001.The Table of Contents is at the top of the file: Lucky Charms & Talismans/Book Reviews - Hypnosis, Medical, Scientific, or Occultic - The Prayer of Jabez/The Prayer of Jabez/Deceiving, and Being Deceived/Why Study Bible Prophecy?/To Whom Does the Land of Palestine Belong?/Christian Apologetics/ How Many Children Have to Die?/OOPARTS -- Out Of Place ARTifacts, Physical Evidence of Antediluvian Man/Personal. HOMESCHOOLER, July, 2001, also in PDF. Give Attention to Reading/A Truly Christian Curriculum/A Teacher's Guide.
     4/13/2001  The Biblical Examiner. (See TOC for links to each article.) It's a mad world, Social Phobias, Mourning, Explanation, My Marriage, Edom in Bible Prophecy, State Favors Result in State Control of the Chruch, illegal Money, Personal (Medical), Rape of a Different Kind, A Short Bible Study, Zephaniah Three, Notes from Frank - an Inexperienced Chili Taster, Homeshcooler - Action Alert for Michingan, 9 Assumptions of Modern Schooling.
     3/27/2001 Personl Update, Marriage
     2/5/2001 The Bbilical Examiner Geneticdally Engineered Foods * Election Reflections * Personal Note * Medical-Industeral Complex * Harry Potter * You Will * Rise of Paganism * Russian Invasion * Entertainment Evangelism, * "Left Behind, The Movie." * Online Bible, "Millennium Edition 1.01" * The Death of Victory * Good Preaching Tapes The Homeschooler
     1/14/2001  PDF books (Note: I have the next Examiner ready to send to printer, but I am waiting for a print date for The Death of Victory. There is a little problem with the printing on the cover that must be cleared up yet.)
     11/13  Election Reflection 2000
    10/12 The Biblical Examiner and the Homeschooler, Sept 2000 -- The State as god (rethinking the death penalty), pottermania, what the Bible does not say, movie and book reviews, personal note.
     10/12  Various files "lost" among the many files on the site -- Depravity , Commentaries, Christians, come forth , John , corrections in two past mailings: Tongues & Overstatement. Examiner, Nov. 1994, True or False (prophets), Infertility Research Urged. Examiner, December, 1994 Election '94 - Common Law Courts Godly - Justice or Judgmentf. Examiner, July 1989, Amos 3:4. Examiner, April 1995, Revenge (Violence & Militancy), By His Sovereign Grace Alone. SM messages in 1 Samuel 2. Examiner, Nov 1993, My People are Destroyed, Hosea 4:6
     8/7 Gore picks an antichrist running mate.
     7/31 The Biblical Examiner --  In Memory of My Godly Wife, Carol Need / Elections 2000 / Antinomianism Illustrated (a letter defending Antinomianism, and condemning a web artical by Pastor Need, "Grace and Law, Is there a conflict." / Errors, Heresies and Sovereignty / Errors and Heresies / Conflicts and Strife (Identifying and Avoiding the Heretic) / The Heretic (defined by Mr. Thomas Taylor, c. 1619) / Bill Gothard and Booklet 52, or Law Resource F / Gothard's Homeschoolers, By Pastor Bob Cosby / Letters &c./ Online Bible / The Death of Victory
     6/29-7/1 General information
     Wife 6/10 - 6/13 - 6/14 -16 - 18 -20 - 21 - Did you know Carol? Please check update.
     6/8 All of the 1992 Examiners posted, including A Short Analysis of Bill Gothard's Theology of Civil Government as presented in Booklet 52 (Oct, 1992) Click here to go to Examiner page, and scroll down to 1992 Examiners
     Wife 5/27 - 5/30 - 5/31 - 6/2 - 6/3 - 6/4 - 6/6 - 6/7 - 6/8
     5/26  Revelation, Time and Date of (also 2 THES CH 2)
     Updates on wife (Several have asked for updates, so here they are from the hospital) 5/18/2000, Brethren, pray for us. 5/19 -- 23 -- 24 -- 25 -- 26
     5/15  Commentary on the Book of Galatians. I prepared this short study during my research for the book, "Israel's Identity/Israel's Conversion." The message in Galatians is very clear for those who will study it seeking the truth of the matter of New Testament Israel. You will find it consistant with Scripture, though certainly not consistent with the prevalent preconceived notions about Israel.
     5/12 My wife's health update. She is now in the hospital. Please continue to pray for us.
     5/10  Fall, Volume XIII, Number 12 (Failed to list this in update when I posted it.) Oh No, Not again (GMI), Anger and Hostility, Judical Blindness, Divine Sovereignty & Man's Free will, Persecution, Unity in Christ, A Gift?, Pokemon, Editor's note (Parents Beware),
     5/4  Waco, The Real Story, and Messages (see Message page)
     4/13  Matthew 24, Facts and Fiction (This is an extremely large html file. If your browser will not open it, let me know, and I will redo into an Acrobat file.
     4/7 Letters
     4/7 March 2000 Biblical Examiner -- Friends (Personal update) / Christian Jews? / Hope for the Public Schools? / The Baptist Dog / The Antichrist / &c.
     4/7  2 Samuel message series
     1/23-2/13  1 Samuel message series, and medical update
     1/29 Personal Update, please check this.
     1/16 Message - Can a Jew be a Christian?
     1/15 Personal update. Those concerned about cancer, mercury fillings and root canals, check this out.Message updates, 8/8, 8/15, 8/22, 8/29, 1/9
     1/1 Message, Stripes, Beaten with, Luke 12:47, 48.


    1999 Updates

    Dec 26 Messages, 12/19/1999 , 12/26/99 , Many 1994 messages. Personal Update
     Dec 19  Messages, 04/10/1994, 04/17/1994
     Dec 16 Messages, 12/5, 11/28, 11/21 , 04/04 (Easter, 99), and Fall, 1999 Examiner -- Cancer, Root Canals, Mercury fillings, Blood Pressure, &c.
     Nov 21  Messages, 11/14 and 11/21 and an important personal note.
     Oct 31 All the Works of God (Predestination or Providence), Acts 15:18. I had a heart attack Oct 25.
    Oct 24 Macidonian Grace (Money, giving) 2 Cor 8
    Oct 10  Oaths and Promises, Heb 6:13-20 & many older messages. See "Messages", 1993, 19994
     Oct 10  Christian Charity, Heb. 6:6-13 (Moral Law still in effect.)
     Oct 09  Many older messages posted. See years 1993, 1992
     Oct 03  Grow Up (Heb. 6:1-8)
     Sept 28  Halloween, a very evil "holiday."
     Sept 26 What the Bible Does Not Say, III, (Ps 72)
     Sept 19 What the Bible Does Not Say, II. Worse and Worse, I. (Ps. 89:9)
     Sept 12 What the Bible Does Not Say, I. Persecution (2 Tim. 3:12)
     Sept 7 Self-Love, Self-Esteem (2 Tim 3)
     Sept 2  Messages, 8/22 (Spirit III), 8/29 (Spirit IV)
     Aug 15 Messages, 8/8, 8/15
     Aug 4 Corrected links, added "Job, The Virtuous Man"
     Aug 3 TBE, Vol. XIII, Num. 11. (Summer, 99. Christian Feminism/Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth/The New Covenant [Greater than Solomon]/Coverture Marriage Vows/Book Review, Larry Crabb's Gospel/Restitution, Mat. 5:38-42.)
     Aut 3 The Home Schooler, Vol. II. Num. 10.Teachers, Curriculum, Control: A "World" of Difference/Witchcraft/The Governance of God
     Aug 1  Vessels unto Honour, 2 Tim. 2:21ff. (God's Sovereingty-Man's Responsibility. Who we are required to get along with in the Christian community, v. 21.)
     July 24 The Great House, 2 Timothy 2:20
     July 18  Redesign site, many messages added, all of 91 examiners added, additions to "lighter side," many links fixed, including Agrippa's Speach, Book 3 of past Examiners fixed,
     June 6  Messages, 1999/06/09 - In Rememberance (1 Cor 11:25, 26) 1999/05/30 - Boldness (2 Tim 1:8) 1999/05/23 - Little Foxes (Song 2:14, 15)
     June 4  The Biblical Examiner, V. XIII, #10, and The Home Schooler, Vol II, #9.
     May 10 Messages, 1999/05/09 - Moses' Mother (Ex 2:2, 1, Heb. 11:23.) 1999/05/02 - A Word to Timothy (2 Tim. 1)
     Apl 18  message, 4/18/99, Stir up the Gift (2 Tim. 1:6)
     Apl 15  Several new messages. See Message index.
     Mar 30  Many New Links: Honest News Sourses, especially.
     Mar 24  Greater Ministry, Lessons from its fall?
     Mar 24  Satan - I, II, Exalter or Deceiver? (Isa 14:12-14) (This is a 10/91 TBE mailing.)
     Mar 23  INDICTMENT of Gerald Payne of Greater Ministries International
     Mar 21  message, 1/21/99, The New Covenant and the conscience
     Mar 14  message, 3/14/99, Redeeming the Time.
     Mar 13  As of 3/13/99, it appears that GM has fallen. An incitement has been handed down accusing it of, among other things, being a Ponzy scheme. See the latest, up to date information as posted on the Tampa Tribune page. Folks say that because something is reported in the media, it cannot be trusted. My experience in this situation is that people do not want to believe what we have been trying to say, so they use the "media" as an excuse to ignore facts.
     Mar 6  Messages, 3/6/99 (Prayer-Lord must move hearts, 2/21/99 (Humility, James 4:6-10)
     Feb 18  The Biblical Examiner, Abridged & combined

    Feb 24, The Home Schooler, Vol. II.8, How To Respond to the New-Age Movement, & Nutrasweet.
    Feb 16, Wars and Fightings, James 4:1-10.
    Feb 13, 16, More money lost with GM. See GM link page for more statements.
    Feb 9, Year 2000 Bug Bytes, new link.If you have even heard of Y2K and the problems that might be associated with it, check this link.
    Feb 8, Red Cross, Y2K Preparedness - Disaster Services
    Feb 7, Ensign (Isa 11:10-12, to it shall the Gentiles seek).
    Feb 6, People lose big time in Greater Ministeries
    Jan 24, Lift up Christ (Isa. 11:10ff., Jn. 12:32)
       Personal: Study methods, recommended books, &c.
    Jan 17, Rest (Isa. 11:10ff, Mat. 11:28)


    1998 Updates

     Dec 20  God Became Man (Virgin Birth, Christmas 98, Isaiah 7:14)
     Dec 11  7 messages from Nov & Dec.
     Nov 19  Into the Fire, Ps 139
     Nov 12  Link Page to all GMI articles.
     Nov 11  Letter to the Editor: Letter from and answer to one of the business men representing GM in Liberia
     Nov 10  On the Lighter Side, Trees On the Lighter Side, "Can you answer this?"
     Nov 7  Message, Satan's Devises
       Link to: Pa. judge lowers boom on Tampa ministry. (That is, GMI.) "Michael Miller, of Confluence, Pa., signed a sworn statement saying he is out $10,000 from his own pocket, and $70,000 from what he was promised from the ministry."
     Oct 28  The Biblical Examiner, October 1998. Y2K, Glitch or Judgment/King Agrippa's speech to the Nationalists/Review: AGES Software.
     Oct 24  Christian Compassion
     Oct 17  A Y2K note: Electricity might not be as bad as thought.
     Oct 16  Extensive list of past Examiners
     Oct 15  Ezekiel 37, commentary on complete chapter -- includes 10/4/98 message on "Dead Bones."
     Oct 14  Greater Ministries International --- its questionable business history brought into Liberia.
     Oct 5  Bible Lessons link on opening page.
     Oct 1  Israel Restored
     Sept 30  The Elect Race (The Gospel Church), by Dr. Bernhard Weiss, 1888.

    NOTE: As I have time, I am doing some major work on link names, so some links will not work. Please bear with me, and take the time to drop me a note when you find a link that does not work. I am trying to change extension names of some file.
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    I will try to keep this and the opening page corrected as I change the names.

    Sorry for the inconvenience. Bro Need.

    Sept 29, we pay our electric bill in cash, the main office being only a few blocks from our church. As I paid the bill today, I ask the lady who took the money about the Y2K. She said she is telling her friends to be prepared for TWO YEARS without food or electricity.

    She was speaking from personal observation. Today (9/30) I spoke with the man whom she told me to contact, and he would make a good politician: he spoke for 10 min, telling me all the work they were doing. He would not pin down about whether or not they would be ready. They are going to publish some articles, but I am sure they will be as non committal as he was. The lady I spoke with has been working there for probably 8-10 years, so I imagine her evaluation is as good as anyone's. (I have seen her there and have spoken to her since she went to work there. I have paid our bill in person for almost 16 years now.)

    Sept 27, Why? Ezk. 33:30-33.
    Sept 25, Lighter Side, Beavers
    Sept 23, Commentary on Hosea 7 (Church with no power, Why?)
       Commentary page added
    Sept 20, Message, Burning with Lust (Clinton will Remain) Hosea 7
    Sept 19, Corrections page.
    Sept 17, removed "Documents" from index, combined two pages under "Unpublished Material."
    Sept 16, new link to a Y2K site that quotes "Sen. Robert Bennett (R-Utah), Chairman, Senate Special Committee on the Year 2000 Technology Problem: "In the event of a Y2K-induced breakdown of community services that might call for martial law," will the military be ready?"
    Sept 13, Moral Authority to Govern
    Sept 10, update Home Page with special Y2K link.
    Sept 9, Greater Ministies. E mail letters with documentation.
    Sept 6, Message-Put ye off, Romans 13:11-14
    Aug 30, Christian Liberty, Daniel 1:8
    Aug 29, The Biblical Examiner
    Cause and Effect. (Y2K, the millennial bug, a worm prepared by God, Jonah 4:7?
    'My Take on Y2K.' By Perry Need [Perry Need is Pastor Need's brother. Perry is currently the Data Base Administrator for Hurff-Jones, the ring manufacturer.] Speaking "from 15 years of business software systems development (vs weapons systems), 12 years of which were in govt software contracting..."

    Aug 26, The Home Schooler. The Education Bloc. Who are the real "movers and shakers" of the educational establishment?
    Aug 23, Fruit of their Thoughts (Jer. 6:19)
    Aug 22, Answer to a letter --- Questions concerning Eschatology.
    Aug 21, Letters
    Aug 20, To Prepare or Not, the NT question

    Aug 16, Message Hang in There, Heb. 11:13

    Aug 14, Listings by Topic

    Aug 11, The Biblical Examiner, August, 1998.
    Babylon the Great is fallen, is fallen, What is Government?

    Aug 9, Message
    Hell, Mark 9:34ff.
    Calamities, Ezekiel 33:2ff.

    Aug 6. Opening page, bottom.
    The Biblical Examiner, July, 1998. Check new note on Examiner page.

    Aug 4, Qualifications of a Pastor (1 Tim. 3) If you are considering a pastor, check this out. This updated from the July version.

    Israel's Identity/Israel's Conversion. I will post this book, except the index, as I have time. The Introduction is now posted. (Who is Israel? The "Christian Identity" religion is taking advantage of the confusion they are able to create over this issue.)

    Also, check out the new version of the Online Bible CD: V. 7.06 (shipping) now has the complete Jamieson Fausset Brown (JFB) Commentary and the complete Matthew Henry Commentary on it. This IS NOT the MH Concise Commentary that is appearing on many CDs, though the MHCC is still on this CD. There are no extra modules to purchase to get these excellent commentaries. (CHS said that every pastor should read through MH at least once. How much more convenient could that task now be?)

    Aug 2, "Identity" update on opening page. Follow links to book review by R.J. Rushdoony.

    July 30
    Women's Empowerment Movements (1 Tim. 5)

    July 26
    Lessons from a Small Child (Mat. 18:1-6)

    July 22
    Cool Sites

    July 21
    Clinton Sounds the Y2K Alarm
    Seducing Spirits, Doctrines of Devils(1 Tim 4, Gen. 15:19)

    July 12
    A Warning, Mt. 28:19, 20, Ez. 3
    A Warning, Ez 9:4
    Second Death
    The Gospel
    Private Morality & Public Policy, Gen 3:17-19, Josh 7:1
    Purpose of Grace, Rom 6
    Discouragement/Victory, Heb 12:12, 13

    July 11
    Christian Contentment Ph 4

    July 8
    Judge Not, Mat. 7:1, Jn. 7:24

    July 5
    Freedom, 2 Cor 3:16

    July 3
    Settling Controversies

    June 24
    Introduction to Prophecy

    June 23
    Y2K probable problems

    June 19:
    Men Everywhere Pray, 06/21/98, Father's Day (1 Tim. 2)
    Rejoice in the Lord, 5/3/98 (Ph. 4:4, Ex. 23:14-19)

    June 18:
    Faith and a good conscience, 6/14/98 (1 Tim. 1:18, learn not to blaspheme)
    Shortness of life, 6/7/98

    June 17:
    Order Online Bible

    June 16:
    The Biblical Examiner, May, 1998 (Conservative Politics: Will it Fail? God Appoints Wicked Rulers. CRI, Guilty of Psychoheresy? Scores Killed inPara-Military Riot.)
    The Home Schooler, Volume II, Number 6

    June 15:

    The Biblical Examiner, June, 1998 (By What Authority [Mt. 21:23]?/Is it Lawful [Mt. 22:15]?/Reverence My Sanctuary [Lev. 26:1, 2].)

    The Biblical Examiner, April, 1998 (The Gospel of Nonjudgmentalism [the President can't keep his pants on]/Strange Collation/Pre-pub offer from Gentry.)

    The Biblical Examiner, March, 1998 (GREATER MINISTRY International's Teaching Examined -- Health and Wealth Gospel/License? Contract? Coverture?/Moses/Offer

    February 8:
    Available Materials - Added Gentry Books

    January 31:
    Added Starting Point To Other Sites page

    January 29:

    January 16:
    The Home Schooler - November 1997

    January 15:
    Lessons on the Gospel of John:
    Chapter Eleven
    Chapter Twelve
    Chapter Thirteen
    Chapter Fourteen
    Chapter Fifteen
    Chapter Sixteen
    Chapter Seventeen
    Chapter Eighteen
    Chapter Nineteen
    Chapter Twenty

    January 14:
    The Biblical Examiner - February 1998 (Greater Ministries and its "gifting" program/Ponzi or Pyramid/Pastor-Teachers)
    The Biblical Examiner - January 1998 (Paganized Christianity/Taking of Ai.)
    The Biblical Examiner - December 1997 (Tongues/New Books)
    The Biblical Examiner - November 1997 (Babylon Destroyed [Computers and Y2K]/Faith is the Victory

    January 6:
    The Gospel of John - Introduction, Number One
    The Gospel of John - Chapter One
    The Gospel of John - Chapter Two
    The Gospel of John - Chapter Three
    The Gospel of John - Chapter Four
    The Gospel of John - Chapter Five
    The Gospel of John - Chapter Six
    The Gospel of John - Chapter Seven
    The Gospel of John - Chapter Eight
    The Gospel of John - Chapter Nine
    The Gospel of John - Chapter Ten

    January 5:
    Deuteronomy - Chapter 1, Lesson 2
    Deuteronomy - Chapter 1, Lesson 3
    Deuteronomy - Chapter 1, Lesson 4
    Deuteronomy - Chapter 1, Lesson 5

    Deuteronomy - Chapter 2, Lesson 1
    Deuteronomy - Chapter 2, Lesson 2

    Deuteronomy - Chapter 3, Lesson 1
    Deuteronomy - Chapter 3, Lesson 2

    Deuteronomy - Chapter 4, Lesson 1
    Deuteronomy - Chapter 4, Lesson 2
    Deuteronomy - Chapter 4, Lesson 3
    Deuteronomy - Chapter 4, Lesson 4
    Deuteronomy - Chapter 4, Lesson 5
    Deuteronomy - Chapter 4, Lesson 6
    Deuteronomy - Chapter 4, Lesson 7

    January 3:
    Deut. Introduction, Number One - On-Line Bible Lessons
    Deut. Introduction, Number Two - On-Line Bible Lessons
    Deut. Chapter One, Lesson 1 - On-Line Bible Lessons

    December 20:
    The Home Schooler - Vol II, # 5 - November 1997

    December 18:
    01/20/91 A
    - Love 1 - 1 Corinthians 13
    02/12/91 A
    - Love 3 - 1 Corinthians 13:4
    02/17/91 A - Love 4 - 1 Corinthians 13:5
    02/24/91 A
    - Love 5 - 1 Corinthians 13:5
    03/03/91 A
    - Love 6 - 1 Corinthians 13:5
    03/17/91 A
    - Love 7 - 1 Corinthians 13:5
    04/21/91 A
    - Love 8 - 1 Corinthians 13:6

    December 17:
    07/07/91 A
    - Luke 16:23
    07/21/91 A
    - Hell, 2 - Matthew 28:19,20
    07/21/91 P
    - Hell, 3 - Matthew 28:19,20
    11/03/91 A
    - Wormwood and Gall - Deut. 29:18,19
    09/01/91 A
    - We Need Each Other - Hebrews 10:23-25
    06/25/91 A
    - The Impeccability of Christ - Heb. 4:15
    03/21/91 A
    - Free-Will Offering - Proverbs 3:9,10
    06/09/91 A
    - How We Got Our Bible

    December 13:
    01/10/91 A
    - Ezekiel 33
    03/29/91 A
    - Easter Sunday - I Cor. 15:16-19
    03/31/91 A
    - The Resurrection - Acts 2:22-24
    03/31/91 P
    - The Resurrection - I Cor. 15:19
    06/02/91 A
    - Faults - James 5:16 (7-16)
    06/23/91 A
    - Wait - Isaiah 40:31
    06/30/91 A
    - Isaiah 40:31
    07/28/91 A
    - Covenant - Jeremiah 31:31,32
    08/11/91 A
    - Covenant, # 2 - Jeremiah 31:31-33
    09/22/91 A
    - Exalted Without Faithfulness - I Cor. 4:2

    December 12:
    06/09/91 P
    - Lord's Supper, #1 : Ps. 113
    06/16/91 A - (Father's Day) Genesis 18:16-19
    04/14/91 A
    - I Corinthians 1 - 1:1
    12/22/91 A
    - Luke 2
    08/18/91 A
    - True Freedom - John 8:32-36
    01/05/92 P
    - Exodus 22:16,17 - Man's Responsibility
    01/12/92 A
    - Christian Giving - Matt. 6:24
    01/19/92 A - Christian Giving, Part Two : Matt. 6:24
    01/26/92 A
    - Rejoice in the Lord Enjoy life Ex. 22:29, 30
    02/07/92 P
    - Shaking - Heb. 12:27,28
    02/23/92 P
    - Exodus 1:15-22 - Godly Fear
    03/15/92 P
    - Exodus
    03/22/92 P
    - Faithless Prayer - Exodus 2:23
    04/19/92 A
    - Acts 2, Number 1 : John 20:1-10 (Easter)
    04/19/92 P
    - Acts 2, Number 2 (Easter)
    04/26/92 A
    - Why Do "Christians" Fall Away, Never to Return?? (Hebrews 6:6)
    04/26/92 P
    - Acts 2, Number 3 : Acts 2:30
    05/03/92 P
    - Acts 2, Number 4
    05/10/92 P
    - The SHUNAMMITE - 2 Kings 4:8-37

    December 10:
    Patrick Henry Foundation for Common Law Studies (Added to Other Sites)

    December 5:
    The Biblical Examiner - November 1994
    The Biblical Examiner - December 1994
    Other Web Sites of Interest

    December 3:
    The Biblical Examiner - Available/On-Line Material

    November 27:
    January: Volume X, Number 1
    Study... or Perish Beguilers - Cheaters & Deceivers - School Prayer - A Call to Sacrifice - Does God Need Forgiveness? - NAFTA cost 10,000 U.S. jobs

    November 25:
    January: Volume XI, Number 1
    Jude 3: A Defence of the Faith - The Little "god" - Lev. 8:1-13: The Kingship of the Believer - Satan's Fall - As Described By Edersheim

    October 20:
    Other Web Sites of Interest

    October 13:
    The Home Schooler - October 1997

    October 9:
    The Biblical Examiner --October 1997
    The Biblical Examiner -- Septemper 1997
    The Biblical Examiner -- August 1997

    October 7:
    The Biblical Examiner -- Amos 3:3 (July 1989)
    The Biblical Examiner -- False Prophets (June 1989)
    The Biblical Examiner -- Totalitarian Democracy (January 1988)
    British Israelism
    Christians, Come Forth!
    False Teachers
    John 17:2

    September 27:
    Galaxy 2020 added to Other Sites

    September 22:
    Lawless - Cyrus Ingerson Scofield (1843-1921)- Updated
    The Biblical Examiner - July 1997 - Updated

    August 11:

    Lawlessness or Sin - Leviticus 26:14-33
    Law vs Grace: Is there a conflict?

    August 1:
    Saving Souls? By R.E. McMaster, Jr.

    July 31:
    God's Glory & the Development of Sin
    Women and Children -Isa 3:12
    Resisting God's Grace
    Curiosity Killed the cat (Church)
    Brass & Gold - More than enough

    July 30:
    The Biblical Examiner: October 1993
    The Biblical Examiner: May 1997
    The Home Schooler: June 1997 Statement of Faith
    Beware of Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

    July 28:
    July: Volume XII, Number 7
    June: Volume XII, Number 6
    I saw it with my own eyes!

    July 21:
    New Web Links
    Upcoming VBS and Seminar Info.

    June 3:
    New Web Links

    April 3:
    The Biblical Examiner - March 1997
    The Biblical Examiner - February 1997
    Panama - The Noriega Situation (1990)
    A Short Thought - Losing Your First Love
    News You Probably Missed (Because we weren't told)

    March 27:
    Family, Part One
    WHY DO GOD'S PEOPLE PERISH? (Prov 29:18)
    Facts - Matt 28:1-8

    March 21:
    Salvation and a Witch
    SPIRIT OF FEAR (88 Reasons) - Salvation by fear?
    FAITH AND DEBT (Matt. 4:5-7)
    RENDER UNTO CAESAR Matt. 22:15-22
    Baruch - One Man's convictions and the Word of God

    March 18:
    The Biblical Examiner - November 1993
    Proper Response - Christians and Wicked Civil Government
    Doctrine of the Gourd - Jonah 4:6-11
    Rebellion Against King Jesus - II Sam. 24
    Education, Its Influence Within the Church

    March 17:
    Inflation - Leviticus 19:35-37
    God's Poverty - Blessed are the poor in Spirit
    Looking Ahead - Matt 21:33-39
    Warning - Amos 3:1-8
    Blind Faith - Matt. 22:23-33
    The Spirit of Ephraim
    Contending with the Wicked - Properly warring against wickedness
    Christians' Responsibility to Choose Godly Government - Hosea 8

    March 15:
    Our Marvelous God - Christians and a lack of reverence
    Doctrine of Lasciviousness - Grace Corrupted
    Free Beer and Pizza? - Do the Ends Ever Justify the Means?
    Operation Rescue - Idolatry of envy, lust and abortion
    It All Worked Out (OR DID IT?) - "God must be in it"
    The New Pharisees - Holiness and Inward Purity

    March 14:

    Transfer interrupted!

    l His Word Return Void? - Witnessing and the Improper Spirit
    Why Does God Establish the Ungodly? - Christians and Civil Government
    Consistency - The Law of God and "an eye for an eye"
    Drought - 'Mother Nature' and praying for rain

    March 12:</> 

    Transfer interrupted!

    Balance: Acts 12 - Political Pressure and Prayer
    Needed- Bitter Bondage? - Israel and Egypt today
    Motive for doing Right? - Walking in Emotions vs. Spirit

    March 7:
    The Biblical Examiner - All Twelve Volumes From 1991

    March 4:
    The Christian and Civil Government by Pastor John Weaver

    The Home Schooler - March 1997
    The Biblical Examiner - October 1995
    The Biblical Examiner - September 1995
    The Biblical Examiner - August 1995

    March 3:
    The Biblical Examiner - December 1992
    The Biblical Examiner - November 1992
    The Biblical Examiner - October 1992
    The Biblical Examiner - August 1992
    The Biblical Examiner - July 1992
    The Biblical Examiner - June 1992
    The Biblical Examiner - May 1992
    The Biblical Examiner - April 1992
    The Biblical Examiner - March 1992
    The Biblical Examiner - February 1992
    The Biblical Examiner - January 1992

    March 1:
    The Biblical Examiner - June 1995
    Tongues, A Biblical View

    February 27:
    Church, Inc. - Entire Booklet
    A Voice From the Past - Isaac Backus and Incorporation
    Identifying Identity - Chapter One

    February 26:
    The Biblical Examiner - November 1995
    The Biblical Examiner - July 1995

    February 25:
    The Biblical Examiner - December 1995
    The Biblical Examiner - May 1995
    The Biblical Examiner - April 1995
    The Biblical Examiner - March 1995
    The Biblical Examiner - February 1995

    February 24:
    Bondage vs Freedom - Responsibility vs Irresponsibility
    Computers and the year 2000 - Babylon destroyed?
    The Inheritance (Lev 25:14-55)
    Sinful Enquiry - A Choice, Life or Death
    A Critique Of "'Chosen People' Inside the Mind of Christian Identity"
    Competent to Minister: The Biblical Care of Souls
    God's Providence - Leviticus 25:18-22

    February 22:
    The Biblical Examiner - January 1996

    February 21:
    The Biblical Examiner - March 1996
    The Biblical Examiner - February 1996

    February 20:
    The Biblical Examiner - June 1996
    The Biblical Examiner - May 1996
    The Biblical Examiner - April 1996

    February 19:
    The Biblical Examiner - July 1996 The Ante-Nicene Writings, Prayer, Good Health.

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